Skynet: Cyberdyne Systems’ Rise Of The Machines – Beast Mode

This is the Beast Mode edition of the Skynet drone post. As you will see in the videos below, in addition to the unmanned drones from the previous post… there will soon be no terrain or environmental conditions that these mechanized animals can’t overcome or navigate through.

While I’m aware of the use of robotics/animatronics in the movie industry and for live saving intended purposes such as bomb removal/disposal or even to scout for survivors in a disaster scenario, just imagine for a moment the surveillance framework, counterintelligence, and covert actions that could be implemented and put in place on an unsuspecting public with the use of lifelike animals/insects.

Will the right to personal privacy for everyone cease to exist, as an unintended consequence of the advancement of this technology? Will this technology be used to hunt down and eliminate those who choose to live outside the system/paradigm? Could these machines be used in clandestine operations to topple upcoming regimes and emerging countries undetected? Will these type of machines one day have a level of AI where a controller is no longer needed?

At the rate it’s currently going, you can probably count on it… I’m willing to bet Orwell is rolling over in his grave as we speak.



And speaking of Mr. Blair and his foresight of ‘1984’…




Welcome my son…

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