Death By A Thousand Cuts

The Chinese are going to launch their own version of the COMEX in Hong Kong May 18th. The Hong Kong Merchantile Exchange will start trading it a 32 ounce gold contract. They will no doubt expand this single offering to include silver in the near future. This new market will help break the Anglo American empire monopoly of gold trade in New York and the City of London and allow more liquidity for traders. This will not be a huge event and one that probably won’t be felt in the gold trading community for a while. It is without a doubt, another cut in the under belly of the Anglo American empire.

This new market reminds me of when the Iranians cracked the back of the Petro Dollar by opening the Iranian Oil Bourse on the island of Kish in 2008. This bourse was the first major market outside of the control of the Anglo American empire that allowed settlement for oil in almost every other major currency, other than the dollar. For those of you that do not know how important the petro dollar trade is to our way of life, let me give you a brief recap. When Nixon drank the Keyensian kool aide and took the dollar off of the gold standard, the Elite needed to back the dollar with something. They schemed with the Arabs to have two massive oil shocks that would raise the price of oil dramatically and in turn the Arabs agreed to recycle those petro dollars back into the American economy. I bet you always wondered why the Arabs wanted to squeeze America but then turned aroud and invested all of their proceeds into America? Well, now you know why. In return the American Empire protects the tyrannical Arab families and when necessary take out any threats to that order.

Saddam Hussein got in trouble when he very wisely sold oil for Euros in the UN oil for food scandal. When he would not stop, the Marines went in. Remember all of that talk of war with Iran in 2008, well that had everything to do with this Iranian Oil Bourse that they were starting. Now the real story comes out about the recent Anglo American action against Gaddafi. The story is that Gaddafi was trying to push for a oil for gold plan and creating a Gold Dinar to rival the dollar. He had to go. If countries can buy oil with their own currencies, why on earth would they hold so many dollars? The Elite know is the Sword of Damocles that hangs over their quadrillion empire of lies.

Central banks like Russia, China, India, Iran, Mexico, Bolivia, Thailand and Sri Lanka have been buying tons of real  physical gold while the Anglo American Empire keeps playing its short sighted paper games. This new physical gold market in Hong Kong will trade gold for dollars. It will make it easier for Asia to bring in and sell gold to their side of the world. No longer will they have to put up with the banksters changing the rules, settling for cash instead of metal, or trading phantom metal.These countries are playing the same game us smaller silver investors are doing, dumping trash cash for real money knowing that someday that this game is going to end for the elite and that he who has the gold/silver, makes the rules.


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