CODEPINK is has for years been one of the most outspoken anti war groups since before the invasion of Iraq, 8 years ago. These women have huge cajones and I give them so much respect for calling these Elite what they are. Watch this video of Medea Benjamin introduce Donald Rumsfeld to a White House Correspondence dinner as a War Criminal. These acts of peaceful resistance break through the bubble that these Elite live in. The more that they know that we are watching them, the more pressure we can keep on them.

Now that CODEPINK has fought the controlled main stream media and American political sock puppets, it appears that they are swimming upstream to fight AIPAC. They might be starting to realize the the media and politicians are there to control dissent. The real power that writes the laws, policies, and influences Washington, is think tanks and lobbies. None is more powerful than the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. This powerful group represents Israeli interests that drive our trillion dollar a year Military Industrial Complex. Medea Benjamin explains why AIPAC should be registered as a foreign agent, according to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and not classified as “a charity.”

2o Minute Interview with Medea Benjamin on American Free Press site.

CODEPINK is seeking to break the incestuous nature of power of the Israel lobby in the United States. I have written a couple of articles about this Neo Con power that is back on up swing and that we should get ahead of this power as they seek to increase our debt and expand the war. And for what?! We are going through a depression here at home and we are dumping our treasure, our reputation and our blood on these senseless, expensive and never ending wars. Actually let me correct myself, they are not senseless when you understand why we are doing this. Watch this interview at 1:55.

While I applaud these efforts of CODEPINK, NOTHING will change unless you chop at the root of all of this power, the banking power. Without the the Elite having access to unlimited money that fractional reserve, debt based money, they cannot afford these wars, propaganda and political control that they enjoy now. I encourage all anti war activists to focus their firepower on the Banksters that fund and profit off of this welfare/warfare cycle. This of course brings me back to what I feel the most powerful way to bring an end to the Bankster power which is the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield.

7 comments to CODEPINK vs. AIPAC

  • SS the Radical Leftist?

    Seriously SS, you appear to have developed some rather leftist political views–especially for a guy who supposedly loves and is a defender of American liberty and freedom. In this post you’re flat out backing the work of dangerous radical leftists–Code Pink–who are in cahoots with other radical leftist organizations to OVERTHROW THE US GOVERNMENT. And once again you’re exhibiting strong anti-Israel sentiments. These leftist and anti-Israel rants do not serve you, your blog, or organization’s mission very well and just turn off readers like myself who have more moderate political views. As a regular blog reader let me give you some unsolicited advice – STICK TO SILVER! You know it and write about it very well.

    • Silver Shield

      Only through understanding that we are all held down by the Elite through perpetual war and debt can we end this paradigm.

      Please stop thinking in the false left-right paradigm.

      Both sides are controlled by the elite just like Vince McMahon controls both sides of a WWE wrestling matches.

      The true paradigm is a concentrated Elite Power structure or a Republic with the rule of law. The Elite waste our productive resources on endless debts and war. This is done for the Elite to make short term profits and long term control over the masses.

      I applaud anyone who takes a stand against these psychopathic Elite that manipulate our world for their benefit.

      For the record I am not anti-Israel just for American Non-Intervention. I believe that we should stay out of entangling foreign alliances, just like our founding fathers suggested.

      I am especially weary when 1 nation in particular goes on our TV and admits that they manipulate the US to spend our blood, treasure and name to fight some other country’s national interest.

      We have enough problems here at home and this all must end.

      As far as over throwing the US Government… Saying the Emperor has no clothes is not a crime. Anti-War groups expose the lie of the Military Industrial Complex and my articles on silver expose the lie of the Banksters that fund the wars and the Elite.

      The goal of this blog and organization is not to be a snuggly blanket of perpetuating your beliefs.
      Its goal is to question everything in order for you to be aware and prepared for the greatest societal shift in human history.

      Unless you understand this link in between the war machine, the banks, the propaganda, the sock puppet politicians and the Elite you will constantly be fooled by those that seek to manipulate you.

      I will continue to poke and prod you into uncomfortable thoughts to hopefully push through cognitive dissonance and real a state of awakening.

      If there are things that you do disagree with I encourage you to challenge me and hopefully a good debate will transpire.

  • I am a military veteran and most definetly not a leftist. In my opinion, being anti-unessessary war is not a leftist position at all. Being anti-undeclared war is not leftist. Being pro-military industrial complex is not patriotic. Being anti-politician is not anti-American or unpatriotic. I say keep expressing yourself regardless of unthinking commentors that equate politicians in our government with America itself.

  • Well said Cleaner44!

  • Chris

    Yes, well said, but one thing remains from the first post.
    It shows, how you make yourself unnecessary vulnerable.
    I would not support the notion to “stick to silver” but to “watch your steps” now that you have the attention.

  • Rex Regis

    why is Code Pink registered as a “FOREIGN AGENT” organizatiopn?

  • samantha

    is there any other possible way to view those videos? They have been blocked.

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