Stock Market Crash in October?

I look at past stock market crashes in Sept/October, and I ask the question:

Will the market crash in October?

2 comments to Stock Market Crash in October?

  • James Tetreault

    I wonder if events in Europe will make the U.S. stock markets crash. Even the plunge protection team can only do so much. Spain is in economic freefall, Italy scarcely better and France not much better shape than Italy. It’s only a matter of time before the impact is felt here even if nothing else also pushes events along. Our glorious leader, the drone snuff film devotee, would like to believe that the whole world should pause till election day but the people in the streets in Madrid and Athens couldn’t care less.

  • Bunny

    Market crashes are so hard to predict because they are created intentionally. It is inevitable that the American economy will crash since the current system is based on fraudulent currency. If anyone out there believes that the people that run American banks are stupid or made mistakes…think again. The Federal Reserve is not responsible to the citizens of the USA. It is looting the country, meanwhile in America ???????????????

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