Can you Spot the NEW Hegelian Dialectic?

Unlimited Fiat Money Monopoly or a new Gold Monopoly…

Some of the most outspoken metals advocates are just setting themselves up to be the new/old Financial Oligarchy.

We need competition in currency, the end of fractional reserve banking, the end of debt, and the end of usury.

19 comments to Can you Spot the NEW Hegelian Dialectic?

  • Justin DeArmond

    awesome!! lets go back on the gold standard so the fed can up our dollar to 250% the price of gold…no fiat problem here!!

  • Filbert

    I have found it helpfull to think about just what we are trying to acomplish with a gold standard. Then consider just who owns most of the gold.

  • dan

    This video is PAINFUL to watch.

    No one asks the question “Who gets to spend the new money first and why?” Did they not receive ‘wealth’ they did not earn and if so from whom did that wealth come from?

    No one asks the question “If after every trade the total material wealth in society is ‘unchanged’ then how does an asset of relatively fixed supply cause prices of other goods to change?”

    It is the questions that aren’t asked that make this painful to watch.

  • dan

    Here is another question I love to ask:

    If the total supply of goods and services doubles and the supply of ‘money’ is fixed, what happens to the prices?

    The fall in half (on average).

    Now to maintain ‘price-stability’, someone double the money supply and then some such that the money in my bank account can only buy the same number of goods and services as it use to.

    Who gets all of the new goods and services purchased with that printed money?

    In a growing economy, even 0 price-inflation enforced by slight monetary-inflation represents theft of 100% of the growth in the economy.

  • Gareth

    Quick question for the gold-standard advocates:

    Did the Roth, or de Roth, initiate their usury practice initially on fiat or gold?

    For want of better word, we must all ‘scatter’ and leave the debt-farm.


    • dan

      What is your definition of usury? Lending money at interest?

      What is money but the ‘most marketable commodity’, are you against lending of all commodities?

      Is being a land-lord any different than being a money-lord?

      In a economy without money printing, 1oz will purchase more tomorrow than it does today such that the ‘real interest rate’ is positive even if 0 nominal interest is charged. Therefore, there is no need to ‘lend’ money to receive a return equal to the average rate of growth in the economy. So as a lender of money, the only motivation is to yield an above-average return which implies risk. No risk is taken without a price, and that price is normally interest.

      Given freedom to contract, usury is not immoral nor illegal.

      What is immoral and should be illegal is counterfeiting and lending money-from-nothing at interest while fraudulently claiming that all notes are backed by something real.

      • Gareth

        Yes, I define usury as the loaning out of money/currency at interest.

        Money is a medium-of-exchange, an item to utilise between participants in the market place that have different products/services. It needn’t be a commodity.

        Yes, a landlord provides something tangible – a money lord may simply create binary code.

        Loaning to business does indeed imply risk, so does loaning to governments. This is why certain currencies are favoured as the issuing govt/central bank has the system in place to TAX their population. It is why the $US or indeed my own currency £sterling could be the last fiat standard. The Greeks, for example, have a terrible/inefficient system for tax collecting.

        The Roth family figured this out many moons ago and encouraged the issuance of govt bonds……..debt paid back through taxation.

        Usury isn’t illegal at all where I’m from.

        Many would disagree with you about the morality of this behaviour, but morality, after all, is subjective.

        I regard usury practitioners as parasites.

        • dan

          Try as you may to define ‘money’ as something different from any other commodity, it doesn’t change the fact that someone lending money (not fractional reserves, not paper promises, but actually lending physical silver or gold) is no different than someone lending a house, a car, or any other good.

          Suppose that the interest was called rent and paid in dollars?

          The only difference between lending money and lending any other good or service is that the ‘rent’ is paid in the same good as the good borrowed and that the borrower promptly sells the money for something else causing them to be ‘naked short’.

          So long as the lender isn’t practicing fractional reserve banking they provide valuable liquidity and enable capital formation.

          • Gareth

            But usury artists, historically, have ALWAYS eventually used a form of fractional reserve banking, illusory loans and the like, Dan. It is the nature of the beast known as usury that immoral behaviour absorbs the individual or group behind this dark art. You can argue against this if you will, but history really isn’t on your side.

            The writer of this site discusses the topic of equity investing, which is a slight slant of ‘lending’ and, in my most humble opinion, is far more moral and the way forward.

            I’m assuming you plan to loan at interest, Dan?

            Furthermore, I believe the purpose of this particular article was not necessarily about usury nor fractional reserve banking – both seperate topics in themselves.

            The purpose of this particular article was to point out a new hegelian dialectic between the current fiat system and a gold-based monetary system……..both controlled by the current powers-that-be. Hegelian dialectic – as you should know – is the strategy implemented to provide a false choice.

            I am in agreement with Chris on many topics, and the concept of de-centralised, and competing currencies is one I’m firmly behind. If a local area chooses to use gold, silver, copper, a debt-free fiat, seeds or whatever then that’s all good :-)

            A new gold-standard is abhorant as the most of the gold is owned by sinister and arrogant TWATS that perceive themselves to be lord and masters of the globe.

            But hey, if you’re all for a ‘gold-standard’ why not ask the government to mint those bars into gold pennies – 1/20th of an ounce – and CIRCULATE them amongst the population. Obviously that wouldn’t be the plan. They’ll simply issue paper certificates as keeping the gold is in ‘the national interests’ and for ‘national security’….ya dah, ya dah, ya dah.

            I’ll stick with my original view of usury practitioners, having studied many of that ilk down the centuries. Usury practitioners are lying, thieving, parasites.

  • speedspirit

    Who is this young stooge. What a brainwashed idiot. Hope the company he works for has some layoffs coming so the Universe can set him straight.

  • Kirk

    WOW, I think that was Ben Bernanke jr., i was crying so hard i could’nt see. God help us!

  • Peter

    This guy’s an idiot. The greenback has lost 50% of their purchasing power to CAD in less than 5 years.

  • nof

    With the current setup the answer is simple: Save in Gold/Silver, spend/medium of exchange in paper fiat. Problem solved. If gold/silver is ever made “lawful money” again do not stamp the coins in “$” terms but simply in Ounces/Fractions of. Unless and until fractional reserve lending is eliminated the two cannot be tied together or the same results will occur again.

  • l1b3r7y1776

    that guy is a fucking dueche bag. holy shit!

  • Irving14941

    I like Jim Rickards. You can learn A LOT from his book “Currency Wars.” But I do question what his intentions are and where he falls in this struggle between the people and bankers.

  • Irving14941

    But Jim Rickards definitely destroyed that elitist, brain-dead Keynesian, monetary newb.

  • Bunny

    Bernacke doesn’t want to get it and he is not a moron. What most people fail to see is that Ben and his friends don’t really want to “fix” the US economy. Now that the US is into QE3, which if anyone out there is keeping track is actually QE4, just try to calculate the amount of interest the Fed is receiving and the banksters are stealing. There is a plan to bring in a unified north american currency…that plan is unfolding around us. Collapse of the dollar and the resulting chaos for the the world economy (US currency is the oil currency)should help usher that plan in just fine.

  • Greg

    Gareth, yes, good question. Who owns all/most of the Gold? The Rothchilds, Rockefellers, The Queen of the nanny-state, the corrupt vatican. If you all have ever seen”The Money Masters” on YouTube (I suggest it), the researcher/narrator suggests the Elites own all the Gold and he suggests using US Treasury notes as paper…It’s an amazing and informative, but I’m not sure about the paper. Competing currencies (ie. precious metals, land, water, etc.) should duke it out in the FREE ECONOMY. TRUE MONEY will establish itself among the people.

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