Silver Shield Report #48- The 1st Year

We officially have the first year of the Silver Shield Report under our belt and now looking back at it we covered a lot of ground.  This podcast format has allowed me to explore issues much further and farther as we set about creating the intellectual foundation for a future societal operating system.  This will eventually be used my our members to establish the freest and fairest society the world has ever seen, after the Anger Phase of humanity. This opposite consciousness society will stand in stark contrast to those that try to rehash another re-imagined form of collectivism or those “winners” that will merely set themselves up as a new oligarchy.  Once we have reality tested our societal operating system, we will open it up for the world to see.  I believe this effort will be historically significant as we will have the physical capital, intellectual foundation, resonating network of thoughtful problem solvers that seek to be a blessing on to humanity when it needs it the most.

In this Silver Shield Report I will cover this topic more in depth. I also cover the good calls of the past year and the biggest failure of the group and how we can move on from it.

I am hitting the road this next week as I fly to Dallas to meet the guys form Open Currency Standard to personally mint the first of the medallions tomorrow morning.  Order yours today.  Once that gets started, they should be pushing out 300 an hour until we finish production of this inaugural medallion.  It is amazing to see so much random scrap, shot, and newly refined silver put into something that could quite feasibly be around for hundreds of years.  If anyone is interested meeting us in Dallas, send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Huge difference! Great job Heidi!

Then it is off to the 10th Annual Silver Summit where we will hang out with the biggest names in the silver industry.  This will be my first experience at one of these events so it will be interesting to get my initial reaction inside this event.  This event is open to the public and you can get tickets here.

This will also be the last week to schedule a Strategy Session with me for a while.  Click here to schedule a Strategy Session. These sessions are best used to bring clarity to your own personal actions and we head into the Anger Phase.  I have conducted hundreds of these calls and can assure you that this will bring tremendous piece of mind.  Here are some testimonials from those that have worked with me in the past.

Silver Shield Members can login here.

We will be shutting down this series as soon as we get the last orders out.  I feel this is the least we can do to thank you guys for your patience and support.  This should make these medallions instant collectors pieces, especially with all of the drama that has been going on to get them out.  We are going ahead with the trivium and two other projects and will never be pre selling again, I promise!  I have also made it available to bring back the $1.99 over spot price for Silver Shield Group members for these last few days of this series.  Simply contact

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 Show notes:  This is a rough draft of the show and go off on further clarification on some topics in the recording.

Year in review.
This week I will be going over where we have been over the past year putting all of my efforts into perspective.
Next week I will be going over how I see how we can become historically significant.
I feel this is very important to understand that this is not just a way to come to a greater understanding of the world we are currently dealing with, but really as a means of freeing all of humanity form the debt and death paradigm.
I am under know illusion about what we are facing but I believe this is the surest way to give us the greatest chance of success.
After all focusing more on what we can control has brought me a sense of accomplishment and peace of reality.
That feeling is magnified by the intellectual foundation and the network of those I am working with inside this group.

MY awakening was formalized in the SOLA and I felt that if I could make sense of this big mess it would make me feel more confident in what the small voice inside of me was saying.
Since I have put the Academy on the net it has also helped me to see that I am not alone.
I originally started writing articles to help get on to other blogs and help hone what it was I was trying to get across but most importantly find others out there that saw the world the same way I did.
The Silver Bullet and the SIlver Shield was really a means to walk away from the debt and death paradigm and more importantly empower those that grasped the concept.
I felt what good was it if people got the fact that this world is screwed up if they had no means of doing anything about it.
It took the focus off of things outside our control and hoping for a savior, into real tangible action that would give people the means necessary to free themselves for the paradigm.
I saw in my own personal life the more I was able to free my self from the scarcity mentality the more I was allowed to think great thoughts.
If I could not provide a solution that could do the same for others, what would be the point?
I felt that despite many other awareness campaigns being successful they never really empowered individuals to think for themselves and had no means of having those people extricate themselves from the world.
I know that silver is by far the best means of accomplishing this goal and that if I was able to attract others to that message, we would have one hell of a group to build something significant on the other side of the collapse.
This stands in stark contrast to most revolutionary groups that seek to give manifestos for a collective to empower a group of oligarchs to overthrow other oligarchs.
The founding fathers were fairly wealthy, deeply thinking men that set about creating a better way to govern ourselves.
Having the opportunity to create a group of aware, prepared, opposite consciousness, and hopefully soon to be tremendously wealthy individuals and create a intellectual foundation to be a blessing on to humanity when they are searching for answers was the only thing worth striving for.
I really feel a large majority of the people we are listening to in the hard money area are simply going to be the next oligarchy in the debt and death paradigm. Especially those touting gold as the next monopoly currency.
They measure their success in dollar and not freedom.
They talk about profits and not abundance.
They speak against those oligarchs currently in power and the schemes they use to maintain their power but remain very quiet on what it is exactly they would do different when they are in charge.
I hope to make this my main message at the Silver Summit this week.

October 22nd was the first Silver Shield Report.
We started off with 50 intrepid souls that gave me the support necessary for me to continue with this mission.
This gave me the necessary support to really be more methodical in my approach of spreading truth without having to rely on my savings to do this.
I had switched from writing articles to creating videos on YouTube as a means of developing a portfolio of information that could easily be shared and followed.
I started out doing The Greatest Truth Never Told this was designed to take the information of the SOLA into a better produced videos that would attract those that are actively looking to do something purposeful with their lives.
YT is a great way to not only appeal to those that are used to consuming information by TV but you can create longer stories than most will consume leading to further thought.
The process was taking too long so now I have taken to cutting up the original Academy and releasing it with out much fan fare and keeping a lower profile. I hope people are downloading these as I go along.
I started off the SSR with a detailed look at who I am and what brought me to do what I am doing.
I feel unless I am completely open with the struggles I had to overcome and the purpose of what we are doing here this would be a fleeting mission.

We covered how the 2012 election would be the least important election ever and it is certainly turning out this way.
I said that Romney would most likely be the candidate and that the only way for Obama to win again would be to dump Biden for Hillary.
There was an attempt to bring her on board but she declined saying that it was time for someone else.
Between this and George HW Bush endorsing Romney
Neo Con Pro War Paul Ryan as VP
and the Jewish vote moving away from Obama that We would have Romney as president.

If Obama had a shot at winning I really think the collapse might have happened as a means of upsetting the apple cart.
Now with Romney in the lead I do not expect any october surprise.
There will be no attack on Iran to pressure Obama.
But after the election could be another opportune time to take the dump and blame it on the out going puppet
That would give the incoming administration the boost to take even power.
With a Romney win watch the neo cons to fill the ranks again in his administration.
Spring will have the full effects of a solidfied political environment.
This will combine with QE infinity,the fiscal cliff and a new debt ceiling.
If we don’t have that big shock in the next 6 weeks I think the window then moves to April after all April is the time of revolution American and Arab Spring. After suffering through the winter people start to naturally feel more energy and less sacred.
So either we get false flag ahead of the collapse or collapse happens because the people demand it.

I then discussed fiat illusions and real threats about how we should not look for danger in the political or financial or media worlds where the Elite have full spectrum dominance but in the real world of things that would effect the real world reality that they cannot paper over.
That would mean Oil, Iran, gold, food and silver. This past year greater amount of energy has been spent on capping a rising trend to buy time.  With the election soon to be over look for that to no longer be able to be capped.
Specifically in Silver, It is still the achilles heel and this past year greater levels of paper shorts have come into the market with less effect mainly I feel because there are far less speculators that trust the markets.
Between the thieving of accounts in MF Global PFG Best, and massive raids who in their right mind would be going long in these markets.
This pushes those that would have been paper traders, if they have the means to work only in the physical market.

The fiscal cliff could be a means of slowing the velocity of money that QE infinity and provide a means of austerity to further crush the struggling middle class.
The velocity is the only thing left for the hyperinflation to happen.
This is coming and like in Weimar Germany short and fast.
This I feel will be our saving grace as we start seeing scary moves that will be our key to bug out and make that last pit stop.

The three main threats to the paradigm have not changed.
1. Unsustainable debt
2. Anti Hegemon
3. Informational awarness.
One or all three will be brought in to focus as we head into the Anger Phase as we are brought out of denial.

The fiscal cliff will be a means to slow it but that will not stop the anti hegemon which is where I have always believed the flood will come from.
China is moving at a faster and faster pace to break the dollar.
I do not believe there will be an catalysing event that will come from them if there isI will bet anything that it is a flase flag.
Like this BS Iranian hackers story attacking the banks or the 21 YO Bangledeshi kids with the FBI fake bomb.
But particularly the Iranian hacker hits all 3 threats crash of the economy blamed on Iran with the banks, gives cause to cross the line with the anti Hegemon now that they have said that what happened in Libya will not happen to Syria or Iran and because the attack happened over the internet I am sure that would give cover to massive controls over the internet.
It will only be the Anglo Americans moving to flip the board and start a fight.

I then started to build the foundation for the opposite consciousness that started with the Albert Einstein quote “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. You must see the world anew.”
I started to make the case for every problem the answer MUST be of the complete opposite consciousness.
Debt cannot solve debt.
War cannot solver war.
Collectivism cannot solve collectivism.

I made the case for the new Societal Operating system,competition of currency, permaculture, health, sustainable energy, the next way to educate, live work play design, generational dynamics, equity investing  and more importantly the values we are for which I will get into more next week

The biggest disappointment was the Silver Shield Group and I guess I  should have listened to my own words. Even the strongest groups fell apart as there was too much dissension and lack of commitment.
I think the fact that we only have one shot at this collapse, there is still far too much counter party risk in side even this group to fully commit to any plans.

I will go back to what I originally felt remain decentralized through the beginning stages of the Anger phase.
I believe the Anger phase will not be equally bad all at once everywhere.
I have made a case to get out of urban areas and make preparations including millions of calories of food, the means to protect them and of course silver

I am personally feeling the Anger Phase as more attention is is focused on me personally.
I have had three very mild personal threats to my family.
Now the mild public threats are coming as I get closer to the target.
I suspect the next step is a serious threat to my family and that will be my cue to shut down all public efforts.
I believe that this will come right at the same time the Anger Phase officially kicks off.
And like HL Menken  during WW 1 and 2 I will know to shut my mouth.

It will be at that point I will only work with those that are in this little group.
What that will look like I will cover in the next report.

22 comments to Silver Shield Report #48- The 1st Year

  • susie vernor

    I’m not sure I understand. You’re disappointed in the subscribers to the Silver Shield Report? What did/didn’t we do? What do we do to show commitment?

    • Silver Shield

      I would have liked to have seen more cooperation in bugout locations but I think you all made a choice that is the most logical one and quite frankly the same one I made.
      Knowing that there is counter party risk and we have one shot at this is my scarcity mentality creeping back in.
      I believe the more I embrace the abundance mentality the better off I/we will be.
      So I guess that is where the let down is.
      I am going to work on the consciousness more because that is what this shift is all about. Not money. Not elite. Not resources. It is about a shift in consciousness and what we are purposefully empowering in our lives.
      I will have Marvin do a report on this and we can discuss this further.

  • Soleil Taylor

    I hope we meet on mon
    I would really like to work with you and yours
    Please be in contact for a strategy meeting
    No counter party risk here!

  • Happy anniversary :-)

    Best to keep decentralised as much as possible for now. For want of a better word, we should ‘scatter’ for now.

    Ignore the trolls and shills, you’re obviously getting under people’s skin – which is excellent.

    Keep safe though, Chris. I’m sure you will.


  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    A lot can be said regarding what we have gone through and learned, at the Penn. group. Instead of all that, I want to make one observation and one suggestion:

    Observation: we split into local small groups
    1. BUG OUT each person has unique desire to continue in a job and stack/prepare, while hedging by planning to bug out in loco or in a nearby place. We all compromise because the world is so complicated. Perhaps each person is following his/her best interests, therefore no blame……….

    2. Community Development: a community will spontaneously arise as individuals begin to work together: each contributes something. Accordingly, each person should consider what real wealth he/she can contribute to a group, and then do it. Real wealth is food, clothing, shelter, energy, tools, communication, transportation etc. Discussions of economic theory, money, gold etc are over. We already know that crap. Lets move on. We dont have time for navel staring.
    Find yourself, develop a skill that creates real wealth and provide that to others. This is the heart of the community and the community will self-assemble and begin to beat on its own as disparate individuals begin to share wealth creation with each other.

    In my opinion the big paradigm shift is UNDERSTOOD and MET by learning how to use the revolutionary information source (internet) to create real wealth:
    We are swimming in an internet sea of useful information and mostly disinformation. I suggest focus on using the no-cost mass information internet for building wealth by sifting out the useful from the mass of useless info. Most internet chat and information is misleading, counterproductive or merely a waste of time and DOES NOT build wealth. A system/discipline focused mind is needed.

    My suggestion to avoid getting lost in information saturation:
    real economics is all about creating food, clothing, shelter, energy, transportation. Any conversation, analysis, effort, that is not focused on this generation of real wealth is a waste of my time.(most “economics” and political discussions are a big waste of my time)

    a. Anyone who brings me a fish to eat that he made from aquaponics is my hero and I want to learn from him, details, so that I can copy and benefit from him. (if you just a few months ago bought some parts and read some stuff, and are excited to tell the group about it, that means shit. I dont have time to listen to you if you are not a teacher-expert with accomplishment). Let me first eat your fish with you and judge the flavor for myself before giving you my time and attention. I dont have time for your frikkin ideas.

    b. Anyone who has connected solar panels to converters, invertors, batteries, and has run equipment from them, and has parts to wire together with me, is my teacher or companion. I must see his stuff and let me enjoy the electricity he is making. After I first see how good (and loud) my rock music sounds on his sun energy and I am convinced he has enough power to run my bass speakers, then I will proceed and follow his teachings. Only then. I dont want to hear your “if you only do this” ideas on energy. Your ideas mean little to me because I can find 1000 times more and better ideas with a few minutes of internet surfing. Show me results and hardware you have build yourself, or else bother someone else with your frikkin ideas.

    c. Anyone who has built a cabin or house with his hands, and brings me parts and tools to put them together with me is my hero. After I first go into his dwelling and enjoy his handiwork, I will believe him. Only then will I follow him and be his friend, supporter, and community member. Otherwise, I dont have time for your dreams.

    based on a, b,c I suggest that the SSR community must be focused on in-person meetings where members meet wealth creators to learn and contribute mutually. EVERY wealth creation topic brought up by Chris in SSR report and more(sustainable agriculture, energy, poop recycling, medical treatments when no MD is available, building etc) should be followed up by regional meetings on each topic where those who grew fish, made energy etc HANDS ON teach others.

    I have experience (results/parts/assembled,working devices) in solar energy and volunteer to show and help you build a 500 watt panel, 1000 inverter, grid injecting system (I described this to the Penn. group in a handout). anyone want to meet me please come to N-central Virginia to my shop or else I can meet in Penn. for a group. Call or email me in interested. I have some 250 watt panels and other parts left.

    I dont have time for your ideas. You cannot compete with the internet in that regard. If you have results from aquaculture, permaculture, building, please let me taste or touch and lets get together to explore the physics of putting things in the ground or parts together and make things move.

    • Damian Orihuela

      Now this is what needs to be done!!!!!!! If we dont beggin PERSONALY networking with members in our immediate periphary NOW; chances are that you will not have anywgere to bug-out to. From personal experience, I was a cofounder to an organization in Georgia back in the early 90’s “Citizens for a Contitutional Georgia” It grew expotencialy with tremendous speed. After about one year and the member ship was enourmous and growing–it was time to go from the talking and information stage to the action stage. The Idea was to move to a particular area (low population county) and form a constitutional community. With the economical power and voting power of a large group we would take the sherriff’s office. Anyway I dont want to get into all the details– the point here is that when it came time to put your actions where your mouth was–the organization crumbeled as fast or faster than it formed.

      There is only 1% (or less) that are the action takers.


      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Your comments focus on a core problem and I want to hear details of your story. Maybe Chris can talk to both of us on a conference call?

        THE PROBLEM is that a. each one of us loves the warm embrace of mother (the collective) and have a hard time spiritually freeing ourselves from the present paradigm and b. we have jobs that we cannot leave and we justify our continued life in the present paradigm by using earned FRN to prep for the future.

        MY PROPOSED SOLUTION is that each one of us prep by a. identifying our unique skill that is needed for the new paradigm and then b. EDUCATE ourself in that skill, buy parts/tools as needed and learn to become an expert in that selected skill. Then c. offer our expertness to others and start to USE each other. As this grows, we will see community emergy. This is how communities self associate and create themselves, in my opinion.

        My offer remains: if you want to visit my shop in N. Virginia. If you want to do electric things (solar panels, electric gardening) I can provide you a PLACE TO STAY for free as well as some free meals if needed. By the way, I desperately need to learn welding and refridgeration technologies (install heat pumps, pressure checking/refrigerant replacement) and can anyone help teach me hands on in these two areas?????????

        • Damian Orihuela

          What you are refering to, I call our “confort zone” We ALL have one. Diferent levels that are dicecltly proportional to our awareness of this bankster provided paradigm. The question is – Whom and how many are ready and willing to leave all behind at the proper time???? That my friend is the question, and yes!! I have an asnswer!!!!! Figuring out the proper time is a factor in and of itself, but the mindset to do it has to be reached way before this. All the prepping and stacking in the world will do no one any good, unless you develop that reality mindset. You will find that MOST preppers and stackers HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT REACH this mindset. They think they have what it takes up until reality hits them in the face!! When the shit hits the fan, MOST WILL FOLD!!!!!!! THIS IS A MATHEMATICAL FACT!!!!!! The same shit happened during the war for independence. Thats why any plan that is made, MUST HAVE THIS EQUASION in it. If you dont, you are doomed to fail!!!! This, as pesimistic as it may sound, is human nature, my friends. Oh and yes, I have once before LEFT ALL FOR THE CAUSE!! In a position of leadership (as voted by the other group leaders, I lead by example, so when the time to make the moove came, I did not hesitate, I sold everything, left my job, left my home and was completly out of the system for over 3 years. After I made the example moove I had my small but strong cadre follow suit. It was not long before we found ourselves totaly abadoned and left to fend for ourselves. All the pledged support by literaly hundreds fell by the wayside along with their honor. So just in case anyone reading this wondered — I’m not talking out of my ass – I’ve lived it!!!!!!!!!

          With all this said, as far as (as you said) “freeing ourselves from this paradigm” and having jobs we cant leave, well, Im sure you will agree, it would be NOT SMART to leave the job that is rendering us the ability to prepare. So it’s not a matter of not being able to leave the job (which is the case for most) ,but even if you could, would it be prudent at this time?? Your proposed solution is a very good one that must be exersised as such. It appears to me, at this time, with the absence of any localized networking, that the Silver Bullet Silver Shield group will have to prep individualy in their prespective locations and hope that after the collape, those that weathered the storm and survived (because they developed the reality mindset)can emerge as the new wealth and pilots of a new paradigm in their prespective areas. If and when this happens, they will recognize each other ,regardless of location,by their modus operandi.

          As far as your offer, it is a kind and considerate one and a very tempting one for that matter. I myself, working arround this nessesary paradigm job, have many projects and never ending reasersh and study in my prepping. Food production in aquaculture and permaculture being one of my first priorities. My number one priority though, is martial preparation, which is where my main skills abound. There was a reason why the founders wrote in the Declaration “Life, Liberty and The Persuit of Happyness in that order; with out the first one (Life) the others cannot exist. Without the ability and will to defend (at the very least by proxy) all that one has worked for, we have nothing!! With this, I once again ask for anyone in the Georgia, Alabama, Florida Tri-state area, that wants to begin networking and possibly uniting into a sub-group, respond to this comment.

          Thank you, Marvin for your comment.
          I can talk to Chris if he wishes and share my experinces and the little bit of knowlege I have.

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            Thanks Damian
            One important thing that most overlook is:
            There IS a NEW PARADIGM based in large part on the evolution of technology (the INTERNET AGE)
            Long time ago, having big muscles was most important for survival and we went through a paradigm shift wherein motors and machines were more important and the clever person arose to master the new paradigm where the strong but unclever LOST big time…….
            Now, having an idea, being creative or “smart” is eclipsed by the paradigm shifting internet revolution. Most people are lost and confused in the new paradigm and dont seem to realize that our puny “gee golly” creative ideas are worth less than a dime a dozen because anyone can get the same or better for free instantly on the internet. Instead, what is important is wisdom, determination, discipline, good judgement. To survive and thrive in the new paradigm is not about being creative with a gee golly idea but instead being modest (the world is extremely complex and no one has a quick answer for anything), disciplined (anyone can now learn chemistry, physics etc for free via disciplined effort and can aquire real knowledge to use good judgement with all the false information), good judgement (ability to discard the mass of miss-information for the rare gems of true insight and truth that are few and far between)…. I could go on and on but I am not an expert and just beginning to feel out the contours of this new paradigm. My PhD studies taught me humility (no matter how pure and convincing an idea reasons out, often the most cherished belief turns out wrong and even the most concrete true ideas tested by scientists are 100% wrong because they are only approximations of something much more complex). My JD studies taught the same and also to ignore most of info (every known situation is missing most of the facts, and most available information needs to be cast aside: we learn to do this in law school because we have to read and analyse more than 300 pages a night and learn to ignore the less important). I am struggling to make sense but now know that the real obstacle in the new paradigm is ourselves, we REALLY DONT GET IT and are (me included) way the F… too smug in our over confidence.

          • Marvin Motsenbocker

            Re: your comment: “Food production in aquaculture and permaculture being one of my first priorities” please visit me to build tools for permaculture and aquaculture (electric gardening-tiller/cultivator, solar energy) and I have many parts, or can get them quickly. I am trying to focus on this. Mark Khusid and I are working on building these things.we will get together in the 2nd week of December

            • Damian Orihuela

              You are right; collectively we are smug and don’t get it. True humility is MOSTLY earned, not empirically learned.

              “No man is an island”

              A visit to your shop would probably be very gaining and most probably enjoyed, but AT THIS TIME I cannot diverse from my efforts.

              Have you heard of POLY FACE FARMS in Virginia? That is the permaculture model I am somewhat following, with my own customized variations. Look them up, if you haven’t already.

              Prep-on my brother,

  • David Richardson

    “The biggest disappointment was the Silver Shield Group and I guess I should have listened to my own words. Even the strongest groups fell apart as there was too much dissension and lack of commitment.
    I think the fact that we only have one shot at this collapse, there is still far too much counter party risk in side even this group to fully commit to any plans.”

    The more people one tries to get together in the same place or space [physical or mental] at the same time, the harder it gets. Make plans to meet up with 1-2 others to see a movie; no problem. Get the idea that 5-10 should see that movie together and then get together to discuss it; there will be time or commitment conflicts. There are hundreds of paid members, inevitably including some complainers, whiners, detractors, or shills. Also some will communicate things by email they would never say in person. This is what gets a lot of people in trouble with social media.

    We know each other only from comments on various subjects, i.e. I don’t know a single other person in this group.

    That many have been willing to pay to be members of the group should be uplifting and encouraging.

    How can we help each other? No one would be paying a membership fee if they were not looking for something. It may be connecting with others, information, the concept of a “more utopian” world, or better insights.

    I used to say I wanted the names or online nicknames + emails of those within a certain radius of me. People I might make at least one personal contact with or at least have their email for the future if we are of like mind and needed each others help. Now even that seems cumbersome.

    No time to write more….

    • Damian Orihuela

      Yes, I hear you !!< I have also asked for anyone in the Alabama, Georgia , Florida Tri-Stete area with no result. Is ther anyone in the stated area, that wans to get together??

      • David Richardson

        Damian Orihuela
        October 23, 2012 at 12:58 pm · Reply

        “Yes, I hear you !!< I have also asked for anyone in the Alabama, Georgia , Florida Tri-Stete area with no result. Is ther anyone in the stated area, that wans to get together??"

        I am in North Ga. I have asked for members in Georgia; it being the largest state East of the Mississippi River I can't connect with someone too far away, but if they are within approximately 100 miles I could email contact and go from there.

  • David Richardson


    Why not ask paying members [an email blast to all; not a post like this] and ask what they are looking for in exchange for their continued membership?

    Many may be happy with the diversity of information posted. Some may want specifics. Identify the most frequently mentioned [5-10] “wants” and see if you can resonate with helping members get what they express they want from this point.

  • Bigdad06

    Good info Chris! Keep it up! I have also been laying low and keeping a low profile as well which is why I haven’t been posting video’s or doing interviews. Those who get it have gotten it, and those who don’t haven’t. Good luck in Washington this week. You might be able to shake a few people awake there but I won’t bet on it considering they weren’t willing to give you a speaking spot. Wish I could be there with you but the timing was not right for me.

  • Justin DeArmond

    Russell Means has died….

  • imAGine

    I just received my order of SBSS medallions!

  • Brian Lewy

    Hey is there anyone here in Arizona that is part of the group that would like to communicate?

  • Brian Lewy

    Chris, don’t worry about being disappointed. There is no reason to be, you are doing your best and that’s what matters. I have been listening to Bucky Fuller lately and he is an inspiration. Also meditation.

  • Shaun Raap

    Are there any non-americans here? Perhaps in Canada or Brazil?

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