it is time to call in Physical Silver.

Clive Maund wrote an article called, SILVER – wanted at $50, not wanted at $35 – TIME TO CALL IN THE PSYCHIATRISTS… In it he says the silver investors are funny because we are raving bulls at $50 and despondent at $35. He says that it is illogical and plain nuts. I think Clive should clarify which silver investors are despondent. I would agree with him the paper silver traders should be despondent, after all that got hammered in a rigged game.

  • They saw 8 billion ounces of paper silver traded in one week to knock 30% off the price of silver. They saw this happen even though there is only 1 billion ounces of silver produced every year and that there is only 33 million ounces in the Registered vaults of the CRIMEX.
  • They saw how the Elite can manipulate the market by effectively doubling the cost of margins in 8 days.
  • They saw that the 8 largest banks are net short 150 days of global silver production and they never have to settle or deliver that position.
  • They saw the media propaganda throw fear into the silver market with wild claims like there is really 19 billion ounces out there.
  • They saw that the regulators are turning a blind eye to this massive manipulation despite Andrew MacGuire’s testimony.
  • They saw that the insiders can still change the rules and raise borrowing costs like they did to the Hunt Brothers.
  • They saw that they are gambling in the Elite’s casino and the House always wins.
  • They danced with the Devil and they got burned.

The Physical Silver buyers I have spoken to and the readers of this blog, are very optimistic because their favorite investment is on sale due to the paper manipulation of the Banksters. I have probably spoken to a handful of investors that bought collectively a ton of silver since the beginning of the month. These investors know that buying physical silver the are using the Silver Bullet to fight this corrupt banking system that is thieving our wealth and a Silver Shield to save their life’s work from inflation.They knew what they were getting into and see this recent action as us getting closer to our goal.

This recent manipulation will not last long and any short term gains for the Banksters will only lead to larger problems for them in the future. Silver paper traders learned a valuable lesson to not play in their rigged game and should ONLY be buying REAL physical silver from here on out. Those that sat on the sideline waiting for this pull back, are now jumping in the physical market. Those that now see that their 401ks and IRAs are under attack are starting to get those funds out now and into REAL physical silver. We have only seen institutional buying in paper silver. Sooner or later one of these hedge funds, pensions, endowments are going to get the bright idea and buy some physical silver like the University of Texas did with its $1 billion dollars of gold. Sooner or later some country like Venezuela, Mexico or China is going to make an investment into silver as a reserve for their banking system. Sooner or later the rest of the world is going to see how cheap silver is. It is still below it’s official inflation adjusted of $143. It is still below it REAL inflation adjusted high of $450. It is still below the $960 historical case for silver.

No, it is not time to call the psychiatrists…

It is not time to call in the authorities… (They are ALL bought and paid for anyway.)


Only then will we see the end of this parasitic, debt fueled, war machine and just maybe a bright future for our children.

2 comments to It Is NOT Time To Call In The PSYCHIATRISTS…

  • colin

    agree, i was able to sneak in an extra 1kg of silver due to sale! thanks jp

  • I have a 2,700$ check coming at the very end of July. I’m going to cry if it’s $42 by then.

    Been buying AG since it was $25, bought every month or so. Unfortunately, I did make the biggest purchase close to the peak at $44. But the phyzz is under my watch so no feeling of loss or guilt like the paper traders have.

    This is a long term game, and I’m trying my best to accumulate PM stock piles!

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