Who Owns The Fed?


I ask the question: Who owns the Fed?

There is one way to find out. No need to speculate.

5 comments to Who Owns The Fed?

  • Ant

    An audit does not imply ownership, or does it? An audit may just imply dollar balances and distributions.

  • Christoph

    I hate it, how this common misunderstanding ist repeated over and over again.
    The FED is NOT a privat institution. Period. As such, it would be profit oriented, which it is not.
    Furthermore the stock is not freely available for buying or selling but member banks are _required_ to own stock.
    It is not the fact who OWNS the FED, that is most interesting and disturbing. I encourage everyone to read G. Edward Griffin “the creature from jekyll island” and stop concentrating on the wrong things.

  • Mayer rothschild

    Chris your an idiot. It is privately owned.
    Rothschilds family owns 51%. Other families include-
    Kuhn Loeb
    Goldman Sacs

    Wake the F up!

  • Christoph

    Calling me names dosn’t change the facts. Did I say, they do not profit off of it? Did I say, it is good? Did I say, it shouldnt be abolished? I only said the don’t OWN it like it is always repeated.
    Think about it.
    1. The FED is not a private corporation
    2. the FED is not a government agency.

    It ist much, much worse than that. Calling it a private organization is a stark belittlement of what the FED really is.

    The FED is a cartell protected by the government.

    The notion, that the FED is private corporation has very dangerous hidden implications. First, it implies, that private is bad, which is idiotic. Real, sound, private enterprise is the only way an economy can prosper. Secondly it has the hidden notion, that if only it were put under congress supervision, everything would be fine, which is even more idiotic. You don’t have to look further, than to communist manifests, where the idea of a government-run central bank is one of the main principles.

    So please. First get your facts streight, THEN come back here and call me an idiot, if you find anything that is wrong in the above statements.
    I dare you!

  • Christoph

    except for typos and bad grammer that is 😉 I’m not a netive speaker

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