Jon McNaughton’s Interactive Painting Depicting The Obama Administration’s ‘Dangerous Atrocities’.

Have You Seen the Most Recent Interactive Painting Depicting the Obama Administration’s ‘Dangerous Atrocities’?
Posted on August 31, 2012 at 4:03pm by Liz Klimas

Jon McNaughton, a painter with an edge for political commentary, has released his latest image: “Obamanation.”

The painting depicts President Barack Obama standing on a podium while around him are artifacts of his term as president thus far: Osama Bin Laden, a Fort Hood tombstone, a trashcan representing the Solyndra scandal, an unemployed man, toilet humor he used at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and more.

McNaughton writes on his website, “I am just one person, a citizen of this country using my first amendment rights to speak out through my art. This is my declaration that we have never had a president do more to harm our country than Barack Obama.”

He describes “Obamanation” as representing ”all the subtle, mindless, radical and dangerous atrocities of the Obama administration” in a single painting.

No stranger to McNaughton’s work, TheBlaze first reported on his “The Forgotten Man” piece in 2010 and then again earlier this year as it was making its round on the Web.

Like all of McNaughton’s works, he has posted his latest image online and made it interactive. Viewers can hover over various elements of the painting and information regarding what it represents pops up. 

“There are over 60 [symbols] in the painting,” he writes on his website. “No person can analyze this image and learn about these facts and still, in good conscience, vote for Obama in 2012.”

Watch this video to see McNaughton’s development of the piece with voice-over of his thoughts regarding what it represents:

selected sections from Jon’s site:

Jon McNaughton is an established artist whose new paintings have attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. Highly detailed religious and patriotic subjects are the focus of his paintings. The artist’s experiences and faith are the inspiration for his work.
He was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and at age 14 his family moved to Utah. Jon currently lives in Utah with his wife and eight children.

He went to Brigham Young University on a full tuition art scholarship. After two years in the Art program Jon switched to the Design department to pursue a more formal art education versus the less appealing emphasis of modern art he was taught in the Art Department. He graduated with a BFA in Design, emphasis in Illustration in 1996.

“Most of my growth and training as an artist have come from just being out in the field and painting from nature. Studying the masters, hands-on experience and a lot of soul searching; these have been my best instructors”

“I have traveled to many places around the world to know my subjects, but when I work on a painting with many figures I will usually pose models and photograph them and then paint them as I see them in my mind. I choose to paint from the heart and evoke my personal vision into each painting.”

“I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something. I hope people will study the paintings and try to understand the deeper meaning. Some of the themes are controversial, but I feel strongly about what is happening in our world today.”

Jon’s Gallery includes a wide range of subject matter. Examples can vary anywhere from religious themed messages, church history, idyllic cottages and coastal landscapes, to tuscan scenery, southwestern mountainscapes, holiday themed portraits and patriotic expressions, just to name a few.

Here are some of Jon’s paintings from his Patriotic Gallery. When visiting the site and viewing the paintings, take note of the interactive user function where you are able to move the mouse over the people or items in each of the paintings.

You will be able to view specific details that are further explained by the artist in relation to the subject matter. For more of Jon McNaughton’s work visit:
McNaughton Fine Art Company.

(Click here to view this painting with the interactive mouse over function)

from Jon’s site:

“Obamanation” (One Painting That Says It All).

I chose to use an undisclosed studio so I could paint privately, without interruption, to focus on the task of embedding in a single painting all the subtle, mindless, radical and dangerous atrocities of the Obama administration. 

I am just one person, a citizen of this country using my first amendment rights to speak out through my art.  This is my declaration that we have never had a president do more to harm our country than Barack Obama.

To those who scoff or wish to trivialize this painting, I challenge you… I DARE YOU… study the links of the various symbols and metaphors that you see.  There are over 60 in the painting.  No person can analyze this image and learn about these facts and still, in good conscience, vote for Obama in 2012. 

I do not hate Obama, but I hate the fact that I had to paint this picture.  Has the painting gone too far?  I knew when I did this that most Obama supporters would reject what I have done.  But as a Conservative, I’m fed up with the corruption in Washington.  And I’m sick of the political correctness that has derailed our country!

My art is an expression of the times in which I live and people will know how Jon McNaughton felt about being alive in America in 2012.

Take the Challenge!  If you still choose Obama, congratulations…you’re a part of the Obamanation.

(Click here to view this painting with the interactive mouse over function)

from Jon’s site:

McNaughton responses to Criticisms of “The Forgotten Man”.

I would like to take a minute to explain some of the points of confusion for those who wish to interpret my picture.

1. Why did I paint this? Like many Americans I feel shock at the direction our country is heading. There is a great polarizing effect taking place in America today. There are many who swoon over Obama’s policies of redistribution of wealth. What will the government give me? If you believe this is the proper role of government you will certainly see great CHANGE in your lifetime. I wanted to paint a picture that portrays the plight of the common man. Perhaps the FM is already experiencing this now or will in the future. My hope is that he will “wake up!” now before it is too late.

2. There is no racial meaning or undertone that the FM is not black. This is not a racial painting; it is about the vanishing of the American dream.

3. It is not a partisan painting. I take no favoritism of Republicans or Democrats. Both parties are guilty.

4. The only solution I offer is to take a 180 degree turn and return to the principles of the Constitution, which define a limited government, protect individual and states’ rights and make no allowance for any of the baggage we have accumulated over the years in the form of entitlement programs. The only way to cure the cancer is to root it out and endure the painful healing. Perhaps, with God’s help, we will survive.

5. Is it disrespectful to have in my painting the President of the United States standing on the Constitution? Is the President without reproach? I am simply one American speaking to another American. The painting symbolically suggests the actions of Barack Obama as well as other presidents. Yes, their actions speak louder than words—as do the brushstrokes in my painting.

6. I have endeavored to keep this information simple and to the point. The information is historical, if it is not familiar to you—Google it.

7. I picked the trashed papers based on the issues that I believe have been the most damaging to America. These issues have been trampled by politicians of both parties for over a century. When will the American people decide to defend the Forgotten Man? Let us raise our voices together and demand the kind of CHANGE that will truly save our way of life.

8. Why did I not mention critical information about some Presidents which defined their presidencies? My only purpose is to identify each President and with simplicity express what they have done to either help or hinder the Forgotten Man. I invite all to search deeper into the history of the painting’s message and discover if what I paint is true. Can you truly say our house is in order when our debt is stealing away the future of every man woman and child in America?

(Click here to view this painting with the interactive mouse over function)

from Jon’s site:

McNaughton’s explanation of his painting “Wake Up America.”

Every man, woman and child in America is enslaved to our national debt. As an artist, I have laid out my vision of the dire circumstances that surround us. Now, more than ever, each American must make a choice: will we unlock the shackles that enslave us, or will we give up the greatest gift we have—our freedom. It is my hope and prayer that America will “wake up” before it is too late.

Those who are familiar with my work know I like to use symbolism and metaphor to engage the viewer. See if you can find and decipher the many symbols in this image.

In the painting I have intentionally hidden six keys that will WAKE UP AMERICA and release us from the chains of economic and political bondage. Find these keys and share them with as many Americans as you can. If we don’t “wake up”, the next generation may not know what it means to be free.

(Click here to view this painting with the interactive mouse over function)

from Jon’s site:

Answers to Questions Regarding “The Empowered Man”

Why did you paint this?

There is something simmering deep inside the soul of all Americans. We want to know that our country belongs to the people; that the government acknowledges our individual rights; that fiscal responsibility is an absolute requirement. We want our presidents and politicians to mean what they say when they take the oath of office… “to defend the Constitution of the United States!”

I hope everyone will see themselves as the Empowered Man. It makes no difference whether you are a man or woman, how old you are, or the color of your skin. When we decide to no longer be silent and to speak out for individual liberty under the Constitution of the United States we will be empowered!

What freedoms do you think are at risk?

Do we have freedom when half the country pays taxes to support the other half?
Do we have freedom when government regulates every aspect of our lives?
Do we have freedom when our currency is controlled by a corporation that has no accountability to the American people?
Do we have freedom when we have more debt than can possibly be repaid?

We need a federal government that does not hinder the American people by unnecessary financial and regulatory burdens.

The government bureaucracy is to a point where it is no longer worth what the tax payer is required to maintain it. The Constitution outlines exactly what the federal government’s role is in our lives. All other duties are to be administered by the state. We can see which states are financially solvent and which are not. Take the worst state, put it on steroids and you have the federal government. I wonder how many Americans realize they have sold our God given freedoms for a mess of pottage.

What do you suggest?

My solution is that the Forgotten Man get off his bench, pick up that Constitution and hold it high in the air as a standard for the world to see. Don’t hold back! Don’t be silent! You are the future of this nation and without YOU, the American dream will perish.

Why are some Presidents clapping while others seem less enthusiastic?

This painting is a reversal from my previous piece called “The Forgotten Man.” In the FM painting Obama was standing with his foot on the Constitution. Some presidents were looking off in the distance, unaware of the man on the bench; clapping in approval of the direction the country is headed. While some presidents standing near the forgotten man show concern and disbelief. I tried to capture different emotions on the faces of presidents from the past and present. If they are clapping in this painting, it is because they do not favor the welfare state and devaluation of our dollar. It does not signal that they are without flaw. Most all the presidents did things that were unconstitutional.

What do you expect the reaction to be from this painting?

Usually those with conservative viewpoints approve and the liberals hate it, but I’m most interested in those who aren’t sure. I like it when people take the time to scroll through the painting and read the captions. I hope it will cause people to think and to feel – to ask questions. If I can do that, this painting will be successful.

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