Ron Hera- Should Gold Be Much Higher

Ron Hera is the founder of the Hera Research Report

(1) He discusses if gold should be much higher due to more money printing.

(2) He states why mining shares are lagging.

(3) Ron believes hyperinflation may occur 2017.

1 comment to Ron Hera- Should Gold Be Much Higher

  • Oh yes gold should be atleast $5,000 plus an silver $100. But you cant rule the world if you cant control the economies of the world. An what is better then owning all the gold in the world. Simple you control the price of it. In a capitalistic system no money is ever destoried. Its simply just moved around. Say the housing an stock market crashes money goes into gold an silver. If let to run freely gold an silver would be this high or higher. Simple answer here all the world people need to buy pms an force the price up. sell all this etf crap hence the real name electronic toilet float. And buy the real thing. They say the american dollar is not back buy any precious metals. I say different you can still go down an buy pms with it for now but the window i think is closing d fast. People will realise that ity cant be taxed if they dont know you own it.

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