The Hegelian Dialectic
It is simple and diabolical…

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  • That Guy

    Great on the Hegelian Dialectic…you mention the US leaders and show pics of the Presidents…isn’t it true though, that a President is only as powerful as the Congress allows him to be?

  • JC

    Thanks Chris and let me support the conversation further….

  • The emerging thesis is the Communitarian Rule of Law. The federal government is using grants, public private partnerships, NGO’s, local planning and zoning boards and numerous other avenues to impose shadow government which will replace our Constitutional Republic. Individual rights,sovereignty, private property will be surrendered to the good of the community. This is all part of UN Agenda 21, Sustainable Development. The politically elite technocracy will control the administration and enforcement of regulations which they initiate to impose and control any real or imagined threat. You may want to expand your video on the Hegelian Dialectic to include Communitarianism. (May also want to refer to new Bolivian Constitution for example of how far Communitarianism has expanded it’s control in furtherance of the “Common good”.)

  • Unfortunately, this video has disappeared from Youtube. It would be great to have a permanent link to a page with all your written recorded information on Hegelian Dialectic.

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