Silver Shield Report #51- 5 Successful Archetypes In The New Paradigm

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Building on the last report The 5 Stages of Renewal on how we can take positive action in the face of great change.  This Report is about how we must adapt to the 5 Stages and I identify the greatest opportunities we can start positioning ourselves for.  This is one of those reports that you will come back to over and over again to help guide you through this change.

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27 comments to Silver Shield Report #51- 5 Successful Archetypes In The New Paradigm

  • FlyingCloud

    That’s all important stuff, you’re talking about.

    But, we should not be too sure about what’s lying ahead of the curve, because this could result in overwhelming surprises, and therefore in wrong evaluations – and wrong decisions.

    So, what is this about: It is quite likely, that one day not too far ahead, the skies all over the world will be hanging full of UFOs. What will it be?

    1) Aliens? Not very likely.
    2) NWO Blue Beam Project? likelihood about 50%.
    3) Germans? likelihood about 50%

    What will it mean?

    If it’s the Blue Beam project, it will be the attempt of the NWO Elites to skip a lot of steps on their way to world domination, to impress all people on earth, and to convince them, that the Elites are predestined to world leadership. It will be all artificial, and resistance will be very hard, but it will be sensible to know in advance what it is about, to keep a sober mind and follow the silver shield plans to get along. The aim is: not to be overwhelmed and not to run blindly with the crowd.

    But what, if the UFO people are those Germans, who built up their technologically superior army in hidden places, to finally win WWII and to expel the Elite who have stomped them so hard? What will it mean? will they be bad evil “Nazis”?
    Why we have learned a) to fear UFOs and b) to hate Nazis? Just because they could arrive one day to maybe …HELP us small people? To help us against the real fascists, the Elite fascists who are dominating the earth for centuries? The Elite fascists who fought and defamed everyone in their way. In the first place they fought and defamed the Germans who were their hardest opponents. And who maybe still are. And who are ready to take over after the crash.

    (There are sayings and rumours that the German “wonder weapons” in WWII were more than real, that the Germans missed the victory just for weeks or months, and that they brought technology, scientists, engineers and many people to hidden places in Antarctica and South America. Since WWII, suddenly there have been countless UFO sightings. Too many to be just a fairy tale. It is said, that there are Germans in there, and that the alien story is just a CIA story to cover that the US military is helpless against the German technological superiority.
    Don’t mix those German expats with the Germany on the map, this is just a hostage of the WWII allies (=TPTB). That’s why Germany never got a peace treaty. That’s why the UNO has been founded against Germany as enemy – after the war. Also that’s why millions of Germans were killed or starved intentionally by the allies – after the war. Although the Germans maybe didn’t do anything bad in the war but to defend themselves).

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s best to wait for anyone to come from above to help or save us. I think, it’s perfectly right to help and sustain ourselves in practical, intellectual and spiritual regards. But the worldwide surprise I’m talking about, if it happens, will lead so many good people to wrong conclusions. It could be helpful to prepare for it, to inform ourselves, and to just take it into account. Just in order not to be overwhelmed – and not to run blindly with the crowd. Let’s go ahead with questioning everything, but don’t leave out WWII, it could be relevant.

  • Steve

    Chris…you referred to a tremendously important topic in this SSR, and that is the individualistic debate between the Objectivists (i.e. followers of Ayn Rand) and the Anarcho-Capitalists (i.e. followers of Ludwig von Mises/Murray Rothbard). Honestly, I think this is a debate that needs to happen. These individualists need to start hashing it out among themselves as opposed to debating the statists/big government Keynesians. That system is doomed, they know it…so why debate about it? A complete waste of time if you ask me.

    The key philosophical difference I’ve identified between Objectivists and Anarcho-Capitalists is that Objectivists recognize the need for a state to monopolize the defense of individual rights (army, police, courts), while Anarcho-Capitalists think this can be privatized into competing entities on a contractual basis, thereby rejecting any notion of a state. They agree on just about everything else…including what you identified here, which is the seemingly outright rejection of empathy. The Objectivists push this rejection as a moral virtue, while the A-C crowd just doesn’t acknowledge or defend it.

    Be careful with your discussions of re-instituting Common Law juries. If you haven’t already, research Schaeffer Cox and his attempt to set this up, along with a militia, in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is currently awaiting his sentence to Federal prison (likely for life). There were numerous bad decisions he made that got him into trouble…particularly the company he kept and the people he trusted. But more importantly, in my opinion, his vision was not one that would have fully resonated with the goals of this “group”. This guy was full-on in the bargaining stage trying to influence a society still in denial.

  • Ant

    Chris, I think is important to address what happens if the Internet goes down and phone services are not working as we expect them to. How can we maintain communication, especially once it is time to get together. Perhpas we could set up a short wave radio just for this.

    I am really excited about this community. I just wish it was sooner than later. I guess what I need now is a bug out community. Any suggestions?

    • Marvin Motsenbocker

      What is your location?
      What equipment do you have to receive radio signals? Transmit signals (what frequencies, mode, power)? Do you need advice?

      “A Journey of 1000 miles begins with one step…..”

      Marvin (callsign AK4VO)

      • Ant

        Currently I live in So. CA. I may be going to Colorado in the spring to set up a small family farm. I do not have any short wave radio equipment now but I think it is something I should get into. Money is tight right now so the best I can do at this time is research. So yes I do need advice as I am sure many others of our group do as well. We all need to think of the issues of Sandy to know how important communication will be. Untill this group consolidates I think it will be imperative to explore non internet/phone communications. We cant wait till the Internet masters shut down our access to liberty sites.

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          Ham radio will be very slow (low bandwidth) generally, compared to internet. Also, the communications will not be private (by definition). I envision a small group of about 1kw short wave transmitters chatting about the group on the east and west coasts and others listening in via $100 shortwave radios such as the Tecsun, (I recommended before). Perhaps not very helpful generally but could be invaluable if everything fell down. Basically, during an extreme emergency you could go to a particular frequency at a particular time and hear a member say something of interest. We could do text, but that would involve more complexity/equipment for each listener. (we could also do satellite downlinks but requires more) I suggest that as part of your survival kit, get a good digital shortwave-FM-AM radio that can receive SSB (single sideband) and learn to use it. Place a long wire antenna outside and figure out how long the batteries last and how to recharge them. That should be a first step for everyone.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    December 15 and/or 16 East Coast
    Anyone besides me and Mark K interested in:
    A. morning teaching session on basic electricity (home power, basics etc)
    B. afternoon do it yourself lessons with parts to build your own back up solar panel system.
    for December 15/16 weekend?
    This can be done in Valley Forge or another East Coast location (including upstate NY or Virginia or DC) depending on interest.
    we can review ham radio options then too

    I have no time to discuss Germans, aliens or philosophers. That time is over.

    • Paul Krzewinski

      Hi Marvin,

      I will make the time that weekend to attend, and offer my equipment and knowledge in these areas. If you would like to coordinate together I have some ideas about setting up portable HF stations along with portable power options. I’ve been operating portable for the last few years as recreation and have experience with antennas while mobile, stationary portable, and indoor attic setups for receiving and transmitting.
      I am also an ARRL volunteer examiner and can help run a class and exam session.

      Paul WA2ZE

    • speedspirit

      I am interested in learning more about Solar and electronics count me in.

    • Jim

      Marvin, I would be interested in solar and electronics info. I also am interested in Ham radio. I picked one up recently and need to get my license, any help you and Paul can give would be great.

      • Paul Krzewinski

        Jim, or are good places to start for learning about the hobby on your own and preparing for the exam. You can also find radio clubs in your area and get in person guidance from an Elmer in the club. Local clubs most often foster interest in curious non-hams and answer questions about local activity and how to setup a station. My email is for anyone who would like to talk radio.

        Paul WA2ZE

      • Marvin Motsenbocker

        Jim, and Speedspirit
        Where should we meet on Dec. 15?
        Mark is coming from Buffalo, Lisa from Long Island. Another engineer is coming from Richmond…… Please send me your email (mmotsenbocker@Yahoo)…. anyone else interested in Valley Forge again? Or washington DC on K Street? (I have a big conference room and office we can use there) or Fredericksburg Va? (I can provide a place to sleep overnight after we go out drinking)…..

        • Jim

          Marvin I’m coming from CT. Probably not much difference to me as far as distance. Whatever is the most convenient.

    • James Tetreault

      Marvin, I’d be very interested in attending this, as well. I’m coming from Massachusetts so, the closer the better but DC’s not hugely different from Valley Forge, so I guess that’d be fine.

  • GoldSaver

    Chris, I am an Anarcho Capitalist (not anachro-capitalist, I am not an anachronism) and I think you are misunderstanding some basic concepts. I will not speak for all AC’s or for Steffan, but as to myself, I don’t have a problem with others having a religious belief or feeling empathy. Empathy is a valid emotion as long as it does not lead to altruism. Recognizing the struggles of others and having an honest desire to help is a goodness and fits with both the Objectivist belief of self fulfillment and the ideas of anarcho capitalism. What I oppose is altruism. Altruism is suffering for the sake of others and it is not only a self destructive behavior, both emotionally and physically, but it is one step away from Statism. When you are conditioned to sacrifice self for others you can not reject the “logical” demand of the state that you must enslave yourself to the State.
    If you accept the premise “to be good I must sacrifice my well being for others” then it becomes logical for you to accept the premise “I must sacrifice myself to the State for they are the others”.
    Both premises are deeply flawed. In the first place, self-sacrifice goes against the laws of nature. All creatures strive for survival. The tree growing from seed in a crack on a cliff side will reach for the light. Mammals and other higher creatures, been self aware, do go one step further. We find value not only on our own survival but in the well being of others. It is when altruism presents itself as a valid argument that the formula is corrupted. A mother jumping in a river to save her drowning child is not showing altruism. Her well being is a lesser value to her than the safety of her child. She chooses the higher value to her. A father putting off a new car in order to pay for his child’s education is not showing altruism, he is simple making decisions based on the relative value of his decisions.

    In contrast, a State, under the threat of violence, extracting wealth from the same father in order to subsidize some one else’s education is not choosing the higher value for that father, it is choosing the higher value for itself, against the will and values of the father.

    Altruism is the ultimate tool to coerce “voluntary” cooperation. It conditions the victims of the theft into believing that there is a “higher” set of values beyond his own and that he can not possibly understand them nor oppose them. He must give in order to be good. It uses those that have been conditioned by altruism to police laterally the obedience of the herd. “How could you possibly oppose feeding the poor?”, “How can you be against women’s reproductive rights?” and on and on.

    It is altruism that destroys the self for the benefit of the collective. It erases the I and glorifies the WE. But, as with all other unnatural creations, it ends by destroying itself. You can not have a forest without trees.

    • Silver Shield

      I get the theory and we are probably splitting hairs.

      I think what I am getting at is just who is selling the theory and who is attracted to this line of thinking?

      Those that would leave their friends and family behind are probably not as empathetic as those that choose to stay. They are probably more narcissistic… maybe worse? Too much self sometimes clouds the heart.

      I listen to some of these guys talk about money and future profits and power and lifestyle and really wonder how they are going to be consciously different than those Oligarchs that they are bitching about now.

      If people choose to go that route, I will wish them well. As for me I will continue to focus on networking with empathetic, intuitive, awakened problem solvers interested in a truly opposite consciousness community.

      Think about your children. Without a parent, mentor, caring, stable environment they will turn out hurt individuals, and most likely much worse.

      I believe that just because we get what is going on does not give us the right to set up another system and say “tough.” We have the opportunity to create a truly free, fair and stable society and that is going to take a different consciousness and I would like to actively push away any people who are attracted to power and profits. Which is why I constantly talk about psychopaths, consciousness, being a blessing, etc.

    • Jeff Stein

      Have you guys read ‘Sacred Economics?’ I believe the author articulates a lot of the ‘opposite consciousness’ we are striving towards.

      • Steve

        I read half of it, and this was before I stumbled upon SBSS/TNT. I thought it was a great explanation of the problem, but ultimately I was not convinced by the solutions even at that time. I was intrigued by Eisenstein’s position on money, and how it should bear negative interest, or otherwise decay like all other things natural – spend it into something as opposed to holding onto it for it’s own sake and letting it grow into an exponentially greater sum over time. A novel idea, but the only way it can manifest true mutual benefit is if the market offers everything that at least one person wants. It’s a stretch, but feasible that someone simply is not satisfied with what is available for their money, or can’t yet afford what they seek to acquire, so they save. This system hurts those people in my opinion….just like savers are being hurt in today’s economy, and not in a whole different manner I might add. With the value of the dollar decreasing, and extremely low interest rates on money market accounts, it’s basically costing money to not spend it. Ultimately, Eisenstein’s ideal system isn’t that much different from what we have right now – save for a little more transparency about what your money will be worth over X amount of time.

        • Silver Shield

          I think competition in currency will solve all of these problems. Money issues arise when the elite have a monopoly currency. If people can save and spend in different forms of money than the market will determine what the proper value of money.

          • speedspirit

            Can you explain competing currency? Is it along the lines that certain states will declare their maybe seccession from the USA and declare their own currency. Which would be PM’s.

            • Silver Shield

              People will not be forced through legal tender laws to use one particular money.
              In a free market people will choose whatever they want as money and exchange it without outside influence.

  • James Tetreault

    Interesting stuff, Chris. Thank you.
    One point I wanted to address is that, early in this audio, you mention that young people today, according to surveys, identify more with socialism than capitalism.

    Some of this may be the classic preference of the young for the more dreamy choice. There’s the old line by Churchill generalizing that if you’re not a socialist at 20 you have no heart and if you’re not a conservative at 50 you have no mind.

    But there are probably a lot of young people who think our economic system at present is capitalism and they naturally recoil from it. Everyone who knows that this is crony capitalism, at best, or really a form of fascism needs to be shouting this from the metaphorical rooftops. Rebuilding from the wreckage will be a lot harder if there’s a common misconception that, oh, the way things were in 2012, that was capitalism. It’s not! And any young people recoiling from the utter corruption of this centrally planned garbage need to hear that it’s not.

    • Silver Shield

      Good point on youth and socialism, although I never went through that phase. 😉
      I think people follow winners and we just need to create a winning society. Heck the US was a rustic crazy place that offered freedom, we can build something better.

  • david Brand

    Hi Chris. Great report. I like the spreadsheet. It will be a good template to keep handy to help me stay focused.
    When should we (I) expect my medallions? I ordered four and have not heard anything for a while.
    I will be posting some of my favorite sites soon (basics of living etc) that I have been focused on for several years. “If you can’t provide your own basics of daily living you are not truly free”, is the mantra I have tried to spread for the past five or six years.


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