Mass Mind Control

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  • speedspirit

    So the truth is pretty dark but is it reality.

    The Powers That Be are not Spiritual people like it said in the video “Godless”. Do you believe that call it what you will God, Source, Allah, Yesuah is not in control. As dark a picture as is being drawn their is a better way coming down the road. The brighter future may follow the darkest hours this world has yet to see but it will be born. Child bearing is a painful event and so will this.

    It only has to be this way because of so many happy slaves. I Am not a happy slave. I believe in a different reality one that it connected at all times to the creator. Its a vibrational connection. Vibrations are energy waves and the energy waves of those with love vibrate very powerfully those who exist of greed,hate,control vibrate at a very low frequency.

    In our near future events will take place that proof positive shows the slaves that the way is not of greed and selfishness but of oneness with all our brothers, sistersand the planet. More and more people will learn about the truth of the lost city of Atlantis that sits off the Florida coast( Bermuda triangle). The secret of the Pyramids. The power of Crystals. Zero energy. Ley lines. Power of healers Reiki, Accupressure,ect. This is REALITY. Because it is a direct connection to God. Those things that are in duality are not connected and have no REAL power. The reign has ended with this paradigm. The future is BRIGHT if you can find your way thru the darkness.

    Take time to research these items and draw your own conclusion. Remember most do not believe in thesesubject beause TPTB DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH. This subject has the same manipulated past as Gold and Silver. Coincidence?

  • Gareth

    So much effort and work done with all these videos and articles. If I didn’t know better I’d swear you are on amphets :-)

    Well done, bud.

    As my mother used to say, “keep going, time waits for no one”


  • Nick Stone

    Let me ask you something, why a fucking coiled snake, or why SoL as your initials….. How much misinformation is part of the things you people make as well… Everything and everyone is a product of manipulated by the few… The coiled snake is a symbol of the Illuminati..

    • Silver Shield

      It is an updated look on the revolutionary war “don’t tread on me” flag. Hence the site you are posting on.

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