The Coming American Fascist Dictator

I have been predicting that we will see a Fascist/Corporatist Dictator with the next crisis. I believe that Obama was put in office to take the hit for the inevitable collapse of the dollar. This country fought the Communists for too long to have someone from the left to do the deed. We do have a strong affinity with fascism and crisis capitalism. I believe a crisis will be engineered to get the American people to give up their rights and wealth to a “strong man” who will get us back on top. USA! USA! USA!

I am still on the look out for this guy to step up to the plate. He will be a Neo Con thirsty for more war and debt. He will look to destroy what is left of the Constitution. He will seek temporary (permanent) emergency powers from Congress and extraordinary financial powers over the economy. He will seek to give up our economic sovereignty by participating in a One World currency. He will seek to open our boarders. He will seek war with competing nations.

The dollar is going to crash and the Elite are not going to go down without a fight. They never waste a good crisis. They will use this dollar crisis to bury the American threat once and for all. Watch out for this coming Elitist tool that will sell our country down the river for the Elitist banksters. The truth of the matter the damage is already done, it would just be nice to cut to the chase…

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” -Henry Kissinger

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  • Sounds plausible to me.

  • Chris,

    Lots of truth on DToM pimp slapped me today, the 19th. I remember during the 08 elections, the shot to win looked so bleak for weird-arm-movement mccain. But now? Wow. If they scare the nation with an upcoming “threat”, his POW ass has a great shot this time around.

    What to do when your eyes have opened and the rest of my peers remain sheep? Scary…

    But anyways… purchased a Kahr p380 today with LOTS of ammo.

    Preparing for it all, one step at a time.

    Thanks and keep writing, Chris. Cheers.

  • Claire

    I predict it will be Ron Paul. He is the exact opposite of what you say. Perfect – and the perfect way to prove that even a “perfect” President is ineffective in these trying times… Then even the liberty lovers will give up.
    I watched him at the RNC, up close and personal. I was an RP bound delegate ready to take a stand for peace. There were several of us there trying to get the warmongering shut down, LIKE WE DID AT OUR STATE CONVENTION and he stood us all down. I am not talking about rowdy protests, we were quite civil and effective at the state level. We were told to make allies and cut deals at the RNC, but Ron and his top people.
    Now watch the Ron-zombies come attack me personally. I have not claimed I am a fault-less human, I have merely reported what I experienced.

    • Silver Shield

      No one has a better record on Freedom in the campaign than Ron.

      I do not think Ron will be able to stop the collapse, that is baked in the cake.

      I do believe he would be the best man to pick us up again.

  • Claire

    Typo, should have said “by Ron and his top people.” Lwe Moore. Drew someone who was assigned to replace Catherine Bleish. The campaign never even tried to organize the delegates, so Cat did. THEN they had this Drew character contact us all at the last minute.

  • Newt is next. And besides that, he is pretty much what was described but packaged nice and smooth.

  • BobDR

    I don’t think even Ron Paul and a majority of Americans can turn this around without the help of the super-rich and the mainstream media which they control. To turn things around involves the rich taking the shackles off the middle class, AND that just ain’t going to happen.

  • Axelman

    I somewhat understand what Claire said. I have always liked Ron Paul, but that’s the problem isn’t it?

    A few years ago my mom worked with a German woman who group up in Germany during the holocaust. She told my mom the things she sees here in the US are the same things that started to happen before the holocaust.

  • don

    The threat would have to be on the level of a mushroom somewhere on American soil. Think about an American city that the modern day Machiavellian powerz might consider expendable – a Pearl Harbouresque provocation but like 911, executed on civilians. Their mischief knows no limits when it comes to securing the agenda.

    Perhaps the west coast, for which North Korea could be blamed. NK has done some recent long range missile and alleged warhead testing. China could be accused of`letting it happen.` 911 by comparison, by its very label, would suddenly look like mere symbolism. LA maybe? No, hollywood is too important to the plan. Think of another.

  • I think Ron (or Rand) Paul would be a better choice. The world doesn’t need another Hitler.

  • Anon

    President Obama already has emergency powers. The state of emergency from 9/11 has been renewed every year since. Google it!

  • John

    Claire is all over posting her stories about the “questionable” Ron Paul.

    I don’t buy it. Even if those things did occur you’ve also mentioned that they were done towards the end of his campaign. Perhaps he was trying to save you money and energy because he knew he was dropping out. Any picture you had about you and your righteous RP champions was confined to your own group, while Ron’s view was from all over the country. He knew better than you what his chances were, and he knew ho best to use his time.

    I was upset that he dropped out myself, and I’m pleased he’s running again.

    That you routinely post these stories indicates some sort of agenda; either to satisfy yourself by retaliating against what you see as a betrayal, or to influence others against Ron Paul. I don’t care what stories you have to tell. I’ve met the man myself, but I have never met you. He has an honorable track record almost as long as my life, and you have nothing but superficial and unsubstantiated claims and a screen name.

    As far as the dictator goes I do find it interesting that Alex Jones’ new hero Steve Pieczenik continuously raves about Gates and Bush Sr. and routinely emphasizes his belief in the need for a “military leader.”

    If we see a known military guy step up to the plate after some sort of crisis and Steve proclaims him the Best Man for the Job I’ll know Stevie-boy is a plant.

    As far as I’m concerned the Federal Government needs to crash and burn along with the FED and all the Departments of “Legalized” Criminality so we can all be States and smaller localities again.

    Too big is just too damn big.

  • Claire

    John is so funny… I have about 4 webistes I read these days. In fact, I cancelled my internet, I am on someone’s WiFi now. I make very few comments anywhere. And, as for the things beginning at the end of the campaign… Can you read, John? I explained that things added up over the entire time, but I cannot possible relate an entire year to you. The FIRST THING that happened was the meetup leader came and told us we would have to be silent about 9-11, so we agreed to that… That alone is pretty lame. At that same meeting, a personal friend of Ron’s shows us and tells us we will have our phones tapped and be put on lists – and then acts like we are “paranoid” if we try to be secretive about plans. I got to know a couple of Ron’s personal friends, and every one turned out to be dishonest and when push came to shove, they supported the party line.
    We can choose to live as sovereigns – kings and queens of our own lives – but it takes courage. Ron does not even want you to be free, he wants you to send him fiat dollars so he can be the next “elected” tyrant. If he wanted you to be free, he would tell you what Max tells you: BUY SILVER.

  • indeed

    I too supported Ron Paul for the last election. I really believed that when he talked about fascism, that he knew that this was a bad thing. I’m very sorry that I didn’t see the agenda behind this guy. I now belief that he isn’t what has been saying and is so slowly peeking out of the agenda of fascism. Now he’s saying instead of the “freedom” that he’s been pushing – he wants to keep the horrendous system in place and is going to force the “young people” to pay – the very people who have supported him. I do hope that someone appears, but it’s pretty late to find a decent person for the next election.

    This really scares me.

    • Silver Shield

      I am sorry but everything I have heard from him shows that he want to throw out the current paradigm of perpetual debt by getting rid of the Fed and IRS. He want to End the Military Industrial Complex and bring home our troops form 777 bases all over the world. He wants honest money. Gut Federal Power and give it back to where it belongs in the states. He want to end the pointless war on Drugs. He wants the ability for young people to opt out of SS. And he bases his votes on the Constitution and has a 30 years track record to back it up.

      Where are you getting your info?

  • indeed

    I’m getting my information from what Ron has said himself and from what his children have actually done. Of course, it’s hard to make a sound judgement from the sound bits that are pieced together on the internet and I would be first to say that I’m fallable.

    You can opt out of RECEIVING SS at any time. The problem with Social Security is that the people who have faithfully put their money in the hands of the government are now being threatened of losing those payments. What are people to do when their money is stolen and have no way to get more? Ron thinks we should force our children to pay for the horrendous medical bills and the grabbing actions of the government in addition to our support – are you willing to pay for this? How many policemen are you willing to pay to enforce it? Or are we’ve gotten to the point where we will let our parents and our neighbors die? What are you “young people” going to do when you’re old, when our contract with the government is broken willy nilly?

    Like Ron Paul, I’ve supported ending the Fed for forty years and this is why I supported him at first. We’re spending way too much for wars and foreign aid. The banksters are out of control. The government is too large and too ineffectual. I sincerely love Ron for bringing these issues to the front. But to steal from the elderly and the disabled is not the way to do it. Instead of “gutting” the system, someone has to get the will to get their hands dirty and find out the problems – not what the presstitudes tell you. The fraud, greed and waste is not just on the top either. Will Ron have the fortitude and support to stand up against the monopolic insurance companies, Wall Street and Big Pharma? Is he suggesting that the government bureaucrats will suddenly become honest, if we suddenly cut services and let the corporate world take over?

    We used to have a great nation (not perfect mind you). Ignoring the gorilla(s) in the room and then forcing our children to bear the resultant death and destruction doesn’t make much sense to me. Sadly, I believe that our country is in a death spiral – intellectually, financially, morally and ethically. It’s my belief that we need to find someone who realizes this and can provide actual nuts and bolts solutions, a true collaboration between the government and the governed. Not a puppet mouthing cliche`s for the megarich and hiding behind the bipartisan lie – picking us off one-by-one.

    As I’ve said before, it’s past the hour to find such a superhero.

    “As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.”
    Justice William O. Douglass

    • Silver Shield

      There will be no superhero…
      There will be no saving this system…
      All we can hope for is a Champion of the Constitution to be there to help build us back up.

  • Claire

    There’s not point in arguing Claire – you believe what you believe just as I do.

    Perhaps you have something else to offer on the 4 sites you frequent besides your animosity towards Ron Paul…?

    Personally, I don’t even want a President or a Federal Government as they’ve grown into grossly mutated malevolent beasts. I see Ron as a last ditch attempt to realign the country with the rule of law and common sense. If you don’t agree it’s perfectly fine with me, and if he does win but fails to follow through I’ll be sure to express my dissatisfaction in whatever terms necessary for my voice to be heard.

  • Alex

    True or not, I think Claire brings up an important point: we cannot afford (possibly literally) to take ANYONE at face or even paper value. I too have every intention to support Paul, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he did an about face and mirrored politicians of years past–in a bad way. Unless you know any candidate personally or are a member of their camp with direct access to a candidate, we can’t do much but nod and listen.

    Again, this goes for anyone. I like Paul, I really do, but these are trying times. Vigilance in key.

  • Jj

    Bag all your idea’s, folks, and look on this machine for who would make a great Decider-In Chief. I’d like Bill Whittle, myself, but hey-that’s just me. If Mr. Ordinary Guy was able to coral the best talent we have, and goes at it as a Team, then maybe we will survive to the next election. I guarantee that the media will have put the crash of all that once was on their shoulders, and be screaming for a return to the good old days of free shit. That is what must be survived, else we will have “Emergency Powers Acts” employed and true Freedom will never again have a chance by our species. Start a blog search for that, then quit arging. Time is short. It will be a Miracle, but maybe it is time we again return to believing in Miracles.

  • Deanna Kempke

    I don’t like what I see in these comments. The Antichrist is a liberal, not a Republican or Ron Paul. The amount of negative comments about Ron Paul here purporting to be “pro-freedom” tells me that liberals have infiltrated this website and are placing these comments here. And that means they (liberals) are legion, and more well-organized than Republicans, and they are winning. Because look at all of the Ron Paul people here falling for it.

    Ron Paul knows that we have to kill Social Security and deregulate the banks to be free. Capitalism has never been tried. Yes, there will be riots of poor people, and probably many dead, and the military will have to step in. But that’s the way it is if you want freedom. You will have to accept that some people must die, and the Constitution will have to be changed to save it. Common sense, people. But it looks like the attacks on Ron Paul have begun from within.

  • Edward

    “I am still on the look out for this guy to step up to the plate. He will be a Neo Con thirsty for more war and debt. He will look to destroy what is left of the Constitution. He will seek temporary (permanent) emergency powers from Congress and extraordinary financial powers over the economy. He will seek to give up our economic sovereignty by participating in a One World currency. He will seek to open our boarders. He will seek war with competing nations.” = Rick Perry

  • Silver Shield

    I have been waiting for Bilderberg Perry or Jeb to throw his hat in the ring as the big boy on the block.

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