Can’t Eat Gold? – Debunking the Gold Bears

Is gold a good investment? It just sits there and doesn’t do anything, right? Really, what could be so great about it? Find out in this short, 2 min video:

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Disclaimer: The financial and political opinions expressed in this video do not constitute personalized investment advice and should not be relied on for making investment decisions.

2 comments to Can’t Eat Gold? – Debunking the Gold Bears

  • For all the knuckle-brains out there who say to you: “In a SHTF situation, I wouldn’t want gold because you can’t eat gold”, ask them: “CAN YOU EAT PAPER?”

  • BlakeJ

    Neither gold nor paper… you need to get some food that can be stored for the long term. Prices of all foods have been rising and with the drought this year beef and chicken will be much more expensive next year. Add to that the increased cost for fuel and you can be sure that the food you buy today will cost you much more next year and even more in 5 years.

    Instead of wasting money on stupid stuff or putting it in a savings account at .02% interest make a purchase at Most food have a 25 year shelf life WITHOUT refrigeration. It’s tasty and NOT some mushy beef stew or salty lasagna you may have tried while camping. They have recipes and show you how to cook with long term food storage ingredients. Highly recommended!

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