Latest Silver Shield Inteview

Here is my latest interview with Kerry Lutz of Your Credit Matters in New York.

Kerry and I discuss the latest in the silver smack down in this very spirited discussion from this past week.


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  • would be reader

    link is gone… nada

  • Tony

    Hi Chris,

    About to order up some fractional silver-It is my belief the elitists are watching very carefully the flow of FRN into PM’s especially silver, therefore it is my way of conversing with them.

    PS-I sent a friendly e-mail to the CFTC ( last week not even a reply(US taxpayer funded regulatory agency LOL) it reads as follows:

    Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I have more of a statement then a question, It is obvious to me at this point that the financial system is broken and it is most evident in the commodities sector. As a result of the CFTC’s deafening silence to the obvious market manipulation through means of HFT, I have decided to take all my money out of this fraudulent system. It seems prudent on my behalf to protect myself and my family’s financial future in light of such overt activities primarily at the COMEX. I am only one man and I am not alone.

    “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining who we are” Max Dupree


    A Proud but Sad American

  • Bob

    Great to hear your interview. You should do more of these. My only thought: it was too short. Thank you!

    • Silver Shield

      I would love to get on more shows and have more time but it is only going to happen if people demand it.

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