Will The Real Neo Con Please Stand Up?

Two notable Republican Presidential candidates dropped out of the potential running this week with Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump. Mike Huckabee was a strong contender in the 2008 campaign with his aww shucks Gomer Pyle impression. Since the campaign, he has gone on to build quite a nice little empire in the Propaganda Machine. He not only has a show on Fox, but he has syndicated radio shows and gets paid big bucks for those speeches all over the country. The former Baptist minister now is building a $2.2 million mansion on a beach in Florida. Huckabee showed us that everyone has their price. I mean who in their right mind would give up a gig like that to run for the most thankless job? Only a rich billionaire who doesn’t need the money, right? Wrong.

I have had a fun time with the Trumpster as he flamed out in record time. (Click 1 2 3 4 5 to see previous articles on the Trumpster.) His short sighted one trick pony campaign of the Birth Certificate got shut down with Obama releasing paper work to have the media parrots put another stop to this issue. The next week with Osama bin Laden supposedly being killed and dumped into the ocean in less than a day, put another nail in Trump’s attack of being the tough guy. After that, Trump flamed out with dropping F-bombs on stage as he touted his get tough with the world theme. His war like stance against anyone that got in our way brought back the good ole’ days of the Neo Con agenda of, “you are either with us or against us.” The thing that really was surprising to me was his lame excuse for not running. Trump in his statement said, “business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.” Could of fooled me these past few months…

Trump entered into the circus with his arrogant I am rich and successful, so vote for me attitude. He made waves with his brash talk and “hey look at me” pomp and circumstance. I felt Trump was the pit bull that the the Republicans needed to attack Ron Paul and his R3volution. This opens the door for Rudy Guilliani to enter the race and try on that 9/11 hat again. (There was not enough room for the two of them in the race.) Politically Giulliani looks like the better choice, but realistically Trump would have filled that role much better. Trump commands much more presence than lispy Giuliani. Apparently Trump’s beat to death show The Apprentice  is more important than the future of the country. I am glad he showed his true colors before he wasted any more of our time. I still don’t see how a $60 million dollar contract would sway a Billionaire. I think ultimately Trump must of saw that his authoritarian bubble he operates in is much easier than the rigors of the campaign trail.

I am still looking for the real Neo Con to stand up. I wrote about 6 Republican Presidential candidates going to kiss the hand of the Neo Con Godfather Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. They were Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani. Of the 6 only 4 are left since Huckabee and Barbour dropped. Mitt Romney despite all of his good looks and socialism is not a Neo Con. Sarah Palin is dreadful live and will not last a long campaign. (She barely made the few weeks she got the VP nod.) I think she will not do it because just like Huckabee, she has a good thing going. She is making millions drink kool aide with those who believe in the false left right paradigm. Newt is a true Neo Con and is a very smart man but I feel his personal life will be a hard thing to over come, but is a world of lesser of two evils, that could be enough.

All of this of course is just a contrived soap opera to keep the masses from looking at Ron Paul who is the only REAL change candidate out there. His Constitutional spirit gives voters a REAL way out of this generational train wreck we are experiencing. His unwavering principle of freedom and the limits of Government authority is a REAL threat to centralized Elitist power. Dr. Paul’s thorough understanding of Austrian economics would destroy the heart of the Elite by ending the Fed and our debt based monetary disorder. Ron Paul seeks to limit the Trillion dollar a year Military Industrial Complex by ending these senseless and expensive wars. In short, his get back to the Constitution campaign would destroy decades of Elite schemes almost overnight. We are still a long way away from that happening but the wind is at our back, and the Elite know that. That is why I am still waiting for the real Neo Con to stand up.

There is one man that I have my eye on that could be a huge threat to the Ron Paul R3volution. He recently kissed the Neo Con Godfather’s hand. He has the ability to think and talk on his feet. He can hide his Elitist agenda behind a hybrid of Huckabee’s aw shucks and Clinton’s fake tears. He can pull the hardline against Socialism and Communism while turning a blind eye to Fascism, thus reinforcing the false left right paradigm. He has supported the Patriot act, Middle East Wars, and the Bankster Bailout while convincing his followers that he believes deeply in the principles of the founding fathers. He also has been shown that he can change his tune for the right paycheck, which of course the Elite love in their sock puppets. And he just so happens to not have a job right now… That man of course is Glenn Beck.

Go ahead and scoff but did you think that Obama would be President? I just don’t see another guy out there that can bring all of these qualities together. Unless Glenn or somebody else comes into the picture, this Republican field is so weak. With the 2008 slate of candidates they had to pull every trick in the book to barely get John McCain. Seriously?! This was the best man? You are going to run another geezer against a charismatic young Democratic candidate? Didn’t we learn our lesson with Bob Dole? McCain’s campaign was declared dead. Then when Neo Con favorite Giuliani fell, the Elite hit McCain’s campaign with the defibrillator of political contributions and juiced him with electoral Viagra with Palin. I have no doubt the Neo Cons are not going to let this election go. We are entering crisis time in the Middle East and our finances, they cannot afford to 1) let Ron Paul’s ideas infect the populace or 2) not be in power when the dollar dies and wars need to be made to reshape the world yet again.

My overarching theme for this 2012 Political Puppet Show is that Socialist Obama was put here to take the downfall for the economy and the dollar. The the Fascist Republican will be the strong man that the American’s will be clamoring for as they chant USA… USA… USA. This will only lead us right down the Road to Serfdom into the Elite’s One World Hands.

My hope is that people will wake up enough to see that real change candidate is Ron Paul. I believe that Ron Paul will not be able to reform the system, it is too far beyond that. My hope is that he will be in office to provide real leadership in rebuilding this nation on a firm Constitutional foundation that he has an incredible track record of. I love Ron’s chances against the current field. Right now all I see is Hear nothing politicians like Giuliani who stick their fingers in their ears and repeat 9/11 over and over. See nothing politicians, like Sarah Palin who cannot see any new ideas that are not written down for them by the likes of Henry Kissinger.  Finally, Say nothing politicians like Romney, who can talk for 2 minutes and you have no idea where he stands. Glenn Beck or another could throw a monkey wrench in this scenario, but we shall see.

8 comments to Will The Real Neo Con Please Stand Up?

  • If the elitist scumbags that wish to further destroy our once great nation get any inkling that Ron Paul had a shot at winning the election. There isn’t enough bodyguards and body armor in the world that will keep him safe. I feel as you do that he is our only chance at getting this country straightened out. But I fear for his safety. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibilities for the elites (ask Jack Kennedy).

  • There’s no hope in Ron Paul’s classical liberalism either: open borders and free trade are a big part of the mess we’re in, and he is terrible on both issues. In any case, since he has all the charisma of a beached halibut, he is no threat to the Zionist oligarchs. Basically, to get system re-set we have to have system collapse first. Maybe we’ll just have to do without Presidents and politicians for awhile…

  • Keith

    Take a look at Herman Cain. He is for the Fairtax which would eliminate the IRS and all its attendant problems, and honestly will likely BOOM our economy. Check into it at Fairtax.org. There’s many good youtube videos of Cain. He’s been a businessman, vice president of 2 large Corporations and ex-CEO of Godfather’s Pizza that brought them back to profitability. In one of his lectures he says “Yes, I ESCAPED the Democratic Plantation!”

  • Keith

    Yes, he did work for the Federal Reserve and moved on, but do you think he really understood the whole facts about the Federal Reserve as an up and coming executive from a poor family from Georgia? He’s for the Fairtax which would BUST the biggest suppression of income in this country. I heard him tonight on Hannity (not a fan) and said he would pick Jim Demint from SC as his VP. Jim Demint’s record in Congess is STELLAR and CLEAN and he always supports positive things for citizens. I like Ron Paul but it seems he can’t speak 3 sentences in a row without stuttering just like George Bush. He sounds frantic and too extreme. I agree we need some “extreme” to fix things but it has to come from a calm, controlled person. I happen to think Mr. Cain is the best so far. And I’m a southern white guy.

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