Silver Shield Report #46- Thorium In Our Future

I am very excited to speak with one of our brilliant Silver Shield Report members about the future of Thorium nuclear power.  Thorium is one of the most exciting technologies I have ever run across in all of my research.  The idea of a clean, cheap, safe and reliable energy source that can literally fit in a basement of small building is almost too good to believe.  This technology will come to the forefront of once the dollar collapses.  Without the oil interests, banks and military industrial complex forcing their unsustainable debt and death paradigm on humanity, technologies like Thorium will gain in mass acceptance as a viable source of power in a decentralized world looking for energy solutions.

I believe that the Silver Shield Group will be historically significant with the intellectual foundation, the physical capital we are stacking and the connections we are making right now.  Once the Anger Phase has burned out, we will be able to leverage these assets and invest in the next generation of sustainable solutions.  While Thorium is relative cheap technology compared to traditional nuclear power plants, I believe that we will be able to have the means to make incredible investments in this technology and really change the world.  I thought it would be very useful to take this time and explore Thorium power and to put it on our radar.

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10 comments to Silver Shield Report #46- Thorium In Our Future

  • Philip Wong

    Chris – I know you’re not a fan of the Thrive movement but would the information presented in the movie about free energy be worth checking out?

    Would the “New Energy” cost less than Flibe’s LFTR? I haven’t done enough research yet so I can’t comment any further. What are your thoughts?

    • Silver Shield

      I am not a fan of Thrive and I have not see free energy so I would like to work with technologies that exist and fund those that don’t yet.

  • James Tetreault

    In his book “Super Fuel”, Richard Martin says that he assumed that Thorium lost out to Uranium as the primary nuclear power fuel more as a result of inflexibility on the part of Rickover and his protege Shaw than as a way to get material for nuclear weapons. He says that he got into his research assuming that thorium was discarded because it didn’t help make weapons. But he found that it was more of bad office politics dynamic that sent the U.S. into only using pressurized vessel uranium reactors.

  • James Tetreault

    Also, Chris, I wanted to take issue with your contention that the psychopaths of Wall Street and the U.S. government are enabled by atheism or maybe the lack of religious belief. I suspect that these people are much more amoral than adherents to an atheistic morality. There’s nothing in atheism that necessitates an ethos of casually destroying others where it serves you. And we should keep in mind that there a fair percentage of professed religious believers are often those assuaging their consciences or rudimentary consciences Monday through Saturday by a few hours of attendance on Sunday. Please don’t take this as an attack on religious belief. I only want to say that respectful acceptance of the greater context of one’s life isn’t necessarily created by religious belief nor prevented by atheism.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Thank you for doing an interview on this topic. I hope that as a next step, we can have a technical overview of what the Chinese have done, what the Chinese are planning, what the Indians and doing and what they are planning. Marvin

  • Jim

    Chris, The LFTR technology is amazing. There are so many pros to this technology vs what we are currently using. You have to wonder why we are not using it. I listened to a podcast from Peak Prosperity who interviewed Kirk Sorenson. Really good interview for anyone that has not herd it.

  • purplemom

    Due to the fact that thorium has so many advantages and so few disadvantages, it’s not surprising the technology has been essentially squashed by the powers that be. To me that means we DEFINITELY want to pursue it! Be of the opposite consciousness–right Chris? I was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it. Oh man, I must have no life!

  • Ant

    I would like to be involved with this.

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