The Good Pastor Dowell

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  • Ryan

    “land is one of the best investments you can have because The Most High ain’t making no more of it.” That’s one of the coolest statements I’ve heard in a long time! I’ll definitely be recycling that one.

  • mong00se

    Love this guy!


    I enjoy his videos, also. He is so down to earth.

  • Urban Sling-Bow

    Pastor Dowell is a man of honor and one of the most direct truth tellers out there.

    I regularly check out his youtube videos and I appreciate his passion in getting his message of truth out to as many people as possible. I always value his take on events.

    Good to see that at least some people are in the right place at the right time and are actively working hard to save as many people as possible (physically and spiritually in the case of Pastor Dowell). If only our political leaders were of the same standing as this man.

  • Bonnie

    I have a personal relationship with Pastor Dowell. This man is knowledgeable, honorable, kind, gentle, can see what is coming, has lived and shares what he has learned in the Academy of the Painful Truth while successfully living in a community of like mind people for over 15 years. He is so passonate because he cares deeply for the people who are deceived on almost every topic.

    Biblically, he must be the most learned on this planet. Spiritually he lives all he teaches and believes. Anyone who really wants the truth would be so wise to listen to him at If you want a biblical perspective on this impending war go to straitway tech man on youtube. sabbath service 11/17.2012

    Few men are of his character.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Pastor Dowell just posted a video response on his channel and for him to say what he said speaks very, very highly of Chris!

  • Scott Robert

    I am so glad Pastor Dowell has found The “GreatestTruth Never Told ” and the “SBSS You Tube Series”, Chris has put together on Silver Education. I Thank Chris for putting this Education out there for all to see, and Thank Pastor Dowell for spreading the word about it. I have personally found this imformation to be BEST Education about silver and money on the Net. Thank you so much, both of you for all that you do .

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