WHERE TO LIVE WHEN It All COLLAPSES – Pt 3 – Silver All-Star Panel

What will be the safest place to live when the economy collapses? Can you survive and thrive in Manhattan – or should you seek refuge on a desert island? Andy Hoffman, Bix Weir, and Bill Murphy reveal their opinions on where you can weather the coming storm!

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1 comment to WHERE TO LIVE WHEN It All COLLAPSES – Pt 3 – Silver All-Star Panel

  • I agree. Do NOT “Bug OUT”. The best thing to do unless you MUST leave is to stay where you live and “Bug IN”. Fortify your home, have hidden silver/gold (I prefer silver but gold is fine too) plus many items in bulk quantity to “barter” with others for things you forgot. Have at least one year of everything you and your family needs to survive WITHOUT leaving your home. Where allowed have plenty of guns and ammo or means of protection. Best to have several families living with you (plenty of extra supplies). A few people is not enough to protect a home from those who may try to rob or worse. Learn needed skills from basic medical to everything you normally have. You can buy basic dental and medical kits for example. Last – be careful of “authorities”. They may only want your supplies to give to others who did not prepare. Be a “stealth “prepper”. Remain hidden.

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