The Mask of Sanity

Identifying these social predators is the key to human freedom.

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  • David Richardson

    For people who care about others, feel bad if they make a mistake or do something wrong that has a negative impact on others, practice the golden rule, etc., AND grew up in a family like that, it is a real adjustment to realize there are so many that are 180 degrees opposite of that; psychopaths of so many different types are out there. Aside from the Bernie M’s, politicians, or white collar criminals, the statistics on the number of children and women [just two examples] who are abused is mind boggling.

    It is very important to tune into the core message being communicated here, and realize just how insane a large % of the population actually are. How would I know? I’m not a mental health professional but I am a doctor licensed for over 28 years, and I have seen the increasing mental illness over time. I could go on and on with examples. I can be quite gregarious but find myself very cautious about expanding my circle of “friends”. Realize when we have a currency crisis, debt collapse, or whatever one wants to call it, many “friends” will be wanting something from you. While all we can do is be a blessing unto others, there is no way to stockpile enough [goods, food, money, love, compassion, etc.] to save everyone who will seek you out. Be very careful who you allow into your inner circle of friends, and look to see if there is someone who is toxic to you that you can begin to weed out of your life.

  • Joe Blackburn

    Just as important as the psychopathic nature of the financial and power elite is the fact that many are Talmudic Jews (as opposed to Torah Jews) and the “goyim” (that’s you and I) are pathetic, non-human creatures from whom it is not only acceptable but required for them to steal, cheat, lie, murder, etc. Madoff was only one of thousands just like him – Dimon, Geithner, Bernanke, Chertoff, Kissinger, etc – the list in government and especially financial circles is almost endless. These “people” see themselves as the rightful rulers of the world and everyone else as deeply inferior slaves – so inferior in fact that they will openly tell you what they’re going to do to you – they don’t try to hide it – and they feel absolutely zero remorse when they destroy the lives of millions of people whether it be financially or physically. Only a completely, deeply insane person could do what they do every day and live with themselves.

    I’d encourage anyone to read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (it’s only 36 pages) – and while you read it, judge it by it’s *content* – ask yourself “Is this happening?” as opposed to listening to the shills who say the book is a “fraud”. Also, do a internet search for the letter written by a former Jew named Benjamin Freedman called “Facts are Facts” and take the time to read it – very enlightening stuff. Once you see these connections, things will make a lot more sense.

  • Kimo

    true wisdom, thankfull for it. Answered so many questions, made me see and understand the WHY of so much. All i can say is thank you. This information, comes from the GOOD spirit. And told so well. THE NATION NEEDS TO SEE THIS, the truth is long overdue. sadly, much of the society condones it, it expeshially meant something to me about the LA area, nevr did like them, now very understood, they can hide there easy. Its a playground for them.

  • John Cook

    Important information, thanks for publishing it. Eliminating these “people” from positions of power and influence is VITAL for human progress towards a sane, benevolent society in the future.
    Psychopathy is caused by a brain abnormality – this is very important because it means they can be scientifically determined, which means they can be identified/detected at any age without danger of bias. We, as a species need to eliminate them from the population. At the very least they MUST be listed in some form of registrar, like people dangerous to children.
    Btw, an interesting symptom of psychopathy is a very poor sense of smell – this is shared by schitsophrenics so it’s not definitive.

  • John Cook

    Another thought, (I was a bit concerned you may be obliged to censor this so I kept it separate) when you look at the list of attributes towards the end of the video it is clear to me that they describe rather accurately the state of Isreal in its dealings with America and the world in general. Basically it seems to me that Talmudic Judaism is a psychopathic religion worshiping a psychopathic God.

  • Keythong

    Joe Blackburn,

    Ouch! Those links lead to some heavy dirt on the Psychopathic Pharisee cult of Judea, and their subsequent decent into Talmudism and Judaism, with quite vicious defamation of Jesus and Mary, and regarding all non-Talmudists as no better than animals. I never knew that Yiddish is actually the native language of the warlike Khazar Talmudist converts, whereas the original Judean (Semite) Talmudists spoke Hebrew. It is an critical detail that Jesus was a Judean (land area, not race), who wanted nothing to do with the Pharisee cult there, or the other weird cults in Judea at the time, so it is absurd to say he was ever a Jew (Talmudist); another critical details is that most Talmudists are not Semites, so Israel was never their home, and most accusations of antisemitism are evil nonsense.

    If you thought that the Old Testament had some questionable content, the Talmud is worse, and Mohammed and Islam probably used the Talmud as the basis for the perverted and nasty verses in the Koran and its commentaries!

    I can well understand why the Talmudists were regularly driven out of countries or were subjugated, until they tricked enough people with the made up Jew BS (fake and hijacked word), including outright unashamed lying, bribery, yearly automatic Oath voiding, and other destructive behaviour.

    The Zionists are really just a Psychopathic Talmudist Mafia, who work more by manipulation than by overt force, and are so crazy that they don’t care who they hurt to get power e.g. the toxic propaganda about the Nazi camps and previous hyped up killings of Talmudists, both to Talmudists and outsiders, while never accepting their own crimes e.g. The pillage of Ancient Egypt and Soviet Russia.

  • suddenlyitsobvious

    It seems to me you have bought into the myth that there’s a certain type of weird, psychiatric individuals around, who were perhaps born without a conscience, possibly due to genetic causes. This notion has been much promoted in society, of presenting ‘evil monsters’ like Charles Manson or some serial killer to the gasping masses, who simply can’t comprehend that such a thing could exist, and who follow every detail of the case in rapturous fascination.

    In reality, an individual like Madoff isn’t all that relevant, and he certainly wasn’t operating for his own benefit solely. The real problem here is that SOCIETY IN ITS ENTIRETY is controlled by psychopaths, and psychopathy is in fact institutionalized. It is EVERYWHERE, which is why people can’t recognize it and are so fascinated when presented with one. Of course the media first need to tell them: ‘Look cows, here’s a psycho and we caught him. What a monster he is, isn’t he!!’

    No point foaming at these individual cases and trying to ‘spot’ others, without first understanding what the actual situation is. It’s the NATURE of society and people are simply in denial.

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