Silver Shield Report #47- The Battle Beyond Silver

In this forward thinking Silver Shield Report I will go into the The Battle Beyond Silver that the rest of our community does not see and why it is so important to make a success transfer of wealth into the next paradigm and creating generational wealth.  I will cover multiple angles of of this battle and why some inside the precious metals  community are not our true allies and are merely setting themselves up to be the next oligarchs.  I cover the next monetary order, the Ultimate Exit Strategy, the coming Silver Summit, and the very cryptic Jim Sinclair comment that has silver investors all very worried.

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The Battle Beyond Silver
Looper -The Movie

Go see it if you haven’t stop the tape because I am going to talk in depth about the movie and the ramifications on what we are doing. Please stick with me on this train of thought as this will not just be a geeky movie review but I have not seen a movie since the Matrix that has had my head spinning with thoughts.

In 2044, the United States has suffered economic collapse, causing severe social decay and growth in organized crime. In addition, a mutation has occurred in ten percent of the population giving them telekinetic powers—the ability to levitate small objects. Thirty years further into the future in 2074, time travel is invented, but is immediately outlawed. Tracking technology has rendered it nearly impossible to dispose of bodies secretly, so crime bosses use illicit time travel to send those they want killed to the past where they are killed by “loopers”: assassins paid with silver bars strapped to the victim. When crime bosses want to end a looper’s contract, they send his future self back to be killed by his younger self, referred to as “closing the loop”. Failing a contract is a death sentence.

There are two huge themes and I feel our community will only concentrate on the technical monetary aspects of it and miss the bigger picture

So let’s get the technical  monetary aspects of silver as portrayed in the movie out of the way since they are the most easiest to do.

First America is economically destroyed.  This is a first for sci fi films as I know as they are always about a post war world or post plague. Think Terminator, Escape from New York, The book of Eli, zombie movies. This is an economic collapse and while the US is ripped China does quite well. In a few scenes they show china and it is thriving. At one point the young Joe is learning French to eventually move there when he saves enough silver but the crime boss from the future says Go to China trust me I am from the future.

I think this also shows that China funding a movie that is the opposite of the Red Dawn vision of the future where China/now North Korea invades the US.  The Chinese version is going to have more pieces from that shoot over there.  Also the Old Joe does go to China and falls in love woth a Chinese women that “saves his wretched soul” with love and peace. This might be symbolic of the American gangster finally

Playing with the theme that I see of urban areas being a mess and rural areas relatively free the centralization of power under the strongest psychopath crime boss is obvious he has many rackets and hit-men and looks to even have the police doing a lot of work for him.  Anytime there was danger in the movie the answer was to get out of town where presumably it was much more difficult to project power.  Even towards the end of the movie only a few bad guys made it out to the country.  The psychopath would rather take the easy picking close to home than go after harder targets at a further distance and out of their control.

two strata of society very poor very rich mobsters.  when there is no opportunities people will do what they have to do to survive prostitutes and hit-men.  There is a sense that they have good hearts but but are stuck trying to survive and get out by sacrificing their bodies or soul. There is the same hectic pace to make more/get theirs pushing aside personal relationships as to not let that get in their way of their perceived goal.  The bad guys rule by fear or bribe.

There is a brutal world of street justice everyone has shot guns and one guy is so desperate that he tries to steal a brief case and is shot in the back with no drama from the people witnessing the murder. Everyone has guns and are not afraid to us them even a young mother living by her self has a shot gun

Solar power was very prevalent in the future and seems to be the power of the poor.

So the loopers kill and dispose of bodies and are paid in silver bars attached to the victim.  This immediately shows the timelessness of the value of silver this is similar to back to the future 3 when they needed old pennies to bring paper money from the future might not physically make the travel but most likely what is the worth of a future fiat foreign currency in Kansas. Where as metal is metal and literally transports wealth back in time as well as we feel forward.  It is very interesting since through out all of movies it is usually gold that is used to transmit the same mesage. Gold  is used as treasure but in this case it is very noticable.

At one point the future mob boss says that he knows that young joe has been saving his wealth in silver and not trading all of his silver in. He says that they cannot make a rule against that because I think it would wake up the sheeple hit-men that are trading their real wealth in for paper wealth. But hte fact that he does have silver saves hime from physical violence to get out of a tough jam.
I also see that the mob personally deals with real money between themselves but give the people paper money.  They could use this scheme to fund more power in the future enough to have time machines.  last week we were talking about our future ability to fund thorium power plants maybe we should be looking to fund time machines :) JK

So it looks like every thing is in 1 kg bars or 32 oz bars that are much smaller than the 100 oz bars you may have seen or had.
Each murder is paid for with 4 kg  of silver 128oz is about $4,500.
Only cashes 2 at a time for living expenses 64 oz $2,250 in an age of extreme poverty
Has a small apartment nice clothes a vintage car parties drugs and hookers
Say this would be equivalent to what a man would need to support a family and a much slower way of life.
Chinese Mao cash is used for living expenses in Kansas and I thought it was ironic that they were not growing corn in Kansas they were growing sugar cane  I wonder if this has something to do with the Chinese diet doe snot have the prevalence of corn in their diet and how the British empire used their colonies for sugar.

Best friend get killed tonight for silver- there is another aspect that is very much like jesus and judas where a best friend is sold for silver although to the movie characters credit it was a lot of silver and not the 15 ounces Jesus was sold for.

Silvers got strings. There is a line in the movie where silver is offered to a hooker and she turns it down saying silver has strings.  I took this as since the hit-men are supposed to not be stacking that would mean the hooker would have some explaining to do if she turned it in for Chinese cash.

When the loopers contract is up they send the future version of the looper back to be killed  with gold bars strapped to them as a retirement,
8 bars  1 kg? 257 oz retirement $456,000

948 kg 33,439 $1.1 million    with his gold and silver Young joe is able to live a very expensive life in CHina at the most expensive apartments partying and doing drugs for 10 solid years without working but hen when the money runs our he returns to his old ways and starts doing drugs


The promotional unit of the looper movie has a loopers network and silver bars are all over the place. fake silver bars were mailed to movie reviewers leading to them to the once you join it is obvious that the silver bar is used to recruit to work for the elite and says that they make much more money and that working for their paradigm will pull you out of the gutter.  This is why the debt and death cycle persists because those that defeat and old paradigm or rise from the violent ashes of another paradigm end up having the same aggressive consciousness and look to secure their new position and keep theirs.   It goes on to say that he is from the future and that things are only going to get worse and to trust him that this bar in your hands is literally a down payment on your life.

The message finishes up with the saying that my great grandfather says that good fortune comes with a price.  The silver bar is a gift and asks if he is going to reach out and take the gift or are you going to dump your silver bar in the dirt? If you are smart he should take the bar and join this group.  I feel that in our little group we have the opportunity to truly live the opposite consciousness and create a system that is fundamentally different from the debt and death paradigm and that I never talk about becoming the next oligarchs to rule over the poor bastards that could not or would not prepare. I talk about how the meek shall inherit the earth and that we have a huge responsibility on our hands to use this gift to help others.  I have said that once you get to a place in your life where you are no longer fearful for scarcity the only other real joy you will find in life is bringing others to that same level.  Old Joe realizes this when he mets the woman that saves his wretched soul.

The much bigger message of this movie is the consciousness and karma apsect of life and that all of the material or supernatural gifts you may possess mean nothing if you do not live life in balance and in peace. Gifts opportunities can be used for evil or be a a blessing.

So the young Joe was driven to get his, his money, his life back, his narcissistic psychopathic way even if it means killing is future self.  there is a scene where the old self and young self finally talk to each other in a diner and the old self tells his younger sicker self to shut his child mouth and starts talking about the women he loved and lost that saved him from his wretched self that he had become murdering drug using instant gratification self. Young joe showed a heart a few times by talking about his mother and going to the hooker for affection.

old joe talked about how his future Chinese wife saved him by being loving.  I view this as a sort of paradigm shift.  In this paradigm and in the futuristic American city fear, fire, anger, aggressive masculine power is the dominating force of this paradigm but in the new paradigm it seems that the feminine , water moon power shows a much more powerful force over this man’s life and shows him the balance affection and love he never had.  He believed so much in this live and new way of life that old joe was going to kill to keep her safe even if it meant sacrificing himself.

Mobster Kid blue wanted approval from the future mobster more than anything else. even after he had his hand smashed he worked even harder to gain his favor. showing that even the mobster wants affiliation and approval far more than money.

Cid the Child of incredible power who eventually become the master terror of the future called the Rainman and takes over the world in a reign of terror has his life determined by the consciousness of the anger from the psychopathic loopers killing his mother or is ultimately saved by the self sacrificing love of his mother to turn his power for good.

Karma consciousness is far more important than anything in the end, I covered this from multiple aspects through the videos trying to turn the conversation form the financial to the consciousness of the real war at play here.  Technical difficulties was one of my favorite takes on this argument
but roughly 2/3rds of the Silver bullet silver shield is about the consciousness of the bad manipulators we are up against and that in order to make it to the other side we need to be a blessing or we will suffer the same fate.
I believe that we can become historically significant if we really commit to this and keep our head on straight.

With this consciousness in mind we need to understand that many in the precious metals community are not of this opposite consciousness and are merely looking to set themselves up as the new oligarchs in a new debt and death paradigm.  I do not want to go public with this yet until the silver summit but I believe we are a very small group of people who get this bigger more meaningful consciousness.  I hope I get the time and audience in the SIlver Summit to explain this.  If you are investing in silver and are of the narcissistic psychopathic short term thinker you will most likely stay in the same consciousness and trade electronic versions of the real thing and I believe that they will get wiped out.

I was nominated by David Morgan to be Silver Bull of the years 9 months ago and sent many emails at least 7 of them asking for me to be nominated and a prominent speaking position. He was ignored then when he finally pressed he got this back…
July 2nd
Good Day David,

This year’s Silver Bull Award will be given to Bradford Cooke, of Endeavour Silver.
The Silver Bull Award is given to the member of the silver mining community for their contribution to the silver mining industry.
Endeavour Silver is  number one in the world with video instruction and mining and metals education.
Endeavour Silver has made a couple of champion purchases as of late making Endeavour Silver a “classic” Silver Summit success story, exhibitor and contributor to the silver market.

Certainly we would entertain Chris for a prime keynote speaking position after lunch on Friday.

Really?! Number one in the world with video instruction and mining and metals education.
They have like 653 subscribers on Youtube
These mining guys have the cash and operations and institutions but they will get wiped out since they don’t see this consciousness battle.
This is why a conscious solution to collectivist problems is on our coin.

I was never offered a prime Keynote position and only got in on a panel discussion after David made a big stink and I hooked up with Rob at AOCS
Now they are practically begging us to come promote their next two events
I hope you guys will make the effort to come out to the silver summit to maybe bring a few more people into our fold before the shift and it will be too late.
I plan on using any time I have at the conference to make a significant impact on the audience and will speak blunt truth to the real battel at stake here.
I am sure it will be very odd but I know that this is the right path.

Along the lines of consciousness and supposed allies in our fight.

hi chris,
was just over at, and this was jim’s comment.  what do you think he meant by this:
Gold will protect you in this transition. Silver will give you a cheap thrill followed by a spiritual experience devoid of a teacher.
this comment has cause some debate over at,, and (see the comments section)
The Doc says:
October 6, 2012 at 11:19 AM
@silvermeddler – Sinclair means that he believes silver will have a parabolic run-off top, followed by a big correction at the end of its bull market, similar to the correction at the end of the 1980 blow-off top.  He believes gold will be linked and float vs. the US dollar, and will trade in a high range plateau, and will not give up the majority of it’s bull market gains.  Essentially his cryptic remarks translated mean he believes that without an experienced teacher guiding you when you lock in your gains at the end of the silver bull, most will receive a spiritual experience at the end of the bull market.
Hope this helps.
another comment:
Zilver Zeta says:
October 6, 2012 at 12:40 PM
XC Skater. Very very relevant post. I suppose the future being the unknown that it is, it will all come down to personal circumstances at which point you exchange your Silver for another tangible asset like land, property etc. Would be great if we have some clearly defined “Reset” point that is blatantly obvious to all and sundry that the greatest transfer of wealth moment has just occurred, but what if as Sinclair speculates Silvers moment comes, say on hyperinflation, then after TPTB rehash the system to their own advantage [AGAIN] that Silver moment goes! Obviously not all, but it experiences some degree of correction when measured by what ever the new monetary system turns out to be. Or are people generally anticipating that after it has gone parabolic, even after a new system is in place, it will still remain massively valuable?
I really have no clear idea at this point in time when and what I’d do when seeing 3 digit or even 4 digit fiat Silver given the facts that there’ll be so many variables. That’s why I believe it will all come down to the individual when deciding the right time to get out. Would it be wrong to sell at $500 an ounce even before a reset and buy other tangible assets. Or would $500 prove to be a huge mistake if it went to $1000?

I think the bottom line is that stacking the stuff is going to be the easy part….Timing your next moves when things are falling apart is going to be the difficult bit. Or am I missing something obvious?

silvermeddler says:
October 6, 2012 at 3:04 PM
I decided to ask Jim myself and all he said was, “It depends what the economic conditions are at end game. Silver is industrial as well as precious. -Jim” Thanks @the-doc for expanding on that.

and at
Re: James Sinclair, thoughts on silver
I would interpret Sinclair’s remark as a warning that if/when gold is called upon to balance the currencies/debt of governments worldwide, it will suddenly be repriced far higher but there will be no “reentry’; gold will stay outside of the fiat “currency gravity well” in it’s new officially recognized function as a inviolable wealth reference. OTOH silver, though it may be given an impressive initial boost in the process, must eventually return to a mere “market commodity value” price, so “sell (silver) into (that temporary one-time) strength”.
what are your thoughts on this chris???

First let me just say that I hate cryptic messages.  A teacher must be able to transmit ideas clearly or they are simply too arrogant to give us the straight story.
I also hate secret sources. I immediately lose interest as soon as I hear this if things can be explained by logic than do it no need for a useless source or the info is disinfo.

I have no doubt that the Elite will want to institute a international gold standard and that silver will not be Monetized in this process. That would only exacerbate the the battle that has been going on for 138 years against silver. I have said that the gold bugs are merely setting themselves sup to be the next financial oligarchs and do not really give a shit about human freedom or the opposite consciousness.
That being said they reset to clock and say gold is the new currency it will juice the demand for gold over silver significantly for a time being but it still will not change the fact that there is far less silver than the natural ratio. And all of that would be fiat chasing after real assets and this would greatly change the velocity of money/hyperinflation/paradigm shift. Anything real will have significantly higher relative value. Will gold go further and faster for a time if they announce it yes, but then there would be no bid in the market as there would be no sellers. That money would then flow to literally anything else that has a market and then no bids there. All that paper wealth wiped as a means of wealth and purchasing power. So there you have a grand reset and the Anglo American elite start off with a stacked deck again and start a gold standard ( I believe a war will be thrown into the mix) the big guys will use gold to now go back and consolidate assets seized buy governments and reboot the system with a domestic gold backed(not at all) currency sold to the public. I cannot see a period with a open market where  silver is going to then trade multiples worse relative to gold like 500 to 1 ratio when the reality the manipulation has destroyed the physical stocks to a 1to1. If anything that would cause me to earn more of their new currency to buy more relatively cheap silver. And this is operating in an Anglo American vacuum. They maybe able to pull that off for a time here but the rest of the world will either be at war or simply saw we are not playing by your rules and they bid for raw materials with their trillions of dollars/yuan? And this also assumes that we don’t bring out the guillotine for the gold backed bankers that just wiped the system of everyone’s wealth.

One way or the other I have attracted an opposite consciousness fully awakened group that sees through this game and understand the value silver represents and we will create our own rules and provide value when the rest of the world is fighting over the scraps of the last paradigm and consciousness. The anger phase will not be a happy time for anyone including us stackers as we will have to deal with the loss of illusion from everyone we care about. We will have to be a blessing onto them and guide them through the 5 stages. We ultimately will institute a silver currency that would run from the gold backed new monopoly currency. And produce value while the world burns. I will do a video on this later with more explanation.

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  • Justin DeArmond

    hey Chris we dont grow corn here in kansas(well ok we grow corn, but we grow everything here!!) we grow WHEAT!! ha! ive got to go see this movie. btw, ive been wondering how Kansas will fare during the collapse, so far so good but i live in a college town (which the population will be cut in half during crisis, it is every summer when the students leave for home) of bout 50k people, lots of farm fields only problem is Ft Riley is right next door as is the new NBAF facility and Kstate has a nuclear reactor, gettin scary around here but still far from any major cities, guess we will see huh?

  • patriotdeb

    Who won the contest?

  • Wayne Miner

    Chris, one of the reasons that I really like being with this group is that it is far more than about preserving wealth. I like the opposite conciousness approach. As human beings and spiritual souls, we *need* this approach. I firmly believe that one of the reasons that we as a people are so miserable is that no matter how much money we make, it does not resonate with our souls. Just look at the guys that drag down big money… Many of them are miserable and dull the pain with drugs and alcohol. Doing work that agrees with us spirtually has far more meaning that just getting rich. I am not a young man, but I still have many years left (hopefully). I look forward to not only having enough to live on, but also look forward to doing much good should I be fortunate enough to be in that position. When you get right down to it, after you take care of essential needs, what else is important? I honor your approach. I’ll walk with you anyday.

    • Silver Shield

      I have thought long and hard about what the outcome of what we should do and I am consistently amazed at how little attention even the most outspoken critics of this paradigm.

      One of my top 5 guys I used to read every chance I got emailed me back and forth about what to do after and his extremely negative short term and vindictive answer struck me as odd. I then started to realize that even the guys that passed my BS test for 5 years does not have the solution that resonates with me.

      This drove me to think about what resonates with me and it brought me to the Acceptance stage. Now that I have had more time to share it with others I am actually getting giddy about what we can do on the other side of the Anger Phase.

      • Wayne Miner

        I have long held that people identify themselves by what they are *not*. I do NOT like that… THAT is wrong. But they don’t really know who they really are or what truely brings joy to their life. This energy can be a catalyst for change… but change to what? In my life, I find myself moving towards people who know what is important to them and radiate real life… and goodness instead of negativity. That is one of the reasons I like it here. A number of people see what is wrong.. but more importantly, they are looking beyond that and moving towards what is right for them.

  • john genck

    Hey Chris. Where can I go to get tickets to this event? I wouldn’t mind going.

  • James Tetreault

    I saw Looper a few days ago and when the first guy sent back to 2044 was killed and we saw that he had silver sent with him as payment, I thought of you, Chris. I agree that some of the elements of the movie definitely foreshadow a coming collapse.

    In regard to the Silver Summit, if the award is really supposed to go to someone from the mining industry, then not recognizing you has some point. It would be like giving the Cy Young award to a first baseman. I have no idea whether that’s exactly the case. Something like that is said in the blurb for the guy to whom they gave the award. At any rate, it’s almost beneath you to care too much about it, isn’t it? If they simply give awards to the employees of whoever gives them money then how much does their recognition mean? It’s pretty close to the same recognition I got from the market where I bought things today . . a receipt.

    • Silver Shield

      No, it is who was the biggest advocate for silver that year.

      Eric Sprott and David Morgan won it in the past and they have very little to do with mining.

      It is obvious since Cambridge House bought it, it is much more concerned with the deep pockets of the guys that fund these events than say a guy like me.

      I will say that without the public education on silver from guys like me these miners and retailers would not have anywhere the success they would have had.

  • Bigdad06

    Great podcast! The message I got from Sinclair is that silver will go on a parabolic rise surpassing the price of gold and at some point the governments of the world will declare it a crime to own silver and try and confiscate the remaining supplies branding anyone with silver a criminal. According to silver experts it will be the first element from the periodic table to become extinct. Sinclair is very knowledgeable about silver even though he rarely speaks about it. As he said in his post the bankers hate silver more than they do gold. When it benefits the governments/corporations of the world they will make silver illegal worldwide. It is more than money or an industrial metal and is more precious than most know. He is trying to warn silver investors to exchange their silver after its parabolic rise for tangible items before they make it illegal.

    • James Tetreault

      But, isn’t there a problem in making something illegal that’s so widely used? There’s 2/3 of an ounce of silver in the average solar panel. There’s the silver that goes into every electronic device. How do you make something illegal and yet, simultaneously, easy for every industry to have so that production doesn’t grind to a halt?

      • Silver Shield

        Why not make water or food illegal?
        All it does is drive natural demand under ground and jack up the price.

  • Glad you wrote it all too, bud. I enjoy reading :-)

    The note from Abe at Looper starts with “Roth”! Dear Rothschild? F’in crazy!

    100% agree that they malevolent forces will try a gold standard. No doubt they won’t allow physical gold to circulate and will simply issue certificates and continue with the ultimate goal of a debt-based electronic currency. The Italians are currently passing laws to ‘ban’ trade over 50 euros in physical paper by-the-way. They haven’t given up on their electronic ‘cashless’ society yet – they wanna monitor and control every single economic interaction. F’in control freaks.

    You gonna take a video camera with you to the Silver Summit? Obviously many of us won’t make it, but it’d be good to see some footage taken by you, Rob, or David Morgan.

    As always, peace, my friend, peace


  • Eric Hartmann

    Great report! unfortunately I will only be able to go to the Silver Summit if I win the contest.

    Apart from making a maximum impact with a speech, try to get as many interviews with as many people as possible at the Summit. This will spread around the Internet! Next time I buy silver at Kitco I’ll personally ask the receptionist who’s friends with Daniela Cambone of Kitco News to interview you!

    The YouTube audience is bigger than the Silver Summit!

  • Jay Taylor

    Chris, my wife and I saw the movie yesterday, and I also thought
    of you and your visit here to Michigan last April. But personally, I left the movie in a down state of mind and a bit depressed for mankind if this is a possible view of the future. We can’t let the collapse look like that. One a ghost note, our group that formed after your visit met a few weeks ago and is forming a nucleus of caring people. Maybe there are others out there who want to connect but don’t know how?

    • Wayne Miner

      Hi Jay. I think those feelings of being down are a natural reaction to such situations. When we see corruption, degredation of life, greed, and all of those other things, I think it is only natural to get down. I think that happens mostly because we don’t see a way out and a way to make things better. That is one of the reasons I love this site and the people that come here. Many are looking past a crash and not only to a way to survive it, but also a way to have a positive influence and build something much much better. Keep your faith strong. It is people like you and others here who will bring about a new and better life after the crash. It is tough for me to always have that viewpoint, but I keep[ coming back to it and know that it is not only possible, it is the way out of this mess and will lead us to a much better and caring future.
      take good care…………Wayne

  • Steve

    Hmmm a film set in Kansas with gold and silver as supporting plot lines. Did anyone else pick up on the Wizard of Oz vibes from this movie? Looper, in my mind at least, seemed like a cross between 12 Monkeys (another Bruce Willis time travel flick), Back to the Future Part II…and Blade Runner. Some things didn’t make sense from a time travel theory, because ANY slight change in one’s life experiences at any point can manifest a totally different decision, thus transporting one into a different state of the present (similar to the Butterfly Effect). The economic aspect of the film is certainly one that will fly under the radar for most viewers in my opinion, because while it is an ever-present theme, it only gets active attention in a couple of scenes. Those in denial are only going to see this movie for the action, and think nothing else of it.

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