Delayed Election and Martial Law–Was Arch Crawford Right? presents

Arch Crawford of was on the show in August and September of this year. He stated for the record that he believed that the election would be delayed or cancelled and that martial law would be imposed. To our knowledge, these were the only public interviews he gave out with such specific predictions. He felt that September 30th would be the day that all hell broke loose. Here we are, a month to the day and the Northeast is suffering a Perfect Storm, only this time we’re not worrying about George Clooney getting lost in a fishing boat, we’re talking about 10’s of millions of people suffering widespread power outages and lack of food and basic services.

Could this turn into a nature-driven false flag event. We all know that this administration is the most lawless on record. Basic constitutional limitations that kept presidents in check for over 200 years seemingly have no affect or power over this Chicago thug-based power-crazed group of sociopaths. Don’t think for a second that the president is actually calling the shots. Rather it’s a control group of labor union-collectivist types combined with a group of America haters that are driving the Country closer and closer to anarchy.

Listen to the interviews and decide for yourself.

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3 comments to Delayed Election and Martial Law–Was Arch Crawford Right?

  • Silver Eagle

    My prediction is that it won’t happen. Election date is set by constitution. He’ll have to declare martial law then set elections aside, any other option and the public will erupt. They don’t have all assets in place for that scenario

  • Howard

    U mean they might have to break the law? Ya the US government will never allow it lol ….

  • Silver Eagle

    It would be more advantageous for him to set aside the election results than try to have Congress change the date in the next 6 days. States and commonwealths must have their electors chosen and submitted by mid December. Remember its not your vote that counts its the Electoral College that elects a President, you only vote for Electors in your state or commonwealth. Electors may choose to vote for whom ever they choose. Once they convene, if an elector so chooses they can go against the people’s vote and vote for another candidate, on that is even not on the ballot. Has it ever happened? Yes, in 1976 and elector broke rank and voted for Ronald Reagan. Look it up, Ronald Reagan won one electoral vote when the election was between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. The Framers structured it that way so that if the people get it wrong, there is a safe guard and it gives states and commonwealths skin in the game. We can debate the Electoral College systems another time but it works and has a specific purpose.

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