Anger Phase Self Defense #3

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Gun Disarm from Behind by World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

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WARNING! Don’t ever do this, you could kill someone!!!

This video is shows a part of my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System “The only self defense lesson you will ever need!” (How to survive a worst case scenario attack on yourself or your family).  DVD Coming Soon!

There is no way to train for all the different kinds of gun, knife, club disarms with an unlimited number of different scenarios. That is why I teach people to forget about the tool (gun, knife, club) and focus on taking out the weapon (brain of the attacker). Take out the true weapon (brain) and the tool cannot shoot, stab or bludgeon anything all by itself. I teach self defense this way so no matter what the situation, scenario or tool that is being used, you just need to remember how to get to and take out the attacker’s weapon (brain). That is where my unique style of self defense training comes into play. Obviously, my videos are only giving people a glimpse of what to do, but they don’t include the philosophy and hands on training. Visit for more cool videos and see if you like my philosophy of “Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy Sh!t” Coach David Alexander

3 Hooks by

3 Hooks:  Short Hook, Mid-Range Hook and Long Range or “Overhand”.  You would use these hooks when you’re at different distances from your opponent.  Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Half Jab Practice by Coach David Alexander

This is my half jab. Throw a jab and instead of coming all the way back to your chin, you would come half way back and throw it again. Rotate your left hip forward to generate additional power in the half jab. This should catch your opponent off guard especially if you have thrown several normal jabs before hand to set them up. Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Wedge to Chin/Knee to Pelvic Plexus by Coach David Alexander

I made this for my site, but it also works great to win a street fight.  Double chin jab or “wedge” your hands to the chin of your opponent while taking space (moving forward) which will cause them to stand tall and open up for a knee strike to the pelvic plexus.  After you land this strike, a takedown will be very easy.  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Standing Chin Up Reps

This is a chin up variation that I recently started and added to the end of my strength training session.    The unique variation is to go all the way down to the floor (or box) and pause in between each rep.  My goal is to add 5 pounds to the weight belt each week.  I perform this exercise on Monday and Friday for a M,W,F training program.  I perform 3 sets of 6 reps with a 2 minute rest in between sets.  Enjoy!  Coach David Alexander

11 comments to Anger Phase Self Defense #3

  • bob

    ok … watched several of these vids now. and my opinon is a tad contrary

    the vary least of teachers ive studied under throughout the years would not mainly agree with these techniques.

    granted they are better than nothing and good for someone with no skills or complete beginers, but sometimes seem more dangerous than peeing your pants. sorry just my observation.

    • Bob,
      I am not teaching complicated self defense “techniques”. I teach for the average person to be able to defend themselves in just 1 day. I train people how to react to an attack and to hopefully not have to think. What do you suggest would be better? Thanks for the comment! Coach David

  • Roy

    Great videos,
    I do not agree with the above comment that these techniques are only good for “somebody without skills”. It is not fancy high kicks and roundhouse kicks that win fights and save your life, it is the nuts and bolts basics that get the job done. Thinking and acting fast cannot be done with a complicated movements and techniques.

  • Fool me twice

    Armless dummies and heavy bags don’t hit back.

    • True, you must (in mma) have good sparring partners to improve your skills. As far as MMA goes, I am only teaching the techniques. It is up to you on how you use them. On the other hand, my B.E.T. Self Defense System is not geared for sparring. All of your sparring partners would end up in the hospital or dead. I love movie quotes. Thanks for sharing. Coach David

  • TexPat

    Taking out the eyes as demostrated in the first video works. I learned this early as a kid on the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio. It works, I don’t care how big and bad you are. I’ve taught this to my wife, kids and close friends. Thanks for the other vids, great stuff to know and add to ones self defense strategy.

    • Agreed. No one can strength train their eye balls. They are a susceptible and vital target to strike. My B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System is only to be used in a life or death worst case scenario. If you did not have a choice to avoid or escape, then what choice are you left with? My personal choice is to do whatever it takes to survive and protect myself and my family/loved ones. There is no difference in shooting someone in self defense or using your hands. They are just different “tools” to accomplish the goal. Thanks for the comment. Coach David

  • Kent Monpas

    Great videos coach, already took your B.E.T. class and learned a lot in a short time!
    Keep the videos coming!

  • Archangel

    Great stuff as usual Coach. I show your vids to my girlfriend every time something new comes up. Thanks for doing what you do!

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