Ron Hera–Brilliant Junior Mining Stock Analyst 24.Sept.12 presents

Ron Hera has been coming on FSN for over a year. During that time we’ve discussed many issues and many mining stocks. Invariably his calls have been on the money and even ahead of the money. I remember one company we discussed on the show, and in just a few short months, it was acquired at a major premium over its market price. And on top of it all, Ron is just a heck of a nice guy, who is widely respected in the field. For myself, any company that I’m thinking about, I run past him first-for a candid assessment. And, if Ron says no, I don’t buy it.

We talk about a few specific stocks here that are in Ron’s model portfolio. Let us know what you think.

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3 comments to Ron Hera–Brilliant Junior Mining Stock Analyst 24.Sept.12

  • Fool me twice

    Why is this turning into a PM miner stock pumping blog?

    ALL stocks are paper crap and will be toast once the next market crash takes place.

    Please knock it off with this stock pumping nonsense.

    • Silver Shield

      Yeah talk about the one blog in the world not to push mining stocks or Bitcoin.

      Should I publish my video Systemic Risk and Mining Stocks after this… 😉

  • Sharky

    I own gold mining juniors in the short term to generate more money to take more physical off the market, yes there is risk but in the short term I think it’s a good strategy , But each to there own if you don’t want to take the risk that’s fine, but as a short term strategy to take more physical off the market I think it’s legitimate ,

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