Faith based audits!

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  • James Tetreault

    Interesting stuff. While I think Mr. Nielson is very insightful regarding precious metals, his other commentary is a bit silly and lacking in considered all the way through to its implications. He denigrates the american political process for the ads and the campaign financing. Fine. But where’s the greater variety of thought where campaigns are financed differently? Is his native Canada a beacon of intellectual and political diversity? Hardly. And things are hardly any better in the U.K. or other european countries. Where’s the Ron Paul of the U.K. or France etc.? He also calls Romney something like another insane republican. This seems like foolish blue team cheering when one realizes that from NDAA to Gitmo to drone attacks to other issues, there are very few differences between Obama and the insane republican. To energetically criticize one and not the other is foolish.

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