Chris Duane- Sovereign Collapse is Inevitable

Mo Dawoud of Wall St for Main St interviewed Chris Duane, who is the founder of Don’t Tread On Me, The Greatest Truth Never Told and The Sons of Liberty Academy. We discussed the silver market and how the tight supply will cause silver to outperform gold. We also discussed how the massive government spending, accumulating U.S. debt and currency devaluation is a receipt for an economic collapse. Plus much more topics were discussed!

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2 comments to Chris Duane- Sovereign Collapse is Inevitable

  • PdBallerina

    Great interview, Chris…and I’m sure glad that I saved all of my daughter’s Beanie Babies!

  • stacker 1981

    I like it!! I just need to work on not trying to convince other people of the obvious.. Worry about me and my family.

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