Hyperinflation….Where is It?


(1) I discuss how Keynesians rip on Austrian school guys in regards to hyperinflation.

(2) I discuss why we haven’t experienced Hyperinflation yet and what could cause nasty inflation down the road.

1 comment to Hyperinflation….Where is It?

  • This one is easy to answer. The money so called trillions of dollars never made it to the american people it bought treasury bills instead. The gov lent mega banks the money they then they lent it out 10 to 1 back to buy gov treasury bills. Then these bills just set in a vault some where.But some of it did get to go over seas to foriegn banks.It has to come back into the usa at some point. But does american ever produce anything worth anything any more?Hence again this is why our economy is still trash an all is stagnent.

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