In 6 Days, JP Morgue Has 41% More Physical Silver.

It has been 6 days since I last looked at the CRIMEX warehouses to see where the inventory of silver is. Despite the massive sell off in the paper, there is 1.5 million LESS ounces in the vaults. In a REAL market of REAL supply and REAL demand, one would think that there must be a lot of new supply or less demand, right? Well, we live in Bizarro Bankster World where banksters can rig the paper game by raising margin requirements that force speculative paper buyers to dump their positions like they did the the Hunt Brothers. They can also naked short the paper market and never settle with unlimited fiat dollars and impotent and co-opted regulators waiting for their cushy bankster consulting jobs. The 8 largest banks are net short 150 days of GLOBAL silver production. There is not historical equivalent to this massive, unsettled short position. This is why I have only said to buy REAL physical silver as a Silver Bullet to bring this corrupt enterprise down and a Silver Shield to protect your family for a mathematically, inevitable global fiat currency collapse.

5/5/11 Report…

And today’s…

What we did not see in the Bizarro Bankster World, is a huge influx of REAL physical silver into the vaults despite over 8 times the global production of silver being paper traded last week. (Read… Observations of a Silver Smack Down and I Smell BS in the Silver Market.) And demand must be up, because despite the massive sell off, there is LESS silver in their hands. We are now below 33 million ounces in the registered category and at 101 million ounces overall.

In fact the only depository that is up in inventory is, drum roll please……. JP Morgue. Their brand spanking new depository has 41% MORE silver in it’s vaults than it did just 6 days ago. They went from 461,000 ounces to 651,000 in less than a week.  Could Blythe and the Banksters be playing a huge paper game to get MORE physical silver? Maybe once JP Morgues vaults are full they will cover their silver shorts and send silver to the moon? Maybe Blythe can ride a real Silver Rocket, this time on the right side of history…


Friday update…

One day later JPM adds another 100,000 ounces overnight increasing its total holdings of REAL physical silver by 15%. And none of the holdings are in the registered category. Hmmmm…

10 comments to In 6 Days, JP Morgue Has 41% More Physical Silver.

  • nebo

    What’s the big deal about 6,000 oz?

  • Ken

    Yeah, I’m not a JP Morgan fan by any means, I agree with almost everything you say but 651,000 ounces is tiddlywinks. Are you insinuating that this is just a start of much bigger silver accumulation for them?

  • kennyg

    JP Morgan is satanic

  • anonymouse

    It can only be guessed at how much physical precious metals are already held by the connected billionaires of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of Foreign Relations, and the Bilderburgers—Their banksters keep trying for more –Selling the stock and bond markets high–crashing them and buying up for pennies on the dollar isnt enough they will also shake out the little guys in PMs, drive the price to the moon sell it up and then crash it again–just like 1929-35, 1973-75, ad nauseaum….

  • Jo

    Ya what’s the big deal with 600 more oz’s…. or is it 60,…

  • I’d say a lot of the SLV paper…is going to wind up in the JPM vaults as the real thing. Part of that +190,000 was mine.

  • Chris

    Think about it.
    If they short silver to the moon they can on the other hand buy physical at the same discounted price anyone else can.
    Why hasn’t it occured to anyone, that they can use the same infinite paper money to buy physical, that they use to short silver and keep the pirce low?
    I would even say, watch out for another major dip and a series of physical increases.
    All they would have to do was, to eliminate the toxic paper assets through some off-shore entities … any thoughts on this?

  • Silver Shield

    This is what many feel China is actually doing.

    That is why we only invest in physical because one day this will all end.

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