Bix Weir: I’m A Crazy Silver Bug… Why Aren’t You?!!

By Bix Weir
From Road to Roota

What do you think of the term “Crazy Silver Bug”? Sound familiar?

Let’s face it…it’s hard to be an investor in silver. Every day the financial media tells you that “It’s In A Bubble” and every day the price swings wildly in the wind as if someone were deliberately shaking the foundation upon which you built your investment decision (wink, wink). Rarely do they ever talk about the fundamentals of supply and demand influencing price. Nor do they talk about silver’s relationship to the mass printing of un-backed fiat currencies.

And don’t even TRY to talk to your friends and family about silver because there is no quicker way to alienate your loved ones. From Uncle Joe who lost his shirt in the real estate market to Aunt Martha who sunk everything she had into “Pets.Com” at the height of the internet bubble…they all claimed that they’ve learned the hard way that bubbles pop hard and you should run for the hills and get out of your silver investment.

What is it about this investment that automatically turns the world against you for even bringing up the subject?

I think it has something to do with the person delivering the message…YOU! That’s right, it’s all your fault! These people KNOW YOU. They’ve known you from when you were just a child. They’ve ridden your ups and downs and your failures validate and reinforce their ingrained belief that YOU are no different than THEM. If you were to be RIGHT in your assessment of silver from the very beginning it means that THEY were not able to see the same signs that were available to YOU. Many of them have even made investments in Gold but won’t buy ANY silver. So of course when silver went up near $50 you were VERY LUCKY to have gotten in early and when it fell back to $35 you were VERY DUMB to invest in that silver bubble.


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