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  • Nick

    I like most of your stuff but c’mon. Free people should be able to make their own decision to smoke. And don’t even tell me that your cell phone ten years was better that is crazy! i watched this video on my cell phone and responded here with it. I am a smarter and more efficient person because of my cell phone. I’m glad if someone can make a profit selling me things I want, that is how an economy works. I consider myself an informed and rational consumer I don’t buy most of the junk people buy, but don’t act like all commerce benefits the elites to my detriment. I recognize when it does hurt me (banking, pharmaceuticals, processed foods) and I avoid it, but don’t overdo your case here.

    • trailhiker

      Sorry Nick, your phone does not make you smarter, it may make you think you are smarter but that just shows you are not that smart.

  • Greg

    @ Nick – Your comment just tells me your not as clever as you think you are, as all commerce benefits the Global Elite (Illuminati) to all our detriment! Everything is controlled by them they have been working at this control for thousands of years, so I guess they have made some progress, in that time, don’t you think.? I wish it wasn’t so but for now, there it is unfortunately until Our Almighty Eternal Loving ‘YAHUWAH’ of All Creation sends back, HIS only Beloved Begotten Son, Our Elder Brother, Saviour, High Priest & soon coming KING of King’s ‘YAHUW’ (Jesus Christ) to Judge & Condemn these evil People & make everything all right again! If you don’t believe me, then Google & download for free the PDF Book – ‘Pawns in the Game’ by William Guy Carr & ’13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati’ by Fritz Springmeir. It will change your reality for ever..! And you can take that to the BANK..!!!

  • Perry

    Love it! Worked in nyc for years in “the biz” and was part of all this soulless,cynical stuff.

    Buy stuff if want it, but try to be aware that you ARE being influenced!

  • Robin

    holy smoke this place attracts some wackos.

  • Nick

    I’m not insinuating that just owning a cell phone raises my IQ. I’m saying that I use it to educate myself constantly. I listen to podcasts and this website on it. I am constantly using it to educate myself. So in that way it does make me smarter. Of course there are powerful people that steal from us all, I recognize this. But you cannot say there isn’t some tiny part of free market force at work making lives better. It’s hidden but it’s still there. I believe building a very strong black market economy is the way to save America. Batter and trade off the radar, where government can’t document and track it. Farmers markets, Craigslist, etc.

    • Rainmaker

      Too funny. A smarter and more efficient person would listen closely to the vid and recognize that the speaker indicated the reception was better (analog vs digital?). I am curious, what kind of car do you drive? What type of PC or IPAD do you have? What is the bandwidth? Most important, what kind of TV do you have (how many?)and what kind of network service do you use? Those items can help determine intellect and efficiency.

      IT, what ever the IT is, does not make you smarter. YOU make you smarter. Or YOU make you obtuse.

      As CD would say, and I paraphrase, “you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

      I recommend you turn in all the exotic electronics and invest in a good chainsaw.

  • Michael Glant

    Dear Chris and others…
    I will refer you to an excellent book I am reading “Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A model for positive change” by Charles Hugh Smith. This book is an in depth thesis on how the STATE evolves into controlling the citizenry in all the ways you describe by destroying the checks and balances in a small/local governance as compared to the highly concentrated power of the elites in tandem with a large centralized government. Yes, new technology and such have positives and all of the “lies” of the consumer-debt system that these controlling interests have created, are totally counter to the real freedom and power of the individual. They substitute superficial “stuff” purchased by the sheeple with the “easy credit” providing (what appears to be) easy gains with instant gratification for real gains from delayed gratification by sacrifice and saving. This distorts self image and individuality similar to how an addictive drug enslaves abusers. Of course this unsustainable debt always leads to an instable society and eventual collapse. It is much harder spending your savings and real money (silver) on such stuff than it would be to just “charge it”. Thus real money leads to mainly logical decisions and real respect for planning, saving and sacrifice. Debt based living leads to emotional decision and minimal respect for these traditional values that built America. Thus most US citizens are not anything like what built this country, rather they are consumer zombies.
    Chris, you are right and Charles Hugh Smith’s book is a must read, if you have not heard about it yet. Chris I just got my notification that my Silver Bullet/Silver Shield rounds are shipped! I can not wait to hold them (I got 41).

    M. Glant, MD

  • Tom Clark

    Free people? Maybe you can use that phone to look up where free people live, because it’s not in the United States anymore.
    What’s free today is austerity and fascism…with a huge helping of tyranny. The NDAA and the Patriot Act alone is enough to spin Jefferson in his grave, just think what he would do if he had to experience an airport?

    The phone can make you smarter, but you have to have the smarts to begin with…

    • Vance Campbell

      I totally agree with you Tim…. I do think you are downplaying the Jefferson spinning though! LOL!

  • Nick

    Tough crowd. I’m not saying we are free. I’m saying if we were we should be allowed to smoke if we want.

  • RE smoking: It’s similar in the far east, the women smoke in secret whilst no one is watching and always deny it afterwards :-)

    There’s a helluva lot of classical conditioning in marketing. CC is basically an automated physiological response to a stimulus. EG A car marketed to men could be advertised through having a man drive down the road with a fit bird – a hot chick in US lingo – sat next to him. The automated response is a sexual one towards the fir bird. CC stipulates a higher order conditioning effect and the viewer associated the pleasurable automated sexual response will be conflated with the car and bingo , a few cars are sold.

    Strengthen your mind always. Learn the tricks and learn Psychology. Your mind is the only weapon you really need.


  • Quicksilver

    Yes most advertising is propaganda, as the ironic movie “Branded” illustrates, even this video has elements which tap into your subconscious because these techniques are so prevalent that it is picked up by people on “main street”.

    It gets worse; hypnotism is happening all the time to people, in fact you can momentarily hypnotise others and be momentarily hypnotise by them, and not even be aware of this unless you concentrate on noticing it!

    Everyone uses everyone, just being aware of this gives you an advantage.

    It is not necessarily bad to buy advertised stuff, provided you realise and accept the costs involved for what, where, how (e.g. credit) and why you buy it, and not just the currency spent.

    I am aware that I buy brands (not much is not branded), however I buy items based on trade-offs of cost, quality, utility, rational reputation, and less so on brand, fashion and image; however if the cost difference is trivial I may oft for a more fashionable brand for the intangible social benefits it may provide.

    Steve Keen has reveals how just hilarious the ideas of the neoclassical economists are to predict/steer our buying decisions.

    Need doesn’t have to be the only purchase criteria for everything, because buying everything for utility could get terribly boring e.g. I buy some goods speculatively or just for plain enjoyment of the goods.

    The so-called “Elite” are just smart opportunists and social engineers who exploit people you don’t pay attention and hold them to account; the solution should be obvious.

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