Andy Hoffman- The Timeline for Hyperinflation

Andy Hoffman answers viewers questions.

He answers when he believes that hyperinflation will occur.

3 comments to Andy Hoffman- The Timeline for Hyperinflation

  • Naz

    I bout 3 duplexes last year and collect twice as much rent than I pay out in mortgages. If we go into a Great(er) Depression, what do you think would happen to them? I don’t think I could sell them if I wanted to because short sales and foreclosures are abound. Your thoughts?

    • Rahul S

      It depends on what type of depression….inflationary or deflationary. I guess tenets would move in that case. Just better hope you don’t live in an area that gets hit hard.

  • David

    you need to be a better moderator, Andy ruled, Turd did not get much time

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