I Have Been Played…

I just got off of the phone with Bob Moriarty and we have come to the conclusion that someone has been playing me. For the past week someone has been posting on my site as “Bob Moriarty.” This exchange has lead me to retaliate by calling him a Silver Hypocrite. I should have know it was not Bob when “Bob Moriarty” said “PWND!” Bob is too old to even know what that is…

After a long talk with Bob, I have decided to take down every reference to him on the blog. I want to apologize to Bob for fighting with his ghost. I should have known better. We have buried the hatchet and I will not be bringing him up again.

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  • colin

    wow, respect man. if you were a con or a scam , your would had denied that removed the threads in secret. Well done! you are a super hero! we should get you a cape

  • Silver Shield

    Not a hero, just a very feisty blogger looking for a fight.

  • lou


  • Christian gains

    Decent & wise moves.

    Bob must be a pretty sensible guy…and you’re obviously aware…KEEP this up!

    I’ll be buying the “Guns for Hire…Rotten Rebels” T soon! VERY nice designs, BTW.

    A word to the knowledgeable , who “UNDERSTAND AMONGST THE PEOPLE”:

    “The games’ not ending…this is just the second inning!”.

    “Thou shalt never assume, for, by ASS – U – MEing, thou makest an AS U ME, and I’ll kick your ASS if U DUE!” (paraphrase of one of Rouge Warrior’s – “TEN COMMANDMENTS” at the founding of SEAL TEAM 6). {;-) {ck it out: “Rouge warrior II – Red cell, INTRO PAGE by Richard Marcinko, founding “plank holder”, and First Leader of SEAL TEAM 6)

  • Details Please...

    I read you blog every day and the Bob Moriarty posts have been pretty explosive. These recent exchanges with the “Phantom Bob” weren’t in e-mail; just on the blog? Didn’t Bob refuse to publish your article? What did he say about that issue? Has your opinion of Bob now changed? If so, how? I think you need to go back and explain in more detail what exactly happened.

    • Silver Shield

      Without digging up old stuff Bob and I had real disagreements and all of the comments posted on the blog over the past 2 weeks by “Bob Moriarty” were bullshit.

      Bob and I had a long talk, and let by gones be by gones.

      He trades…

      I hold.

      End of story.

  • joe the butler

    moriarty slammed the silver up tick and pattied himself on the back until he broke his arm .

    yet in same breath his buy buy buy an over the counter stock// which he slimlessly promoted .. feb 12 ,, is now down from his 1.70 to 1.45

    bet the silvewr gets a going before this gold stock.

    and no apology , yet those who took his advice are now down about half of silver ,

    good going Bob

  • joe the butler

    bob has had a running battle with silver since 4.25.. to him way to much silver to have had this move.

    He has no comprehension of austrian economics . yet has a soft spot for his own self promotion

  • Nebo

    Tried to gently tell you. He’s been around the block several times, you ain’t past the first corner yet.

  • joe the butler

    sure been around the the block maybe one time ,, and all to promote his stock picks ,,

    those who have been around the block a lot .. are less full of shift

  • Wazzat

    Since most people have never heard of this person, I don’t much see a problem.

  • doug

    well oh my it was sure entertaining though…let bygones be bygones, yup good move…must of got born again,silver shield…kinda like forgive and forget,super lets move on…what a great day to be alive and holding physical…cheers

  • Charlie Patterson

    Black-op shills, Chris- get used to it.

    It’s just part of the game for educators (such as yourself) in America.

  • Mike

    The maturity required to admit wrong and correct it, publicly, is rare these days. Kudos to you for finding the truth, correcting the wrongs, and admitting it openly, much more respect for you because of it.

  • Ha ha ha! Just dropped in to see what you idiots are doing.

    Yes, Chris, I played you! You are incredibly naive! I dropped quite a
    few hints! “Caveat lector”? Guess you don’t have a classical education.

    Anyway, I’m a long time fan of Bob’s site, annoyed at your vilification of
    him – are you taking down those silly pics of him now?

    Happy to say I made a shitload of money shorting silver recently, playing
    with you and your sheeple made it even more enjoyable.

    You SUCK!!!!!

    Go ahead and delete this, you coward, no one will know! Hahaha!

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