1 oz. of Silver for a Private Jet


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  • speedspirit

    Wow very cool for the person that wins. I personally would love it for a trip in October to Canada.

    Any idea of ship dates for the Silver Shield coins? Ordered day 2 of the offering and just wondering.

  • Cool interview guys. Keep it up!

  • Linda

    I can’t believe people are actually falling for this guys line. Just another Jim Jones and a bunch of people who don’t think they are capable of leading themselves.

    • Silver Shield

      Wow you have no clue what I have been teaching here do you?

      I have been teaching history, psychology, economics, philosophy, etc in order for people to become free from control form other people.

      I promote leaderless resistance and the Trivium, which I don’t know many others that even know what that is.

      Here are some videos that might help you get past your preconceived notions about me.

      My Awakening 1 + 2

      The Aware Walk Away

      The Quickening

      Not Good Enough

      The Two Paths of Life


      I have more, but I fear I am wasting my time…

    • marz

      Really? Then, I´m ready to drink the koll-oid-al silver.

    • Linda,

      What motivated you to write what you did? I am genuinely curious…

      Assuming that you are sincere in your antipathy toward sheep being lead astray (this is implied by your Jim Jones comment) I recommend you take a moment to actually look at at least the first links Chris listed above (The My Awakening ones). If you do this you will see that your criticism was misguided.

      If you want or need evidence that this whole effort revolves around INDEPENDENT thinking and analysis, take a moment to look up the Sons of Liberty Academy. Use this link: http://members.sonsoflibertyacademy.com/ If you start with the first installment, “When You are Aware…” you will quickly see that this is most definitely NOT about mindless conformity to some paradigm, and I think you will find the analysis and presentation of the analysis very informative.

      What Chris has done (and I know I run the risk of sounding sycophantic here) is a very thorough and very broad assessment of economic and social history and synthesized it into a coherent analysis – with viable solutions – of the current economic and social situation. I am impressed with it because I come from an academic background and can appreciate how comprehensive the effort was, and moreover, the analysis follows through with specific actions for readers to take (on a variety of levels.

      On the other hand, ff your motives are less than pure however, well… parables about reaping what is sowed come to mind… (it’s never too late to stop sowing weeds, however…)

    • Lisa Farkass

      You don’t know anything, honey.

  • David baker

    Trivium “the three ways”

  • Mark

    Hi Chris,

    I have a couple questions for you. Recently I joined the Sons of Liberty Academy and I’m going through those videos. I understand those are older you are updating your material. So my question is, are you still behind the constitutional silver route, or the silver bulle/silver shield route? What are the differences philosophically, and practically? Any comments or links would be most helpful.


    • Silver Shield

      I still think Constitutional silver is the bet form of silver to own. Lowest premium, most divisible and most recognized form of silver on the market.

  • I would try – but I have “bad teeth.”

    I decided to let them go so I could use that money to educate my family and my community.

    Together, they ignored the message and collectively used my new reputation as “this crazy guy” to rob me of the wealth of my estate instead of mining the real treasure (which was the message I was trying to deliver). They have killed their ‘Cassandra’ and now I am free to move on and -although I am in debt now (for the first time in my life)- I am a believer in myself – despite the unjustified collective character assassinations I will find the strength to move on (if allowed)and attempt to start a new life…

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