Public Silver Shield Strategy Sessions Are Back!

It has been a very busy past few months since I last did public Strategy Sessions.  Globally, we are moving right along the path I have been predicting with silver finishing it’s year long consolidation, global monetary printing, closer to war with Iran, the anti-Hegemon rising, a faltering economy, and a lack of any real choices except for walking away from it all…

It has been even busier here at the Dont-Tread-On.Me blog.

  • We closed down the Silver Shield Report for new members in July.
  • We went on one of the largest radio programs Coast 2 Coast radio.
  • We traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Ron Paul.
  • We provided Congressional testimony on alternate currencies and the death of the dollar.
  • We are producing one of the hottest Silver Rounds on the market.
    • We now over 40,000 oz. sold in less than a month.
    • We have a huge promotion ending today that includes travel, hotel and dinner with us and a $15,000 valued 5 hour Jet Card from
  • We will be headlined at the 2012 Silver Summit.
  • We celebrated 1 year anniversary on YouTube with 19,000+ subscribers and 4.5 million views.
  • And finally, we have started to release the massive Sons of Liberty Academy on to YouTube.

I have finally cleared the next two weeks to do one-on-one personal Strategy Sessions.  When you sign up for on of these Strategy Sessions, we can discuss a broad range of topics that interest you, from personal to professional.  This is a great way to get rid of the nagging doubts as we move forward in uncertain times.  These sessions are also great to help move your family, career or business in the right direction.  I enjoy using these opportunities to meet with so many new and old faces that have been resonating with the ideas I have been pushing forward as we head into this new paradigm.

Getting started is easy, simply click the Strategy Session link to get started.  (We now accept PayPal.) You will then receive a confirmation of your order and an email with instructions on what comes next.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.



25 comments to Public Silver Shield Strategy Sessions Are Back!

  • Shane

    Excellent video. Are you planning on putting out video on what list of actions people can use when walking away? Some may be confused by this language and think you advocate surrendering to total apathy.

    My guess is you mean in walking away:

    Stop voting, petitioning to gov, contributing to political campaigns, etc.
    Start developing skills and assets that work in a post dollar world.
    Relocate away from population centers.
    Reduce use of fiat money and tax expenditures as much as possible.
    Build stronger local connections with your neighbors.
    Build independant infrastracture, co-ops, mutual aid societies, private libraries, backup internet relays, radio stations etc for activation when the system breaks down.
    Obviously some of these can be done individually and others work better with groups of people.

  • Barbara

    Re releasing the massive Sons of Liberty Academy on to YouTube. I have found Module One. When will you be releasing Module Two?

  • Holden

    Is there a place to buy the full collection of sbsh and greatest truth never told on dvd? If so how/where. Is this something even offered? thanks

  • Westling

    Great job on everything, keep it up! But, I am getting frustrated not being able to read your new posts.

    Are you going to be opening up DTOM for new members? Many of the articles you post are on very interesting topics, but my SOLA membership does not grant me access. Is there a membership fee, or a donation possibility?

    • Silver Shield

      I am doing Strategy Sessions and if I feel they are a good fit for the group, I will give them an opportunity.

      I will not be opening up the Silver Shield group to the public anymore.

  • Nobel

    If the Nobel prize was fair and realistic, you would have won it in Econnomics, Psychology and Peace category.

    I’ve almost given up in the search for truth. Thanks for the work that has spared decades of strugle for many people.

    • Silver Shield

      A collective prize by an Elite group would have no weight against the real effect I have had in hundreds of individuals and the resonating chain reaction that will start.

      But I thank you for you compliment. :)

  • Jason Mcbride

    How much are the stragey sessions?

  • Bill

    When your movement becomes too threating to the TPTB, will they not claim your following to be terrorists and march them off to the gulags. Doesn’t the NDAA give the government the power to do this?

    Psychopaths will not stop at killing all of us if that is what it takes to remain in power. The Guide Stones in Georgia state that the world popuation needs to be decreased by six billion. When these two things are taken together, it seems that the Elites are preparing for the Great Die off.

    There is going to be a Great Reset of society but who will be in control? The Elite have ever reason to believe it will be they. They have named it the NWO.

    • Silver Shield

      Another reason why I have closed public access to my group.
      We will become smaller and more meaningful.
      We will not pose a threat to the current or futures order, at least not in a way they will be able to recognize.

      Enjoy Alex Jones and worrying about things outside of your control.
      We have moved on.

  • anthony

    Chris, I’m sure you have been asked thousands of times, but I’m curious as to why the silver shield report is no longer available to the public? Love all your work and followed you in selling my properties and getting in to physical silver. I feel like we missing some very valuable information by not watching these videos you make. I did read that you will not be opening up the silver shield group to the public, that’s ok, but is there any other way to access them?

    • Silver Shield

      I obviously put a lot of thought in all of my work and where I am going.
      I know that the ideas that I am putting forward will not become widely accepted until the Bargaining Phase
      That being said in the Anger Phase trust is going to be destroyed on all levels in our society.
      I believe the most dedicated people in this SSG will be able to have a great deal of trust as they are intuitive problem solvers, silver stackers and embrace this opposite consciousness mentality.
      We will be able to do great things with a certain level of trust that the world will not have during the Anger Phase.
      I believe historically significant things.

      That being said I wanted to keep this group a manageable size and not just become some meaningless mass of well intentioned people.
      So I closed the group the day before my big interview on one of the largest radio shows in the country Coast 2 Coast with George Noory and my Ron Paul experience.
      This also allows me to see inside this group who is for real and who is just curious.
      So essentially I am mining for a very few group of people that I can do really big things with in the greatest transfer of wealth.
      This I feel is the opposite consciousness to what so many in this area are doing by trying to get larger less meaningful audiences.
      I would prefer to have a handful of truly prepared and resonating partners than millions of careless drones waiting for solutions from their next guru.
      Don’t know it that makes sense but I feel it is the right thing to do.
      Some joined because of what I have done for them in the past.
      Some stay because of what I am doing for them in the reports.
      Some are commiting because of what we can do in the future.

  • anthony

    I see where you are coming from….. there’s no real point of having 1000’s of seeds if ony 10 can flower. I’m sure you already know but just in case you didn’t….. You are truly an amazing person who has given so much to the people through your hard work, research and dedication and for that we are all greatful and you should be proud. Your a good man who deserves only good things.

  • Chris,
    Though I have not heard you mention them explicitly; much of what you are working towards resonates with efforts begun long ago by G. Edward Griffin and Freedom Force International. Anyone new to your efforts or that of your predecessors must first recognize THEY must be their OWN savior. Griffin’s best description is that of a Holographic Organization; one which could be splintered down to an individual, and yet still possess the knowledge, power, and influence of the whole.
    The information you have shared facilitates ‘action in receipt’; as each may aspire in their own sphere to create the alternate consciousness you describe.
    Yes, it is a livetime endeavor; but you have proven that great, historic deeds are really a sum of many individual acts. Each of us is armed with all we need to assume and carry that message, whether explicitly engaged with SSG, or working to better our own lives and in turn spread this message amongst our peers.
    I see the SBSS medallion as a tool you have given to those whom recognize it as such, to spread and facilitate action by those ready to search for their own exit from the dying paradigm. Know that you, Chris, have inspired many more people than you may ever imagine.

    • Silver Shield

      I am not a fan of Freedom Force because their mission is to bring up people to promote to power to change the system.
      And then his odd take on Aliens makes me wonder…

  • Chris, I mentioned the SBSS medallion, which is your most recent project and most tangible effort to spread awareness and the message of SOLA and Greatest Truth Never Told. I do anticipate great things will be forthcoming; and will be working to spread the word with those whom I feel are ready to loosen their own shackles.

  • Silverseeker123

    Thanks Chris,
    There was a time, even recently; when Collectivists got a free pass because so few recognized them operating as such. I am not a member of Freedom Force or any other group, but recognize there are those in the fight against Collectivism whom would ascribe to the idea of “Don’t fight City Hall, become City Hall”.
    Of course this route is subordinate to Rothchild, et al. as he stated: “Give me the power to control a nation’s money supply and I care not whom makes its laws”.

    That power can be repealed; but I think you agree, not from within the current entrenched paradigm. Strategy Sessions can probably help those looking to focus efforts towards most efficiently exiting this corral on their own terms once they finally see the fence.

  • Derek Dondoyano


    Have you seen this recent video on YouTube? I think he’s talking about you.

    • Silver Shield

      Yes and he uses the strawman very well.
      Unfortunately I need a day or two to make a nice response but it is coming.

  • Paul

    Chris, how long do the strategy sessions last?

  • Soleil

    Hi Chris. I would like to schedule a strategy session with you as soon as possible

    Am also in Dallas Monday to witness the first medallions being produced.

    Not sure what time but will be at the mint at 8 am if no I structions otherwise.
    I sent emails to you rob And drew as soon as I read your note about the mint
    Have a lot of ideas and suggestions to run by you
    And want to meet I. Person if possible
    Pls contact as you are able thanks for all you do!

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