Silver Shield Report #49- Beef, Beer, Bullets and Bullion

Standing room only for our talk on the Future of Money.

What a crazy past week! In this Silver Shield Report I go over the amazing past couple of days traveling over 5,000 miles in 5 days. We had and amazing time in Dallas with the AOCS guys starting production of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield Medallion.  The best way to know someone is to go through a struggle with them.  I said that for the first time since I was in the Marines, I have a sense of common purpose and brotherhood with this group.  I am fully confident that we are on the right path and we will become historically significant.

The big take-aways from this Silver Shield Report is…

  • To hear about what goes into this process.
  • Future production plans.
  • Our experience at the Silver Summit.
  • My meeting with Eric Sprott and David Morgan.
  • How we are going to Beta Test the Silver Debit Card.
  • How we are implementing ideas in our group into reality through consulting or partnering.
  • How we plan on an Ultimate Exit Strategy banking system a little sooner than expected.

SBSS medallion production started Last Monday and they are averaging about 3,000 medallions a day. I know we have shipped plenty with many of the early orders already received by much fanfare.  We hope to be caught up and delivered all of them by next week.  If anyone has specific questions they can contact (try to keep them light, as he is our shipper of the silver.)

We will also be auctioning 4 very special coins to the charitable benefit of two young children with cancer my family knows.  (Much more on that later.)

All in all, this is a very lively recap with my guests Gus Demos and Rob Gray from Open Currency.

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I think this whole experience with the AOCS guys has showed that if you have ideas, capital or skills that you want to start getting involved, let me know.  I can be as little as a strategy session or something much more if the time is right.

It’s official, we will stop selling the new medallion on November 6th (Vote of Silver) and should bring us to right around 60,000 ounces.

We got a spectacular response from people on our new designs and it seemed like we have the most lively following at the Silver Summit.

We talk about how we will be able to produce 10- 1/1oth ounce silver medallions for cheaper than 1 ounce medallions.  Here is a mock up of the new “Denarius”

29 comments to Silver Shield Report #49- Beef, Beer, Bullets and Bullion

  • Robert Gest IV

    I absolutely love the coins I received! I look forward to getting my silver rounds from AOCS now.

  • Keep up the good work, lads. Glad you’re doing what you’re doing. That Roman coin looks very cool :-) Tubes of fifty?

  • Eric Hartmann

    What’s happening right now is epic. I am very excited about us cornering the 1/10 oz silver market!

    The design of the 1/10th coin is great! A lot of thought went into this!

  • PitBull Pappa

    I will exchange fiat for a shit ton of the 1/10th coins!! I have a preference to smaller denomination coins over full oz coins/bullion and is why I focus more on acquiring constitutional silver.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • Silver Shield

      I am very excited to get this going but we have a few hurdles to over come.
      We are hoping for next year.

      • PitBull Pappa

        I received my SSR coins today… BEAUTIFUL!!!! It’s awesome to be finally holding them and seeing how beautiful they turned out. Thank you Heidi for the amazing detailed art work & thank you Chris for being so anal about the quality of the finished product…:)

        Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


        P.S. If that drunk chic had snatched my coin from my hand and put it in her bra… I can’t say I’d have handled that situation so diplomatically… lol

        • Silver Shield

          I had to follow my own advice and walk away…
          She reminded me too much of my mom and I might have handled it even more poorly than you.
          It was empowering to break contact.

  • vincent formoso

    Why didn’t you make the 10th ounce first!!!! Lol jk. Awesome awesome idea. I will buy a shit load of those. Please don’t make a limited supply of them because I WILL USE THEM FOR BARTER. Super cool

  • mong00se

    Really enjoyed this report. Sounded like lots of fun and I’m excited for the tenth oz coins and especially the Silver Card.

    Love the story when he talks about trying to start his own bank, not needing the FDIC, and the attorneys say “no one would every want to do that it’s not illegal it’s just weird”. LOL That is what freedom is. Liberty is a mindset.

  • mong00se

    Anyway to get more information on the 60 or so scenarios Gus was talking about (rainman rant) when he was challenging (Ron Hera?) on the hyperinflation scenario? Maybe he could write an article for DTOM.

  • Will Lehr

    Hahaha. What a blast reliving that story- kinda… The irony to me is that I was halfway through the book “Silver Stealers” and I have since dubbed that our silver stealer story. Honestly the only reason I got that coin back was because the husband had half a brain and wasn’t hammered. I embrace our motto of walking away, but in this instance I just couldn’t, especially since she had just finished telling us about her 3,000ozs of silver that fell thru the bottom of her shelf when stashing it at home. It wasn’t about the money or the signed coin, as I knew Chris would sign another one for me. It was a matter of principle. I truly felt like I won the battle for integrity and honesty, which was the message of David Morgan’s address that day, and still in my head. I was determined to go over there and sit at their table in hopes that someone at the table would be uncomfortable enough to encourage her to give it back. It was a victory for liberty and no blood was shed, no one was removed from the restaurant, no scene was caused- at least not inside the establishment:) and no F-bombs were dropped inside except by the other schmuck at the table.. Good times, good food, great people! What this group is setting up for post paradigm is unprecedented. We are making history my friends! Keep stacking, Walk away, and Stand for Liberty! Cheers!
    Silver Willy

  • Steve

    Thinking back to my post several weeks ago on a possible re-creation of the Denarius, I’d like to think my idea (while likely shared by many others & certainly yourself, Chris) made it’s way to the drawing board to some extent…however I must say, what I see on this page for the 1/10th oz. coin is absolutely SPECTACULAR. Two separate Greek phrases to provide two historical yet poignant connections to what this whole concept of silver is all about. The only snafu I’d point out is, these are Greek sayings, while a “Denarius” is Roman. Perhaps you should just come up with a whole new nickname for the coin, something that really resonates.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I love the 10th oz coin idea, it will be nice to get new silver pieces as the constitutional silver dimes can come so ground down to smooth saucers its hard to even know what they are. I have a actual junk pile of bad ones I want to melt down and make a little dime bar.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    How soon can we order the new Denarius?

  • Andrew Hitchcock

    How about calling the 1/10th oz a “Deca-Shield”?

  • Andrew Hitchcock

    I heard Rob saying they ended up getting those presses by luck. I respectfully disagree. I do believe the following to be true: YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK
    You guys have a vision and are taking action based upon that vision, therefore things appear when they are supposed to appear…we have been conditioned to think and call it luck. I call it destiny. Great job and more blessings to come!

  • Matt Maze

    I like Deca-Shield, do you think the 1/10th oz rounds will be limited runs as well? Or do you guys plan on making longer runs on those?

    • Silver Shield

      I think we will issue them as long as there is demand for it.
      I would hope that this becomes extremely popular.
      We need to do a lot with the machinery before this gets going.

  • Soleil Taylor

    I believe there is no luck No accidents. The universe dumps on us when we make room to receive !

    Going with the flow rather than pushing the river

    Would like to hear about the partnering opportunities

    Can’t wait for the strategy session

  • Mark Williams

    Really like the concept and look of the 1/10th oz coin. Looking forward to availability.

    “It’s the Tomorrow that you never know!”

  • Heidi W

    Awesome Report,totally enjoyed it!

  • Paul Bhola

    Sounds Like a Good Time..BBQ ..silver..Escalade. Sounds like how we roll in so cal :)
    I think those 1/10 ounce will be huge. If you can keep em close to spot ill be all over em. Im diggin that slave coin.

    I was gonna send back 19 death and debt medallions ….they are kinda beat up. I was wondering if i could trade em for triviums? That was 19 out of 400….not bad for a first run. Whats the word.

    Either way cool.

    Im liking what im hearing. Time for a Sustainable Renaissance. I need to get a bigger community within a stones throw….


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