Nate Rothschild Attacks Silver Shield

Below is the text of a letter written from Nathan Rothschild to Silver Shield and the readers of dont-tread-on-me.*

Lord Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

18 Kensington Palace Gardens

London, England



Dear Silver Shield:


It is with colossal resentment and distraught that I pen this letter.

I hold such grievances against you and your followers – not inasmuch as what you say is false, but because you dare speak against and expose the current paradigm. It is a paradigm that my family and I have sought to maintain and increase for the better part of three centuries.

We now find ourselves threatened by forces and uncontrolled mediums of information, such as the World Wide Web.

This being said, I vociferously urge you to immediately cease and desist your ill-informed vocalizations of conspiracy against the Rothschild family name. This is not mere and hollow vernacular I write – believe you me. Are you skeptically unconvinced?


I do mean this.

It is one thing to produce senseless, cinematic drivel on that video site, Yutube, but now you’re bizarrely assailing us by way of a silver medallion? COINAGE! YOU SINK TO SUCH HARROWING ‘PROFUNDITY’ TO DEFAME ME AND MY ANCESTRAL TRIUMPHS OVER BOTH NATION AND HUMANITY?

To summarize, we will not allow you and those of your revolting ilk to gain the higher ground. Fiat, debt and death are here to stay. What more could you do to encumber our grasp and control of humanity?




~ Lord Nathaniel Philip Rothschild



*there is a 99.8% probability that this letter is pure fiction, written by satirist Jonathan D. Hodges

39 comments to Nate Rothschild Attacks Silver Shield

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Nate says “you and your followers” but Silver Shield has said ‘listen to you, follow none’.
    Old paradigm going down.

  • PdBallerina

    Seems bogus to me…

  • Those of us who are awake & aware know of the doom that awaits the world as this paradigm collapses, so a little humor and satire of the elite can’t hurt once in a while…ever hear of William Banzai7?

    • Silver Shield

      You certainly have a way with words. :)

      I am sure ole’ Nate is far more concerned about how he is going to carve up the US like they did to the Soviet Empire.
      Or which super model he is going to bed…
      Or what yacht he is going to board than some blogger.

      I do like how these coins are going to be around a long time and there will be some historical reference that there were people who cared enough to point out the evil in our sight.

  • Jason

    Sounds like bullshit to me. Doubt he wrote it.

  • TexPat

    Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk!!!

  • David

    laughable fake. why did you post this ?

  • What a hoot! I love the way Chris makes us stop and think. He knows how to make his points even clearer. Maybe Biden should wipe the smirk from his face, take some good notes here and call his buddy Nathan to begin their awakening to the new reality sweeping the country. It is never too late to learn something new, you know.

  • Mark

    Dear Miss Rothschild and her Ilk,

    Your family’s stupidity is indeed legendary and satanic. I will call a spade a spade and you and your ilk definitely are a “CONGLOMERATE OF POWER-HUNGRY, BLOOD-LUST ‘BANKSTER’ OLIGARCHS.”

    Good Day.

  • Peter

    My name is Peter. Peter Kingston. I hereby challenge you to a duel with our 50 caliber dueling pistols. We are descendants of a long lineage of Americans. Dating back to the 1740’s. My family/relatives have fought in every major battle from the French/Indian wars to Iraq. So bring your LILLIPUTIAN azz over here and lets see how quick and accurate you are with a single shot you satanic midget.

  • John

    I sincerely hope that for the sake of this horrid inbred, this is nothing more than satire.

  • Looks like ole Nate there is a bit confused in thinking this is all about how we are out to “DEFAME ME AND MY ANCESTRAL TRIUMPHS OVER BOTH NATION AND HUMANITY”. Why do these scum think that everything is always about THEM? ….and within his statement, he shows a perverse definition of ‘triumphs’. Inbred, that must be where his delusion originated. Maybe Bill Maher should consider putting Nate on his list of those who seem to be a waste of our resources.
    Nate’s statement also has the tone of hate-speech, and could also be construed as a blatant physical threat upon Silver Shield. ….spreading his threatening letter to you needs to be spread everywhere. I would even suggest putting it in a major newspaper, even in InfoWars’ newest monthly paper publication. His letter shows EXACTLY how evil and threatening this demonic family is and has been for centuries.

    Chris, Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Well, looks like ole Nate skipped the first two charges, looks like you are up for a win.
    Be Vigilant Be TRUTH

  • Mike

    Looks like Edward 1st was right.

  • Flyingcloud

    ok, it’s a joke, but a good one.

    Not long ago, the same Rothschild showed bad nerves, when he tried to have a newspaper sued for calling him “puppet master”.

  • Barack Obama

    We’re supposed to believe this is real?

  • Barack Obama

    oh I see the bottom part after reading the comment about that.

  • Barack Obama

    I’m really Barack, though.

  • Barack Obama

    I don’t want my comments here. Can you not publish them?

  • Auntie Ester

    The only, totally REVOLTING person within all this text is Nate. The nasty, inbreed, evil Zionest. He’s not a real Jewish person, or he’d be Obeying the Torah!

    I would think that by now the Rothschild family would understand what excessive ‘inbreeding’ does, besides create insanity. So sad for them who judge the world as though their money would buy them forgiveness and salvation. I doubt it.

    It is said we are supposed to love our enemies; to turn the other cheek. This may be our only way to save ourselves; for by ‘true love’, their Evil cannot survive; and to turn away from them, creates their weakness. Just as in a game, where the less attention and fright was ‘put out’ there, the weaker the demon got. The lack of attention and understanding of what they’re about, gives them as much reality as we choose to give them. Myself, I choose to give them -0- attention. They’re lives are completely ‘meaningless’ because they’ve not helped humanity and continue to destroy this planet.

    It’s been their goal as Zionist, to use a control arm of air, land and sea forces to destroy our ‘grid system’ as well; and their feeble attempts may seem ‘logical to them’ but their efforts will prove to be fruitless. They ‘don’t have a clue’ to what is real and what is spiritual. They do not see themselves as Spirits having a human experience; but as the Taskmasters of mankind.

    See, we ‘are’ the I AM…and within ‘our’ spirit Matrix of reality, these people have never existed. We only saw what we were taught to see; heard what we were taught to listen to. But by excommunicating ourselves and cutting the tie that binds their world, to the real world we want and truly wish to see will totally dissolve their power.

    We don’t need the energy grid on this planet, nor the portals to be opening. And since the articles I’ve read today, regarding NASA messing with these energies and portals, I’m seeing attempts by the Cabal…the Reptilian, Zionist pig, Cabal, to control all things, including ascension. However, when one is truly a loving and giving person, who is right in their heart with mother earth, we need nothing ‘they’ have to offer anyway. We certainly don’t need to be their slaves, do we? See, if you’re loving from the true purity of your heart, you could stand in the middle of the desert, naked, an Earth Mother will bypass you (IF you’ve not been one to harm her). Earth ‘knows’ those who have pillaged her in their evil lust and greed. She ‘is’ a living, breathing entity; and within us is every mineral that Earth has.

    So let them keep their ‘so called’ Self-Proclaimed power and money..for in the end, when the planet makes her shift, (which they’ve been trying to ‘stop’ but she will very, very soon) they’ll not be able to hide from her; she will find them no matter how deep their ‘holes in the ground are.’ They’ll be crushed beyond measure, and I would ‘not’ want to be among their clan. Their only recourse would be to go ‘off planet’ which they already have anyway. But they’ll never get another chance to see this one again; except from a distance. We will be living in a new Matrix, and they can have whatever planet they’ve chosen. But then will never again see Earth, whom they’ve systematically, willfully, and diabolically destroyed. Then, when the planet has been renewed, we that truly love her will inherit the ‘new earth’ and THEY shall exist on their own. And NO ONE will be here to save them from their self-created’ scenarios.

  • bob

    Howdy there “Nate” old buddy from the bowels [intestinal] of hell. Most of us have just about had enough of you. My butt is sore from the “ROYAL” humping you and your inbred “family” so dearly enjoy. However, your time is up. The time has come to put everyone of your heads on a spike and steel post along Stock Market Row where your stinking blue blood will fill the gutters. You had better hide. We “The People” are PISSED OFF————————————–

  • Nick


  • John Triantafelow


    If only “Nate” really wrote this…

  • mong00se

    “PROFUNDITY” Hahahaha! I love it!

  • Joshua Stewart

    The House of Stewart rejects all Rothschild’s I will see you at the duel sir!

    • Silver ScumbAG

      Exactly what is a Zionist pig?? The pure white people like you eat pigs whose bodies have been found in ditches uneaten in parts of North Carolina.

      I know of no Zionists who wish to control the USA grid although there were two planes that took down the WTC.

      But of course that was an inside job planned by the Zionist cabal.

    • Silver ScumbAG

      Actually the House of Stewart are most likely descendants of Jews.

      I have met with Jackie Stewart, and he looked very Jewish when we met. He is aware.

      I just love reading this Jew hate on DToMe. It confirms my belief that the USA is going to go down in a big way.

      This is a sign that America is beyond the precipice.

  • Jon

    The next false flag!
    Everything I’m reading about on the Internet is the Internet will be the next false flag. The government and the elites must shut it down.
    I see more more rhetoric coming from government agencies about the Internet and a so-called cyber attack. It makes the most sense as they need to stop people from waking up. Be prepared. I am accumulating and number of articles and just in case they are never made public again. Please take this seriously.
    There is a major attack on children in our public schools. They are trying to stamp them with barcodes or ID cards; Trying to get them to accept being a slave.

  • Lord Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

    Here Here!

    Lest you think me easily offended at such cyber-thuggary, you would be correct! All of you on this page who have voiced opposition to my family and I are henceforth added to the Global Security Database (GSD) and are branded a likely terror threat.

    Have a great life y’all!!

  • ……..this is truly getting out of hand.

  • paul freeman

    Harr harr, if nate rottchild wrote this? errmmm, i’ll eat my? ermm, CAT…..(and im a vegetarian too)….what gibberish….???

  • paul freeman

    ps this clocks wrong, its 6:53am

  • Rico

    Lord (PUKE!) Rothschild – Please get over yourselves and understand that the world is awakening and soon will be rid of the FRAUD, DEBT and DEATH that you and yours have surreptitiously spread throughout the world. When the FIAT falls, you will too, as the GAME will be UP!

  • Ummm… Nate- you left your high colonic in the shower and your ruby slippers in the toilet!

    What makes you so special that you can stop by here demanding a boy without paying at least the basic amount of respect for those that serve your needs? You even forgot to pay the man. Can we finish this transaction?

    Please stop by- finish up – and clean up your mess…

    Madame X

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