New Fractional Silver Coins!

New Fractional Silver Coins are the HOTTEST thing in silver to get right now.

With the latest sale on silver, these awesome fractional silver rounds make a great buy right now. You have to see these new coins here. The thing I like most about them besides their beauty, is that it is a great alternative to buying “junk silver” and not have to paying the $8 premiums on Silver Eagles. These beautiful coins are newly minted fractional coins come in 1/10th, 1/4, and 1/2 ounces. These fractionals are a great in between from junk silver to 1 0z. Silver Eagles. I would recommend you get enough to knock the premiums down a bit, since these were probably produced when silver was much higher. Support the Academy, undermine the banksters and protect your family with a bigger Silver Shield. Buy some today!

8 comments to New Fractional Silver Coins!

  • vfxag

    I’m curious how these can be considered a good value compared to 1 oz. rounds or coins… If silver is silver, and I can buy 90% dimes under spot, and 1 oz. eagles at $8 over spot on the high end, why would I pay double spot(6.73 per 1/10 oz = 67.30 per oz.)for fine silver fractionals? They are pretty, but it doesn’t seem practical at this point to pay that kind of premium… Am I missing something here?

    • Silver Shield

      I think they are nice in between for the Junk silver buyer and the 1 oz buyer.

      The average buyer who is putting a couple hundred in every month should grab some of these as you step up from Junk to 1 Ouncers to bars.

      This is not for you to dump all of your FRN’s on and I think they are pretty sweet.

  • vfxag

    I see. Makes sense. For the sake of argument, if you aren’t completely smitten with these designs (which are classic,and beautiful, no doubt) the incuse indian head fractionals have been around for a while now, and can be had at significantly less expense.

  • Nebo

    They’s jist more silver. Old rule is to never buy premium (if you can possibly avoid it). Highly recognized forms (brand name and so-called junk coins are highly recognized)are always worth more on the street. I would put the money into “real” Mercs.

  • ag_nostic

    Agreed Nebo….
    I don’t really see the advantage over junk,
    unless you like them as collectibles.

  • savethepopulation

    I thought you might like to know, I just noticed something strange. Down in Mexico, the bank used to sell silver ounces for 40 more pesos than it would buy them from you…and this has been the case since last year, ever since I’ve been buying.

    I just noticed last week that now they are selling for 60 PESOS more than they are buying! What does this mean? Something brewing?

  • hondacobra

    what it means is that they want the spread to be a certain percentage and now that silver is 50% higher in price the spread has to be rebalanced 50% higher to maintain the desired margin.

    basically if you charge a 10% percent commission on 1 dollar your commission is .10
    if you charge 10% on 1.50 your commission is .15

    silver went up. in terms of percentage the spread is the same

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