One Bad Apple

We need to stop getting to the bottom of the situation and start looking up.

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  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Proof of your argument is found in psychology itself. European psychology fundamentally differs (cause vs effect) from American psychology, which differs from Asian psychology. A friend of mine got his PhD Psychology degree from U of Paris, then got his PhD from U. Of Tokyo and I learned this while reviewing his research papers for him. “Psychology” is another tool of the elite. Your idea of attention focused on individual and not the top or group is spot on too. In Japan, criminal or simply just “bad” behavior is blamed on the family, the friends, the workplace, the groups of the indvidual. From this more correct concept two wonderful things are done to cure it: A. true remorse from the wrong doer is elicited and rewarded (opposite to what is done in the US), and B. the wrong doer is released into the custody of his groups, who share responsibility to make sure that he minds his manners in the future. It seems like less freedom and in a way there is less ability to be deviant in such circumstances. But that is the situation of the small community that we are seeking to develop…..

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