Silver Shield Report #50- The 5 Stages of Renewal

One of the key differences I keep working towards is get beyond the doom that is coming so that people can to take positive, productive action in their lives to eventually create generational wealth.   This all has to do with timing and my greatest success has come from seeing where the world is going and putting the most amount of resources there and wait patiently.  This has allowed me to make massive returns over the past decade and I will continue to stay fluid to the situation.

I think the 5 Stages of the Awakening is an extremely useful tool to help speed people along their own personal awakening ahead of the paradigm shift.  This Silver Shield Report will talk about the 5 Stages of Renewal as humanity goes through the 5 Stages of Awakening.  This will set the societal stage we need to see in order to continue to put ourselves ahead of the curve.  I will be referring to this a lot over the next few reports and is  must listen for the Silver Shield Group.

I will also cover the consciousness issue and even pick apart many of the seemingly alternative offers out there to prepare for the collapse.  This will also cover how many of those who are in our “Truth” movement are not consciously different than the current group of oligarchs we are against.

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Jim Sinclair bankster “outing” link on GATA

12 comments to Silver Shield Report #50- The 5 Stages of Renewal

  • Totally agree about the location concept. You really need to understand the mindset/culture of those around you. It’s very easy to offend those from other cultures at the best of times, imagine it during an economic catastrophe! It’s one of the reason why I’ve chosen to plant my flag in north east England. It may be one of the poorer areas of Ol’ Blighty, but it’s got one of the lowest populations and hasn’t been flooded with those from other cultures: I pretty much ‘get’ how folk round here think even though I’m originally from the Manchester area.

    So Jimmy boy is a shill! The blogosphere is full of them so thanks for the info on him. Farage is the main shill this side of the pond. UKIP currently have approx 11% of support from those dumb enough to vote – according to recent polls anyway.

    Interesting view on what is to come, Chris. You may not be 100% accurate, but no human is.

    A lot of deep thought has gone into this report.


  • speedspirit

    What has happened to the comments here at Silver shield, things are awfully quiet?

    Is Mustafa still out there? Chris have you heard from him?

    Is the silver shield community completely educated and out doing their thing?

    Is this the quiet before the storm?

    • Silver Shield

      This seems to be a time of personal action and a lot less talk.
      It seems everyone is quietly getting all of their best plans by the end of the year.

  • speedspirit

    Dec 21 will come and go with nothing big happening. Yes their is a change in the Universe and the Sun which effects everything caused by all the disinformation thats out there and the seperateness thinking(duality). But there is alot of soul searching going on and people are waking up. Problem is we still have Obama but I think that him being reelected gives us the opportunity to watch him be impeached! That would show a turn in the tide.

  • PitBull Pappa

    It’s weird but feels good to have a feeling of calm as I’m watching all the craziness in the world go on. Being awake… paying down my debts and being that much closer to being out of debt each month… combined with dollar cost averaging in the acquiring of silver each month and becoming that much wealthier has really made a difference in my life this past year.

    I enjoy listening each week to the report. It helps me to keep focused and rethink/reformulate my plans for the future. Though I don’t post much, I’m always listening and looking to learn something new. I love that this group is full of free thinking individuals and have a diverse knowledge base & skill sets.

    As always… I look forward to the next report.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • susie vernor

    Has anyone else had silver stolen from their shipment? Someone from Fedex pilfered 20 ounces out of my box! I don’t think I can get anything back for it since I signed for it before I opened it. I’m so pissed!!!!!

  • susie vernor

    Yeah, definitely was. Whoever did it cut the tape on the bottom of the box and retaped it with a different tape. And the box on the inside with the coins in it also had tape but it was cut too. I feel like such a fool! I didn’t even think of anything until I noticed a whole buncha coins missing…and THEN it hit me that the box was tampered with. I actually bought from Apmex and they told me to file a police report, so I went to the station to file one, but I really don’t think they’re going to do anything about it. Now I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have even gone, because now someone outside the household knows what I have. :(

  • Soleil Taylor

    Hi chris
    MAybe I missed something but have not heard from you since mulligan mint event
    We have been in az since Nov 1,
    Sold a property unexpectedly
    Awaiting a scheduled session
    Something else in the universe has come our way the minute the prop sold
    Need to talk ASAP
    Please call or email if you can
    Those who missed the press of the first coins FYI it was a history making event
    Thank you chris for making it possible. !
    We minted our own coins!

  • Jonathan Kopp

    Hello All,

    I have been reluctant to post on this site due to fear. I am finally working with it using Chris’s quote about what you can or can’t do about a problem you have. I still feel overwhelmed about finding a bug out location in the VA area I am close to DC right now. I keep looking for the PERFECT (an impossibility) place to purchase and I keep getting analysis paralysis because I feel such a noob at all this. I am a suburban socialite very little post paradigm skills (as of right now). I am worried getting a place that is downriver from a poisonous factory, continuance of government bunker, etc. I am trying to follow joel skousens Strategic Relocation book, but I am struggling to find a place. I feel like I need a retreat because of living near the capital of the Debt/Death paradigm. I feel that my current location will become Soviet Moscow during a crisis and I don’t want to have to defend myself from my neighbors, either. My county (Fairfax County) has about 1 Million people that live it.

    So I guess what I am asking is Are there any people in the VA area that need a partner or could help me calm down about working about the PERFECT location and tell me to just get SOMETHING!

    Thanks SBSS group,

    • Mark Mackey

      I agree you need to get out of the metro area. There are many great small towns in central Virginia only a short drive from the metro area. Stuarts Draft is a nice town. Look at Bedford and Campbell counties. First, realize that many of us are fearful of making mistakes. I have struggled with that notion for my entire life. I realized several years ago that failure is the paving material for the road of success and that I could trust myself to do what was best for me and my family. I would rather make a decision and fail then not do anything at all, as I am valuable and worthy of all the effort I can achieve.
      Recognizing our short falls and inadequacies is strength,not weakness, for uderstanding our current situation leads us to a better place in life. I would contact SouthernPrepper1 from youtube. He knows several people in the Virginia area that may be able to help you. There is no perfect place but consider the essentials first when making a choice—-food, water, shelter. Clean and reliable water supply,(streams,rain harvesting,well or container storage from municpality) ability to produce your own food through gardening, barter, raising chickens or garden sharing etc., and shelter like a house or other permanent structure or a mobile solution. As a self proclaimed socialite you have the ability to meet people and develop friendships. All of us resonate with people who are not pretentious and are themselves. You are awake and aware— BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR ABILTIES. Your desire to succeed will ensure yoursafety, security and happiness. Godspeed.

  • Paul Krzewinski

    “Art is more important than politics and business for beauty will save the world.”

    -Chris Duane

    What a powerful quote! I dig it.

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