Wait Until Something Serious Happens…

All of this for a day or two hurricane in New Jersey…

What will happen with a systemic dollar collapse?

Do you have a million calories stored?

4 comments to Wait Until Something Serious Happens…

  • Jeff S

    Im in North Jersey. Yesterday morning, having witnessed and feeling the ‘frenzied mode’ of everyone trying to prepare for the storm, I found myself asking the same the very same thing. This was a bit of a wake up call for me though, I need to focus more on the prepping and stop procrastinating certain steps. My evacuation plan is pretty much nonexistent at this point and that would need to change, especially If I had to relocate for good.

  • I fail to understand how people can still live this way. It’s so easy to stock just a minimal amount of food, bottled water, meds, etc that you don’t need to rush the stores! I know these people have been through hurricanes in the past… guess they just refuse to learn a different way to be.

  • Rewster

    I work for LIPA, the power company on Long Island. It’s Monday evening and we’re at 600,000 customer outages and counting…people will be grateful to see us for a few days, but past experience has shown that gratitude has a really short half-life…some of these unprepared people will be a real joy to deal with in about a week…

  • Ben

    I might add this as well. Look how San Frnacisco Giants fans acted after their team won the World Series. And that was supposed to be a joyous event. How will they act if something serious happens indeed.

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