Silver Guru Conference Call

Here is a great conference call with David Morgan, SGTBull07, James Anderson of, Bill Murphy of GATA, Robert Quartermain, Ron Kirby, and Eric Sprott.


5 comments to Silver Guru Conference Call

  • Buzz

    Great!! Thank you for posting this!

  • ewkeane

    very informative.
    my top three visits every day;
    endlessmountain silver log
    hang in for the long haul fellas.

  • Tylox1

    I’m one of those little guys out here who bought in at $22 , was watching it sit on $18 for a long time and when I noticed it moving bought. Boy am I glad that I did. It’s been fun watching my 100 coin lots grow by a hundred bucks with each dollar increase in the price of silver. I try to let everyone that I run into know about the potential for their little savings accounts to grow if they change them into silver rounds. I live on Hawaii and many people save for a year or two for trips back home to the Philippines or Micronesia etc… silver gets them more cash for the trip and wakes them up to the fiat money system… what fun. Only one problem, now you can not find physical silver here on the island for sale. LOL

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