You Might Be A Psychopath If…

It did not take long after IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for sexual assault, did I hear people try to explain away his actions. Why would one of the world’s most powerful banker in the world sexually assault a 30 year housekeeper? It has to be a disease or something, right? He must be a sex addict, right? Nope, he is just a text book psychopath. Another Elitist that seeks to control others for his own power. If you think that this is another isolated event, think again these people are everywhere in power.

I have been preparing to write a huge article on this subject of the psychopath and how these social predators are a huge threat to us all. I strongly believe that recognizing these wolves in sheep’s clothing we can not only lead better personal lives, we can have a better society by not electing these predators to the power that they crave. This I feel is one of the most important subjects for people to understand, not only for their personal lives, but for our society as a whole. Once you are aware that these predators, you can prepare to keep your distance and shun them at all costs.

The psychopath in a suit is nothing like the ones that Hollywood forces on us. Axe wielding mass murderers are very rare. There is a more common psychopath that infects every level of society. Sociopaths and psychopaths show anti social behavior and an emotionless state towards the pain of others. They have an aggressive narcissism that may manifest to others as superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth, shallow relationships, lack of remorse, and failure to accept responsibility. This personality needs constant stimulation, impulsive actions, poor behavior control and a a parasitic lifestyle. As a result they view others as a means to an end, they are sexual promiscuous and seem to excel in deception.

Most people find it incomprehensible to think that such people exist, since we tend to judge others through our our moral structure. These psychopaths do not operate like you and I do. They can commit all sorts of anti-social behavior and sleep like a baby. They lack the ability to relate to others on just about any level. What is worse that they mimic others so as to gain their trust only to feed off of their intellectual, financial, physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual energy. They are social predators seeking to live a parasitic life off of others. They adept at manipulation and deceit and most importantly they seek control over others. This could range from an abusive relationship, a bad boss, a thieving CEO or a politician. Take a look into the mind of a psychopath.

How many times must we fall for these predators before we call them for what they are, psychopaths?

Rape a housekeeper… you might be a psychopath.

Lie to the nation about having sex with an intern… you might be a psychopath.

Having multiple public affairs while putting at risk the largest endorsements in the world… you might be a psychopath.

Cheat on your wife and have a love child with house hold staff… you might be a psychopath.

Cheat on your wife with $3,000 an hour prostitutes while prosecuting others… you might be a psychopath.

Divorce your wife while she is recovering from surgery… you might be a psychopath.

Cheat on your wife, father a love child, have a sex tape, and asking for a divorce, while your wife is dying form cancer… you might be a psychopath.

Blow a million dollar TV career on coke and hookers… you might be a psychopath.

Create financial instruments that you knew were going to blow up the housing market… you might be a psychopath.

Create a billion dollar Ponzi scheme to steal billions… you might be a psychopath.

Hide billions of losses in off the books shell corporations to pump up your stock… you might be a psychopath.

Claim that you are doing “God’s work” while your company sucks the life blood out of the company… you might be a psychopath.

Show no remorse for 500,000 dead Iraqi children… you might be a psychopath.

Lie to a nation about the real reason we are going to war… you might be a psychopath.

Lie to a nation about the real strength of the dollar… you  might be a banker.

Talk about coming back as a deadly virus to eradicate over population… you might be a psychopath.

Create and fund wars to steal others natural resources… you might be a psychopath.

Help support tyrannical regimes all over the world… you might be a psychopath.

Holding up the American taxpayer to bailout your buddies… you  might be a psychopath.

Perpetuating a huge lie in order to to become a carbon credit billionaire and sexually assaulting a masseuse … you might be a psychopath.

These social predators have no empathy, never take responsibility for their actions and don’t even see their victims as humans. The only systemic answer to this social predator is decentralized power like the founding fathers originally intended for us. Psychopaths seek to concentrate power to eliminate all limits to their power. The ultimate end of this concentration of Elite power is what we saw in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. I fear that our next leader may be a psychopath who will seize total control of our lives in the disarray of a dollar collapse. I feel it is very important that we start exploring these issues and start calling these wolves in sheep’s clothing for what they are, psychopaths.

64 comments to You Might Be A Psychopath If…

  • Your recommendations are spot on…I think the thought of persistence is in particular important…it’s which you do over time that matters…providing steady quality.

  • kickboxer

    AS I read each sentence, I could recognize the person you were talking about. They are/were, mostly are, controlling our country as of this date. I agree with a David McElroy; Jesus must see this and I believe HE is coming soon. But until that day comes, an awareness of the sociopath (newer politically correct version of psychopath) by educating ourselves, only increases our chance of survival.
    You might be a psychopath if you change the word to sociopath, to relax the public’s perception of how dangerous you are to them.

  • Jollyroger

    george w. boosh is a psychopath.
    dick chaney is also a psychopath.
    bill kristol and the entire neo-con zionist jew cabal are psychopaths. In fact all zionist neo-cons are psychopths
    LBJ was a psychopath. ditto nixon.
    hitlery clinton is probably a psychopath.
    betty nuttyahoo is most definitely a psychopth.
    The entire Likud party is made up of psychopaths.
    Wall st. is a cabal of psychopaths….this past Halloween they made a party out of dressing up as homeless people…sick, sick, sick.
    john hagee, tim lahaye, benny hinn, pat robertson, and all xtian zionists are psychopaths.
    xtian dominionists, rapturists are all psychopaths. See above for more clarity.
    Military recruiters are psychopaths.
    blow o’reilly is a psychopath, besides being a liar, fraud, coward and chickenhawk.
    All zionists are psychopaths.
    Even though it may seem that far too many cops are psychopaths. Most are simply sociopaths having been bullied or were bullies in school, now pumped up on steroids, caffeine and excess sugar intake,(too many donuts) they now act out their aggressions on innocent citizens, especially women and mentally ill and OWS. They also harbor a belief in their own god like superiority over the rest of us.
    The militarization of local,and state police forces was created by psychopaths.
    The feral reserve was created by psychopaths.
    The patriot acts were created by psychopaths. Also include the military commisions act, and the jew warner dfense authorization act.
    TSA was created and staffed by psychopaths.
    The CIA most definitely is filled with psychopaths.
    Iran Contra was the results of psychopaths run wild.
    Anybody who believes anything boosh, bliar, chaney, condo lizard rat et. all said about Iraq being a threat to America is a psychopath (also an ignorant imbecile and a moron).
    Anybody who tells you Iran is a threat to America is a psychopath.

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