Harvesting Human Resources

2 comments to Harvesting Human Resources

  • Aaron Bosse

    This was a great wake up perspective video, well done Chris!

  • GoldSaver

    I had the privilege of meeting Professor Molyneux in Dallas for lunch and an impromptu round table last July. Although I consider him the Aynn Rand of our generation, he really has very little practical solutions. He understands the problem and expresses it beautifully but his response is “raise the next generation to be free”. My problem with that solution is its impracticality. Let’s say that he convinces 30 million american parents (20% of the population today) to raise their kids as anarchists, that only gives us 60 million anarchists next generation out of a population of 600 million. It starts as a minority and remains a minority. Only disconnecting from the farm can give us true freedom. We must unplug from the matrix and then help others escape.

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