Gold Confiscation Possible

I discuss whether gold confiscation is possible.

Hint: It may not be U.S. citizens gold……..maybe gold of someone else.

8 comments to Gold Confiscation Possible

  • Paul

    When you say the government confiscated gold in 1933, that’s not what they did. They NATIONALIZED gold which means the public was fully reimbursed at face value federal reserve notes in exchange for their gold. Confiscation is when they take from you and give you nothing in return. They cannot confiscate gold now because it is no longer part of our monetary system. Over 60% of us dollars in existence are sitting in foreign central bank vaults. If Obama today told Americans to turn in their gold, banks around the world holding dollars would think something is wrong with the dollar and immediately dump them and buy gold. It would cause hyperinflation and that would defeat the purpose of gold nationalization.

  • Paul

    One more thing to add…even if they did nationalize gold again, the only reason they would do it is after a hyperinflation and by that time, 99% of your gains would have already been made anyway. So what do u do? Sell them back your gold for their currency and go purchase cashflowing assets with it before the currency is completely worthless. I learned that from Mike Maloney, a genius in my opinion.

  • James Tetreault

    I don’t see gold confiscation in the U.S. at least from citizens because citizens simply don’t have much now, not compared to 1933. And the citizens who have gold now are disproportionately those with influence.

    I agree with you, Rahul, that seizure of the gold of other nations might happen. I see the conversation at the link below happening. And note that the party being told that he F’ed up is named “Dorfman”, a good german name.

  • I tghink this time around they have alot of trouble taking gold an silver away from people. They dont believe the in the gov an dont think the gov is real anymore. The only way they take there gold an guns is have other military doing it. Americans wont fire on there own people.SAy there is a massive earthquake in california 2 9.o next to each other. An america is hurting bad obama invites other countries to help an wayla you have your new gov police.that will do there job.

    • Silver Eagle

      NO the military has NEVER fired on Americans before in the whole history of the United States therefore they will never fire on Americans today. Sure you want to stick with that statement? For a logic/theory statement to make sense part of the statement needs to be true.

      More than likely the statement should be

      The US Military HAS fired/interned US Citizens before; therefore it is probably that they will do so again.

  • Paul

    I don’t see the government being able to pull off such a feat as taking people’s gold and silver. The logistics of doesn’t make sense. It would take millions and millions of dollars to feed, cloth, arm, and supply enough troops to go house to house and take a few coins from people. It would be like spending a million dollars to steal 100. There’s not enough citizens that own metals to where it would be profitable. If they’re gonna steal anything, I believe it would be 401k’s, IRA’s, or simply theft through mass inflation. They would go after the low hanging fruit. People with gold and silver, which won’t be many, will reap the benefits of holding real money and the citizens who have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked will pay the price for their arrogance and stupidity. History shows us this is what always happens.

  • Yes could happen the simplist would just to outlaw the sale of gold an silver. That would pretty much kill the price an not cost the gov hardly any money as the confinscate the silver an golds an guns an food when it really gets bad.

  • Paul

    If they outlawed gold and silver, the price would skyrocket, not plummet. Drugs are illegal and I don’t see drug dealers selling them for dirt cheap. I just don’t see a point in the government touching precious metals. Any attempt at it and it would be an admission that their paper dollar is a scam. They’ve already committed themselves to the lie and just like all psychopaths do, they will stick to their lie because they actually believe the lie. When FDR outlawed gold ownership in the 30’s, he threatened jail time for people who didn’t turn in their gold. Only about 22% of the population turned in their gold and guess how many arrests were made for people who kept their gold? 0! None. So I say buy it, and buy some more and let them have their lie gentlemen. : )

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