Last Day of the SBSS Silver Round Promotion Package!

Last Thursday, I announced that we passed the 1 TON mark in only 3 weeks of the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield Silver Round.  Only 3 days later, we are now at 40,000 oz.!  A contributing factor in the early success of this silver round has been the excellent promotional prize we put together.  Every person who buys one of these unique silver rounds, will be entered into a drawing for a prize pack that includes flight and hotel for 2 to this year’s 10th Anniversary Silver Summit and dinner with David  Morgan, Rob Gray and myself.

On top of all of that, is an extremely generous donation from of a 5 Hour Private Jet Card worth $15,000!  I did a call with Silver Shield Report member Peter Maestrales of Air Stream Jets on how he is positioning himself for a post dollar world by being the first airline in the world to take payment in Silver. You can listen to this very interesting call here.


As much as I would like the party to go on, we have to see who the winner is going to be.  So tonight at midnight EST we will be shutting down the promotion. Every round counts as an entry, so obviously the more you buy the greater the chance you will have to win this incredible prize pack.

I also want to clear up a miscommunication we had yesterday… We will continue to take orders for the Silver Round until November 25th 2012 and will not artificially be limiting this round at 50,000.  While 40,000 oz. in three weeks is very impressive for a first attempt, the US mint sold over 1,000,000 oz. of the American Silver Eagle last week!  This round, and the many others that come after, will be providing an exciting, growing, free market alternative to the national coins.  We are already designing the next “Bad Guy” round, the Trivium Round and 1/1oth ounce round to help expand the offering.  As these rounds become more popular, I believe this original Silver Bullet Silver Shield round will gain in premium as a the one that started it all.  Order yours today at

3 comments to Last Day of the SBSS Silver Round Promotion Package!

  • Joshua Stewart

    I have been like a kid in a candy shop buying this coin! I buy more every week! cant wait to see the next one I like these way better than eagles or maples!!! and also I am happy you caped it at 50k.

  • Barbara

    When will you announce the winner?

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