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Here are a few shots of a SBSS Medallion I received today, just click on the images to get a larger view. After several attempts of trying to capture a decent shot, the pictures I posted still don’t give this outstanding round the justice it deserves. You will have to experience the depth and detail that is defined on this piece of history for yourself, when it’s actually in your hands.

Mad respect to Heidi and her artistic/sculpting abilities, to Chris, Rob and Gus, AOCS, and to everyone who was involved. This round is definitely something to be proud of and an item that has the potential to be passed down throughout coming generations as a family heirloom. I can’t wait to see the finished product of the other future medallions Chris has planned for the full series and hope that they turn out the same in regards to the quality and craftmanship that I think is found in this round.

Here is Chris’ picture that he had posted on SSR 48 that shows Heidi’s die (L) used for the medallion and the initial die (R) that was scrapped.

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  • Silverseeker123

    Thanks for sharing the excellent pictures. You definitely captured the amazing depth and details Heidi brought to the design.

    Did you polish this medallion for the shots?
    Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

  • intothevoid

    no i did not polish it, i took the picture of the round as soon as i received them. i adjusted the light so as to try and capture as much detail as i could for the picture.

    i personally feel that it was worth the wait for heidi to come through and re-sculpt the die.

    it’s a complete night and day difference when you look at chris’ picture of the first die used compared to heidi’s die. i’ve updated the post with that picture.

    i hope you are just as pleased with the round as much as i was, when you receive them. 😀

  • Silverseeker123

    Wow; thanks for reply. AOCS should be very proud of the quality of this medallion. Chris was hoping they would ‘pop’; and they certainly do!

    I agree, Heidi’s effort produced an incredible result. I hope she may be intrigued enough to stay involved in the series Chris has planned.
    Can’t wait to receive and begin showing these off!

    Chris, could you post regarding the Silver Summit and response you received regarding the medallion during the show?

  • Joshua Stewart

    I cant wait to get mine and order 100 more on nov 6th!!!

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