Anger Phase Self Defense #2

Here are four new videos to get you ready for the “Anger Phase”.  Let me know what you think.  What would you like to see in a video?  Do you have a scenario that you would like to learn how to survive?  Or how to escape?  Or a question relating to Real World Self Defense?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll try and make a video on the scenario or answering the question.  Thank you, Coach David Alexander

Cool (Unique) Gun Disarm

(This video is already over a thousand hits in just a few days!)
My gun disarm is quite different than you might normally see in typical self defense videos. I am not trying to focus on controlling the gun (tool) but I am focused on taking out the real weapon, which is the brain of the attacker. The best gun disarm is to kill the attacker and just go pick up the gun afterward!

Punk gets owned by World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David

Chin Jab Practice

Drive up and through the attacker’s chin (mental nerve) using your legs for power. Try and take them off of their feet and go through them (you should be standing where they were when you struck). Follow up with another strike or escape when possible.

Whip Palm Strike by World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David

A whip palm strike can is generally aimed at the bridge of the nose for a quick strike to set up an escape or a second strike. A bridge of nose strike will cause the eyes to water and severe pain. Use this as a distraction to move in for a takedown or another strike such as a knee to groin or an elbow/forearm to the vagus nerve. Check out for more free self defense videos and tips! Coach David Alexander

7 comments to Anger Phase Self Defense #2

  • David Richardson

    A friend of mine is a black belt instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu, in a studio run by one of the world’s acknowledged top masters. Not to diminish these hand-to-hand combat/defense skills, but the Master carries a concealed 9mm. Better not to engage someone in hand-to-hand when they may have a knife, you can run away, or just shoot them if they are a threat to your life.

    • What if you don’t have a gun? What if you cannot get to your gun fast enough? What if your kid or wife is with you at the time? Will you still run away? Are you going to hope the bad man just goes away and doesn’t shoot? How do you deal with a psychopath that wants to kill you? My philosophy is Avoid, Escape…and when all else fails NEUTRALIZE! Thanks for the comment. Coach David

  • Howard

    That’s a lot of “what ifs” lol

    • Agreed. There is no way to train for all the different kinds of gun, knife, club disarms with an unlimited number of different scenario’s. That is why I teach people to forget about the tool (gun, knife, club) and focus on taking out the weapon (brain of the attacker). Take out the true weapon (brain) and the tool cannot shoot, stab or bludgeon anything all by itself. I teach self defense this way so no matter what the situation, scenario or tool that is being used, you just need to remember how to get to and take out the attacker’s weapon (brain). That is where my unique style of self defense training comes into play. Obviously, my videos are only giving people a glimpse of what to do, but they don’t include the philosophy and hands on training. Thanks for the comment. Coach David

  • David Richardson

    I always have concealable guns. I am licensed to carry in any state I would live in. If the state/city is insanely restrictive of a law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm [Massachusetts, California, NY, DC,] I won’t be living there, and probably not visiting there either. I can get to it quicker than almost anyone alive can get to me. If my wife and kid are with me I will be faster to get to it and use it to neutralize the threat[s], with no further burden on taxpayers.

  • David Richardson

    “Are you going to hope the bad man just goes away and doesn’t shoot? How do you deal with a psychopath that wants to kill you?”

    If someone pulls a gun on you first, your best bet is probably to give them anything they want and hope they leave. You are going to try to disarm an angry perp with a gun pointed at you?? That’s the best way to get shot.

    “How do you deal with a psychopath that wants to kill you?”

    If in public area see above. If they break into my house while I am there and I hear it, it really doesn’t matter who they are; they won’t make it out. While particulars of defending one’s home is not something Chris would go into, I’m sure he would do the same, as would anyone with gun training/confidence.

    • It sounds like you have the right mindset. No matter what tool (gun, hands, knife, club) we have they are useless without the commitment to do whatever it takes to survive and to protect the ones we love. Everyone would have to make the decision at that moment. Hopefully it’s the right one. The only difference in someone who only relies on a gun and does not have equal training using their hands is that I always have my hands, feet, elbows, knees and brain with me. No matter if I go to a different country, on an airplane, into a post office, to my kids play or even to a movie in colorado. You and I agree on self/family protection, we just seem to differ on the tool. P.S. I also carry a range extender (gun), but I do not pretend to have it with me everywhere I go. Thanks for the friendly debate. Coach David

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