Silver Shield Report #52- The Evolution of Ron Paul

Ron Paul became historically significant November 14, 2012.  I am calling Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech the Most Important Speech of the Century.

Dr. Paul laid out a clear path to solving our collectivist problems with individual conscious actions.

While many of you know that I aligned with Dr. Paul on political, social and financial issues, I have strongly diverged from him on how best to promote liberty.   Tactics are what win wars.  It started last February with No One Is Coming To Save YouThe Revolution Will NOT Be Televised, Fearless and the Two Paths of Life.  These four videos started the intellectual foundation of walking away from a fixed fight and start individually logically empower yourself.

I then got to Ask My One Question to Ron Paul and challenge the whole idea behind Ron Paul 2012.   Then I said What A Waste! when Rand Paul endorsed Romney.  5 Months ago I put out the idea that we should not vote for the lesser of two evils, but Vote for Silver and a way to deleverage our consent form the rigged game.

Finally the opportunity came in August to meet Ron Paul face to face in The Greatest Truth Told To Congress Here I personally re-asked My One Question to Ron Paul and asked him to become historically significant by asking his millions of followers to stop working inside of a rigged game by legitimizing the fixed political fight or even trusting the banking system.  I gave the example of Mohandas Gandhi on how he became historically significant after many of years working inside the system, by enabling individuals to walk away from tyranny with individual freedom.  I said the opportunity he has as the last standing political candidate before the convention to spread this message of walking away from a fixed fight was the best time for this.

Nothing happened for the following month as the political machine continued to bash Ron Paul’s campaign, mistreating his delegates and not allowing him a chance to speak at the convention.  At this point I could no longer keep quiet.  I put out a video called Stop The Revolution and Start The Evolution where I challenged people to stop blindly following the next mass movement and start taking responsibility for their own independence as a means of change.

If you listen to the message that Dr. Paul left his political career with, you will see a Evolution of political theory where he clearly endorses Individual Liberty over Collective Action.  No more marches, money bombs or rallies.  You need to take individual action securing your liberty to give power for others to follow.

“The #1 responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow. This is of greater importance than working on changing the government; that is secondary to promoting a virtuous society. If we can achieve this, then the government will change.”

“I have come to one firm conviction after these many years of trying to figure out “the plain truth of things.” The best chance for achieving peace and prosperity, for the maximum number of people world-wide, is to pursue the cause of LIBERTY.”

“Trust Yourself, Not the Government.”

“The ultimate solution is not in the hands of the government. The solution falls on each and every individual, with guidance from family, friends and community.”

“Seeking the truth and finding the answers in liberty and self-reliance promotes the optimism necessary for restoring prosperity.”

“We Need an Intellectual Awakening. Without an intellectual awakening, the turning point will be driven by economic law. A dollar crisis will bring the current out-of-control system to its knees.”

I feel this Evolution of Ron Paul will have a tremendous impact on the Conscious Awakening of humanity as we run head long from Denial to Anger of this unsustainable system.  It is my hope that this speech will be the spark for a new beginning of Individual Action over Collective Tyranny.  This Silver Shield Report I will give you the behind the scenes look at this Evolution and how we can be historically significant in bringing about great change by physically transferring real capital from this debt paradigm, the intellectual foundation we are building and eventually the trusted network of aware, prepared, consciously awakened, intuitive problem solvers.

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2 comments to Silver Shield Report #52- The Evolution of Ron Paul

  • don avidar

    On hearing his speech and prior to your response I acknowledged the numerous similarities of his speech to your overall message. I was very surprised because of your view of the Washington experience. Definitely earns a pat on the back and then some. This will give you energy to continue. The solution seems so obvious now after years of study and thought and your teachings.
    You will become historically significant. Thank you for acknowledging the group!

  • david Brand

    What a validation of our message! I was amazed as I took in Mr. Pauls address. I’ve encouraged others to watch it. What do you have in mind for our next activity? I think we should make sure all members know how to get the basics squared away before the ANGER phase sets in. Its not hard but it does require a mindset change and you have to reprioritize a little of your time and capital. You have no liberty if you cannot provide your own basic needs.


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