QE3 to Cause INFLATION, but NOT COLLAPSE? – Ben Treece Interviewed

Ben Treece, an investment advisor from Toledo, Ohio, reveals in this interview how the recently announced QE3 will cause inflation that will benefit Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Although many, including me, are of the opinion that the Federal Reserve’s QE and money printing will inevitably collapse the economy, Treece believes that, though we will see increased inflation, the US economy has the possibility of actually booming. If the economy does have a bright future, what are the best investments to be looking at right now? Will gold still be the safe haven? All this and more in this interview.


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Disclaimer: The financial and political opinions expressed in this interview are those of the guest and not necessarily of Unconventional Finance or its staff. Opinions expressed in this video do not constitute personalized investment advice and should not be relied on for making investment decisions.

2 comments to QE3 to Cause INFLATION, but NOT COLLAPSE? – Ben Treece Interviewed

  • GSB

    No collapse, buy mutual funds, gold went down before so its not a good investment now, Mitt Romney will save the economy. Whaaa? This guy is indoctrinated.

  • Sorry guys its alot different now then back in the 30s an the 70s. The country doesnt have an edge like it did back then. Theres nothing that can make money most resorces are gone.The only thing usa has is a good military now. Every thing else is in bad shape. The laws of the gov has the american people trapped. They wont let the price of gold an silver rise in free market. So people wont lose there money in a rigged system.It keeps them in the stockmarket, the banks give almost 0% interest after inflation.I see in the future the u.s.gov will collapse an the big banks will take over when its all side an done.

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